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Upcoming Games

by Corka Cola (talk)

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

As you’ve heard, Mario and Sonic are at Vancouver and Whistler to take part in Winter ‘010!! Using Alpine Skiing and Speed Skating, 14 characters are set to enjoy the chills this winter! Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Tails, Yoshi, Knuckles, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Wario, WaLuigi, Peach, Daisy, Shadow, and Blaze will battle it out for the gold in scenic Vancouver, Canada. Using the Wii’s Balance Board and the DS’ Touch Screen, this sequel should be an even better game than the original Summer game. Typically, sequels sell better. So, just watch this article, because I will update this as more info comes along!

Fun Stuff

by The Fun Stuff Team


by Tucayo (talk)




by Tucayo (talk)

250px-MaSatOG_-_Sonicmod.jpg 250px-Tabuumod.jpg 200px-MarioSuperSluggerNokimod.png Koopatrolmod.png 180px-RavenBigmod.jpg



by Tucayo (talk)




By Guy Tim (talk)

1. It was for a handled system.

2. The bosses were overgrown enemies.

3. Almost all the babies were in it.

4. Goombas were absent.

5. It was going to have Wi-Fi.

6. The player was able to collect enemies.

The answer is <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Yoshis Island DS </hide></showhide>


By MC Hammer Bro. (talk)

1. What color is the letter on Waluigi’s hat?

2. What color are Baby Mario’s shoes?

3. What’s on the painting is used to enter Shifting Sand Land in Super Mario 64?

4. How many Red/Green Power stars are in Super Mario Galaxy?

5. How many doors in Super Mario 64 lead outside of the castle from inside?

6. What is the name of the major power stars in Super Mario Galaxy gained from beating Bowser?

7. What grants an extra life in Many Mario games besides a 1up Mushroom?

8. Which two colors of Bomb-ombs exist in Super Mario 64?

9. What color are Mario’s eyes?

10. What was Mario’s first weapon?

Answers <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>1. Yellow 2. Blue

3. It resembles the walls around it

4. 1 Red/3 Green

5. 3 : Main entrance, moat entrance, and courtyard entrance

6. Grand Power Stars

7. 100 coins

8. Black and Red

9. Blue

10. Hammer</hide></showhide>


By Super Luigi! Number one! (talk)







Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Well, since I'm Director of the 'Shroom now, my cheats section will be knocked down to one cheat each month. There may be more on occasion, but I'll be really busy. Sorry 'bout that.

Hints: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (FDS) Japanese box art for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

So, who wants to touch my long, hard 8-bit platformer? (It's a running joke; deal with it.) The Lost Levels is easily one of the most difficult games in Mario history. The levels are long, tedious, difficult, and in some cases, they're on the verge of being sadistic. The game had a total of 13 worlds...and it was a literal hell to make it through all of them without cheating.

Well, that's why I'm here. TO HELP YOU CHEAT. BWAHAHAHAHA*chokes on mint*

So, you wanna warp to different worlds so you can beat the game faster? Easy as π. (That's "pi" for you non-math nerds. And, pi sounds like "pie". Get with it, will ya?)

Warp To World 2

When in World 1-2, jump on top of the bricks at the end of the level. Behind the level exit pipe, you'll find a secret pipe that takes you to World 2-1. Talk about reciprocation.

Warp To World 3

Once again, you must be in World 1-2. When you find a warp pipe, a couple bricks, and a Koopa, you're in the right spot. Bash the first brick on the left. A beanstalk will pop out. You know the drill.

Warp to World 6

To do this, you must be in World 5-1, be in Super Mario form, and have brushed your teeth only 5 minutes prior to doing this task. At the end of the level, you'll see two rows of levitating bricks. Bash the brick at the far right on the top row and a beanstalk will pop out. YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

Warp to World 7

In World 5-2, you'll encounter several floating platforms at the end of the level. Jump off of the last one at its highest point to reach a bridge of bricks. Run across the bridge and there'll be a warp pipe.

And if you're too lazy for that, just warp to the last world in the game.

Warp To World D

While in B-4, (you've been here before, right? </lamepun>) enter the very last warp pipe in the level; the one next to the lava pit. Then you'll be taken to a warp zone that'll take you to World D. AVAST, YE MATEYS, YE ARR NOW IN NO MANS LAND!

