The Trouble With Koopas

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The front cover to The Trouble With Koopas
DVD cover

The Trouble With Koopas is the second DVD of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (third, if considering the full boxset released in 2007), and the first published by nCircle Entertainment, released on January 6, 2009. The Trouble With Koopa's theme is, as the title says, several troubles, all made by King Koopa and his kids.

This DVD contained the following episodes:

Originally, "True Colors" was broadcasted before "Recycled Koopa," but the episodes' records in nCircle Entertainment database were wrong, so in the final product, "Recycled Koopa" was played before "True Colors."

The disk also includes sneak peaks of other shows, including The Legend of Zelda and Sonic Underground.