Banana Beach

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Banana Beach
The Banana Beach co-op challenge in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
World Ancient Gardens
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Reach Areas
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Banana Beach is a co-op challenge featured in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, accessed via the Buddydome/Rabbolatory. It is located in the Ancient Gardens category, and is part of the "Garden Party... of Doom!" campaign. This challenge is unlocked after clearing Remember the Bwahlamo. The objective of this challenge is to have both teams reach their desired Area. Completion of this challenge unlocks the Horror from on High challenge.


Covert combustible cover points stand between each team and their finish lines. Hint: After reaching the first zone, you may go back to help your friends.


The battlefield is large in size, but is not symmetrical. There are several points of high grounds throughout the map, especially in the southern and northeastern areas. The northwestern area has only two locations of high ground. Both areas are at the north side of the map, but they are separated by a gap. The heroes start at the southern side of the battlefield. A few Garden Ziggies and Garden Smashers are present at the start of the battle, as well as several Garden Hoppers.


The objective is to reach to the Areas to win. There is one Area for each team. As the battle progresses, Garden Hoppers will rise up out of the ground. After both Areas have been reached, the challenge is won.