Good games, Bad Games

by MisterJaffffeyPeteyPiranhaBanana.gif G0 Issue XXIII

Ello' Mates! Heh Heh Heh..... now before all the members of the wiki from Australia gang up on me and beat me to death with cro-bars, I'd like to congratulate Stooby for winning the Director election. Kudos to you, I am now lifting my Capri Sun in your honor! But enough of that, let's get to the article. Love is in the air as Valentine's Day is approaching (either that or the upcoming release of Mario & Luigi 3). And, for some reason, February always makes me think of Baseball. It's my favorite sport to watch, my favorite sport to play (even though I suck at it) and is overall my favorite sport. So that's why today we will delve deep into the world known as Mario Baseball.

Good Game:Mario Superstar Baseball

When Mario Superstar Baseball came out, I didn't know what to expect. I had read about it in Nintendo Power once, but never really thought alot about buying it. So I did buy it one day, and I didn't leave the room for 37 hours. This game is that fun. It has all the characters you'd expect in a Mario Spin-Off game, plus about 20 more! You use nine of these characters on your team, so the combinations you can create are endless. Each of these characters are divided into classes depending on their skill level: The all-around good charcters are in the balanced category, the characters that hit the ball hard enough are in the Power category, the good fielders are in the technique category, and the characters that run fast are in the speed category. Among these characters are the team captains, you know, the main characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, etc,). They lead a team and can perform special Star Pitches and Swings. To use these, you need star energy, which fills up faster the better you play. Any player can use these, but the captains can execute special ones. The gameplay itself is just like regular baseball, and if you don't know about baseball (whether it be because of your country or because you never leave the computer) the goal is simple. Just hit the ball, run around the 3 main bases to home base, score a point, rinse and repeat.

This game was even kind enough to throw in a story mode. It's nothing too diffrent from the regular game, but it's still nice to have a goal to strive towards. In story mode, you just pick one of 5 captains, run around defeating each of the other captains at least once, challenge and defeat Bowser, and your done. It may seem easy, but it's pretty hard the first time. You can also change the difficulty to tickle your fancy. there are also mini-games and such, but you won't need them if you enjoy the original game. If you've never played this game before, I reccomend finding it at your local game store, and enjoy the fun ride.

Bad Game:Mario Super Sluggers

After the monumental success of Mario Superstar Baseball, I was almost certain there would be a Sequal on the Wii. I then read on this wiki that because of Wii Sports (God, I hate that game!), chances were there weren't going to be anymore Mario Sport games. After reading this, I prayed (and this isn't a metaphor. I literally got on my knees and begged got to let us have a Wii Mario Baseball game) for a sequal, and God decided this would be a good time to teach me a lesson. Which one? How about, "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it."

In October 2007, they announced a sequal to Mario Superstar Baseball. This seemed like the ultimate gaming year: First Super Mario Galaxy (okay, technicly a 2007 release, but most of us got it near 2008), then Brawl, then Mario Kart Wii, then Mario Baseball! I'd never have to leave my room again. You'd think I would've learned my lesson after Mario Kart Wii, but I still kept hoping. I did pick it up on August 26th (yeah, my local Game Stop gets the games 1 day late), and got severly dissapointed. The game seemed like a version of Wii Sports basebal (except that it didn't suck), better controls, better characters (DEATH TO THE MIIS!!)), and overall a better game. But it was all a hoax, a sham, a ruse, a blippity-blop, a fungal nark! Anyway, this game tried to be innovative, much like all the other Wii games, but it was just awkward. The controls were a bit too sensitive, and it is pretty easy to mess up. But I don't even find the controls that big of a problem.

The main problem lies within the gameplay, mainly the story mode. Unlike the previous game, which had a rather simple story mode, they tried to add a plot. More like they wanted us to PLOT angainst them for making this game, am I right!....... Anyone?...... ok..... anyway, Bowser Jr. has apparently come to the recently built Baseball Island. Seriously, how many Islands can ther be in one kingdom! Eventually everything is gonna cover all the water and they'll all die! Bowser apparently wants to make everyone feel his wrath. Why? I don't know, he just wants to be a jerk. At least in Mario Party 7 he was mad because he didn't get invited, but here he's just a jerk! Anyway, Bowser Jr. is sent to make everyone's life a living hell, all except for Mario. Wait, what? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! Why wouldn't you go straight for your mortal nemesis! Do you WANT to fail? Oh my gosh, I'm on my third paragraph and I'm not even 10 minutes in! Back to the game, Mario has to go all around the island, saving and recruiting team mates while also thwarting Bowser Jr.'s plans of destruction. This seems fun and dandy but here's the catch, you don't actually play a full game of baseball till the end of the game. .......... you know what? I think I just snapped something in my body due to all this rage. Now I could probably say some mean things right now, but I know it will only make me more mad. Life sucks, expect nothing, and don't put others first because they're all idiots.

