Wario being chased into the Temple of Form
Temple of Form

The Temple of Form is a mysterious building located in the southwest of Diamond City, discovered by Wario in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

After his food is stolen by a Splunk, Wario chases it all the way to the Temple of Form. There he finds the Form Baton, which he takes for himself to make money off of its concept, after triggering and escaping from a boulder trap. The Splunks that live inside the temple eventually catch up to Wario and chase him back to the temple, where he trips, and the Form Baton lands back where he found it. In Orbulon's story, he stumbles into the temple himself and takes the Form Baton as well as the Balance Stone, the latter having just fallen from space, at which point the temple takes flight.

The Temple of Form is described as the culmination of the form-centric culture developed by the ancient people of Diamond City, storing several artifacts related to it.[1] The area where the building is located (and consequently the building itself) is Joe's property, who decided to turn it into an exhibit and tourist spot after its discovery. Joe is also the curator of the temple.

The Temple of Form is also where the player can play the microgames, watch the form explanations and view the pose cards they have unlocked.

In-game descriptionEdit

"See all the games and pose cards you've encountered. Practice them here!"

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 作法殿
Etiquette Hall

French Temple du style
Style temple
Italian Tempio delle forme
Temple of forms
Korean 조작의 전당
Jojag-ui Jeondang
Hall of Controls

Spanish Templo de las Formas
Temple of Forms


  1. ^ Introduction to the Temple of Form at the official Japanese WarioWare: Smooth Moves website. "遠い昔、我々のご先祖様は独自の文明を築いていました。近頃、巷でブームの"お作法"や"決め姿勢"といった文化も、もとをただせばこの古代文明の儀式に用いられていたものです。しかし、それらの儀式に具体的にどのような目的で、どのような人々によって行われていたのかなどについては、いまだ多くが謎に包まれています。 作法殿はそのお作法文化の集大成ともいえる建造物です。そのため館内にはお作法にまつわる品々を多数収録しています。 壁画には当時の儀式の様子やお作法の詳細が絵があれています。毎日のように発掘されている"おどり"や"決め姿勢"は、実際に体験することもできます。" ("A long time ago, our ancestors built a civilization of their own. Lately there has been the booming custom of saying 'forms', 'poses' and the like among the public, whose origins are objects used at this ancient civilization's ceremonies. However, the exact purpose of these ceremonies, the kinds of people they were directed to, etc. are still shrouded in mystery. The Temple of Form can be considered the culmination of that culture. For that reason, numerous artifacts related to forms are collected inside it. Details about the ceremonial aspects of the forms are depicted on the murals, and the dances and poses uncovered almost daily can be experienced in person."). Nintendo. Retrieved May 19, 2018.