Flotilla Thrilla

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Flotilla Thrilla
The Flotilla Thrilla co-op challenge in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
World Lava Pit
Game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Objective Escort Toad and Toadette
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Flotilla Thrilla is a co-op challenge featured in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, accessed via the Buddydome/Rabbolatory. It is located in the Lava Pit category, and is part of the "Eruption Corruption!" campaign. This challenge is unlocked after clearing Are you not Entertained?. The objective of this challenge is to escort Toad and Toadette to their respective exits. Completion of this challenge unlocks the Four Leaf Cover challenge.


Escort the oft-separated pals Toad and Toadette to safety. Hint: Invulnerable cover points are either a boon or a bane depending how you use them.


The battlefield is large and has two separate paths that crisscross with each other. As such, the paths alter between normal and high ground. The heroes and Toads start on separate paths with one member of the opposite team. Toad's path contains six Lava Ziggies early on while Toadette's path has two Lava Ziggies behind two Lava Bucklers. At the opposite side of the battlefield, the paths combine, and is also where the exits are.


The heroes must escort Toad and Toadette to their respective exits to win. Team One controls Toad while Team Two controls Toadette. After one character reaches their destination, they will disappear. As the battle progresses, more enemies will rise up out of the ground. These enemies include Lava Ziggies, Lava Bucklers, Lava Supporters and Lava Peek-a-Boos. After both Toad and Toadette have reached their goals, the challenge is won.