Curse of the Double Doubloon

Bluster Kong looking over one of the letters containing the Curse of the Double Doubloon in "The Curse of Kongo Bongo".
Bluster Kong looking over one of the cursed letters.

The Curse of the Double Doubloon is a curse that appears in the Donkey Kong Country television series, where it is the primary focus of the episode "The Curse of Kongo Bongo".


The curse is the work of the pirate Bluebeard Baboon, who rises from the depths of the ocean every hundred years to deliver cursed letters to every ape on Kongo Bongo Island. The letter is a description of the curse itself, which, if read twice, will drain the Crystal Coconut of its power and cause Kongo Bongo Island to sink into the ocean's depths just as Bluebeard himself did one thousand years prior.

When Donkey Kong read his letter and unwittingly activated the curse, he and Diddy immediately rushed to retrieve the letters given to Candy, Funky, Bluster, and Dixie before they could read them, but Cranky's letter was stolen by Polly Roger alongside his spell book and delivered to King K. Rool, who read it and completed the curse in a poorly thought out attempt to force the Kongs to hand the Crystal Coconut over.

In the resulting scuffle, however, DK and Diddy were able to retrieve Cranky's spell book and find the counter-curse, saving Kongo Bongo and everyone on it.


The curse will be activated by anyone who reads the following words twice:

The double curse of Bluebeard Baboon lies in these words you see.
Read them once, then read them twice, and your island is history.

Once activated, the curse will depower the Crystal Coconut and sink Kongo Bongo Island to the bottom of the ocean. It can only be cancelled by a counter-curse found in one of Cranky's spell-books:

The curse of the Double Doubloon can easily be reversed.
Read these words, and you will see your island is no longer cursed.


  • Humorously, during a song, DK mispronounces the curse's name as the "Dreading Dabbar Blabboo Cursed Double Dabble of Doobie-Doo" and the "Dreddle Double Birboo Cursing Double Woppu of Blue Suede Shoe."