Island Imbroglio!

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Island Imbroglio!
The Island Imbroglio! challenge in the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
World Jungle
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure DLC)
Objective Defeat All (11 of them)
Turn limit 1
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Island Imbroglio! is the second challenge of Jungle in the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This challenge takes place in the Kidnapped Components level. Clearing this challenge awards 1,600 bananas and one Rune.


Donkey Kong, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Cranky must defeat all eleven enemies within one turn. All three heroes start close to each other, although Rabbid Cranky is on high ground. There are three Tropical Ziggies and eight Tropical Bucklers on the battlefield, all in the middle-right area. There are two groups of four Bucklers each, and the three Ziggies are distanced from each other, with two of them being close to Bucklers and one out in the open. After all enemies have been defeated, the challenge is won.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il grande inganno!
The great deception!