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Yoshi (series) to Yoshi (franchise) steps

  • Step 1: Establish pages need to be changed/created. Completed.
  • Step 2: Sort through Yoshi (franchise) page to see which game should go into which category. Completed.
  • Step 3: Copy and paste from the Yoshi (franchise) page to Yoshi's Island (series) and Yoshi puzzles. Completed.
  • Step 4: Look up all the links to Yoshi (series) and put them in the proper place. Completed.
  • Step 5: Double check everything.


This section is used to test many objects. If you are wondering if I have fan made stuff here, don't worry. It is only a test. Even though they are fan made, they will help me create the same type of stuff for the wiki.

Super Mario Run World Tour layout

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World Star

To Do List

This is the to do list. It features all articles that I need to do. If it was proposed, a separate section below will be used until it is done.

Article Creation and Changing Center

This section is used to test out an article creation or major change before actually doing it. They will have a name on it before it is moved there for better understanding of where it will go. Sorry if it will get confusing here. Proposed articles either by me or asked for will appear here too.

List of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS quotes

{{italic title|List of ''Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS'' quotes}} This is a complete list of quotes from the game, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS; they are listed by order.

Yamamura's Lessons

Learning the Basics (Lesson 00)

  • Y: "Coo! Coo, coo. (Let's us dive right in! First, I'll teach you how to create a course from start to finish.)"
  • M: "Please, Yamamura--wait a moment!"
  • Y: "Coo? (What's the matter?)"
  • M: "There's an order of operations here. Have you forgotten? The first lesson can't be creating a course from start to finish!"
  • Y: "...Coo. Coo, coo. Coo. (...Right you are. That was merely a test, my apprentice. There are things you must know before creating a course. Mary will now explain.)"
  • M: "Oh, Yamamura... Please try to focus! Every new player needs to learn these things."
  • cM: "Now, let's start from the start. I'll go over the basics of how to create a course."
  • Y: "Coo, coo! (Mary, please go over the basics of how to make a course!)"
  • M: "(Coo...) The screen you're currently in is the course creator."
  • cM: "The course elements are shown as icons at the top of the screen. We call this the palette."
  • cM: "You can choose whatever course elements you want from the palette."
  • cM: "First, we'll go over placing course elements."
  • cM: "To place a course elements, select the one you want from the palette and then touch the spot where you want to place it."
  • Y: Coo. "(Keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of elements you can place in a course.)"
  • M: "For now, go ahead and select the ? Block NSMBU Question Block Render.png from the palette and place some in the guide images you see there on the Touch Screen."
  • A: Player touches NSMBU Question Block Render.png then places them in the three spots.
  • M: "And it's just that simple! That's really all there is to placing course elements."
  • Y: "Coo: coo, coo, coo, coo. (There are two modes here: course-creation mode, where you can edit and build your course, and play mode, where you can play your courses.)"
  • cY: "Coo, coo. (By switching between these two modes, you can place elements in your course and then immediately jump in to test them out.)"
  • Y: "Coo, coo! (And repeating this process of building and testing, you'll gradually build your course and play test it all in one go!)"
  • Y: "Coo, coo. Coo. (So, let's jump in and see how the course plays. Simply tap the Play icon <play icon> to give it a shot.)"
  • A: Player touches it and plays the course.
  • M: "Looks like you've got a handle on these elements!"
  • cM: "If something didn't work quite as well as you expected, you'll need to hop back in and tweak the elements."
  • cM: "Great! Ok, now tap the Edit icon <edit icon> to return to course creation mode."
  • A: Player touches it and it goes to it.
  • M: "Next, let's talk about how you can Erase course elements"
  • cM: "Just give Mr. Eraser MrEraser.png (personal note: not actual in-game image, but close enough) a tap to activate Erase Mode, and he'll be glad to wash away all of your indis creations."
  • cM: "Once Erase Mode is active, simply tap the NSMBU Question Block Render.png to erase them."
  • A: Player ereases the three ? Blocks.
  • M: "And that's it! Deleting elements is just as simple as placing them!"
  • cM: "Next, let's learn about the undo feature. This will take back your previous action, reverting to the state from right before you did it."
  • cM: "Simply give Undodog Undodog Costume.png (personal note:again not in-game image) a tap, and your last action will be undone!"
  • cM: "So, go ahead and tap Undodog Costume.png. The NSMBU Question Block Render.png that you just deleted using Erase mode should reappear."
  • A: Player taps it and the ? Blocks come back.
  • M: "This is a useful technique if you accidentally place or delete something, so be sure to keep it in mind for the future."
  • Y: "Coo. (I shall biw divulge the awesome power of the Reset Rocket. <Reset Rocket image needed>"
  • M: " The <Reset Rocket image needed>?! Oh my... This should be used only if you want to get rid of your entire course! once it blasts off, you'll have to start over from scratch."
  • Y: "Coo... coo... coo... (Let's take a look at a more lively course so you can witness... and understand.... its true power.)"
  • A: Screen shifts to a more lively screen.
  • M: "Tap and hold the <Reset Rocket image needed> to erase all course elements, and in one fell swoop..."
  • cM: "...the course will revert to its original state, leaving just the start and goal ground <ground image>."
  • cM: "OK...I'm a little nervous, but go ahead and tap and hold <Reset Rocket image needed>."
  • A: Player taps and holds it and it does its function.
  • M: "Is... Is it over...? Everything disappeared, right? Phew, I couldn't bring myself to look!"
  • cM: "The last part of this lesson will cover a very useful function."
  • cM: "By pressing L Button or R Button, you can cycle through Multi-Grab and Copy Modes."
  • cM: "The mode will switch each time you press L Button or R Button.
  • Y: "Coo. (These features are real time savers when you want to move or erase multiple elements at one time.)"
  • M: "That's right, Yamamura. And that's all we have to teach in this lesson!"
  • cM: "If you ever feel like ducking out of a lesson to play Super Mario Challenge or some courses in Course World, just select either option from the Main Menu. I won't hold it against you!"
  • cM: "Oh, and one more thing! You can always find Yamamura lessons in the Main Menu too! Just pop it open and give him a tap when you want to return to his dojo."
  • Y: "Coo. Coo? Coo, coo. (We'll cover some more course elements in the next lesson. Do you want to take a look. If not, you can always come back later.)

Course Structure Basic (Lesson 01a)

Codes and files (for editing purposes)
  • Text = Red text in game
  • Text == Orange text in game
  • Text == Blue text in game; use only if what's blue doesn't have a page whatsoever.
  • File:NSMBU Question Block Render.png NSMBU Question Block Render.png