Basic Training (challenge)

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The first stage of the Buddydome.
Basic Training, the first stage of the Buddydome

Basic Training is a co-op challenge featured in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, accessed via the Buddydome/Rabbolatory. It is located in the "Bootcamp" category as part one of two, preceding "Call Me When You Get There". The objective for this challenge is to clear the battlefield of enemies. It is available in easy or normal, with normal difficulty being the suggested one, though hard difficulty can be unlocked. The players can choose from Mario, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, and Luigi for their teams. A round begins in a basic blue battlefield with Brick Blocks as common obstacles. There are a few crates of explosives near the center and edges being guarded. There are a few tubes nearby which take the characters to a different nearby area. Once all the enemies are defeated, the challenge is completed and the next mission is unlocked.


Get back to basics while you clear the battlefield of ALL enemies. Hint: Target the enemies behind covert cover points to neutralize them.