If you wanna know what you DO do for the filling 2 hours, you basically do training exercises to convince others to join your team. But if I wanted to do training exercises, I WOULD'VE CHOSEN THE TRAINING OPTION! Anyway, you can recuit all the members from the last game, but you need all of the captains to use their special abilities. Mario can call people from bushes and go through pipes, Yoshi can Ground-Pound through Manholes, Wario can use his magnet to pull metal things and can pick locks in chests, Donkey Kong can break Barrels and climb vines, and Peach can use Heart Power. Heart Power? Since when did this become Captain Planet? What's next is Bowser gonna pollute the world? Oh, wait, he already did that and I feel like I just made fun of the mentally disabled.

Anyway, if we could move off the story mode subject, the main game is lacking as well. They took out the nifty little category thing, so its tricier to make your team diverse. The stages are okay, but the gimmmicks are either really hard to activate, or are incredibly annoying. It's just not fun to play this game.

I guess Sluggers isn't that bad if you're not expecting much, but for some reason I always do mannage to expect each Mario game to be great. Maybe it's because I know that the plumber can do better, and hopefully he will make it through the current console war just like he did last time. Hope you find that Special Someone this Valentine's Day. Later's

Hey, got a Good suggestion for Good Game, Bad Game? Feel free to drop a line on my talk page.

It's time again for Beta Elements! This month we'll take a look at:
Mario Kart DS
The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS.
There's some pretty interesting elements in this game:

1. Originally, a few tracks would return in the Retro Cups, including Mario Circuit of Mario Kart Double Dash!!, Koopa Troopa Beach from Mario Kart 64, and even Block City, a battle course from MKDD. An odd course was also found under the name Dokan Course.

2. Two courses seemed to have been altered majorly, namely Waluigi Pinball and DK Pass. Waluigi Pinball had more bumpers, a slightly different track design, a giant rouletter wheel that players could drive on, and most notably, music from Yoshi Falls. DK Pass had a more grassland-like theme, and included a single Thwomp before the finish line.

Chain Chomp
Best. Item. Ever.

3. Chain Chomps were supposed to be an item. Originally from MKDD!!, the item would (most likely) pull the player along the course at a much higher speed, knocking over opponents in the process.

I liked these elements, and my opinion on them:

1. Well, I personally thought both of the Retro Course candidates were purely epic in their original games. They were relatively simple, but it's simplicity that can make something really amazing. As for Block City, I didn't like that one so much, so I think it was better out than in. But that's just me. And the Dokan Course is just weird. Plain weird. It was most likely for testing purposes, thanfully!

The Final Waluigi Pinball

2. The beta version of Waluigi Pinball seems a bit more challenging than the final version. With many more obstacles, it's no wonder they changed it. The track design was a little bit less complex as well, which lessened the track's awesomeness. And personally, I just think Yoshi Fall's music stunk. But the music ending up on the course was probably just a technical glitch anyway. The DK pass seemed to fit DK's personality more, because Jungles and Snowy Mountains just seem like complete opposites too me. But the track still was cool in the final product.

3. Chain Chomps were just awesome in MKDD. I mean who doesn't wanna be dragged by a Chain Chomp while flattening their opponents at high speeds? But I guess this was changed in favor of the Bullet Bill, which probably was used due to graphical limitations or something like that.

Now before I end this section, I'd like to intorduce you to a new (Director approved) feature of Beta Elements! User Feedback! With it, anyone can express their opinions on the elements I've covered, and I may respond if I'm not feeling too lazy. Now just be sure that your comments are not negative or critical, and try not to get into a huge arguement with someone! We don't need one of those. Just edit below on what you think about the subject, and let yourself be heard! xD So this concludes my section, but feel free to leave your opinion below!


With the grass and all that, DK Pass may have looked like DK MOuntain from NGC TucayoSig.png :)

"Dokan" is Japanese for pipe. Here's something random: DK Mountain originally took place at night. - 2257(Talk) 01:43, 5 March 2009 (EST)

Fangamer's Report

by Mario hammer smw.PNG Dark Lakitu 789 Lakitu with flag.png

Hi, Welcome to Fangamer Report ...or something.The game is Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser.This game is made by "Hello".This game has some elements from other games like vegetables from Doki Doki Panic Super Mario Bros.2 and note blocks from SMB3.The music isn't from stolen from SMB,the music is not from a 2D game but Super Mario Galaxy.The goal of the game is to collect Shine Sprites and to get Peach who is kidnapped and traped in her own castle.If you had already play the game you'll know the color of the flag changes.Why?It will change when you get one of the mission.There is three shine sprites in each level.One other feature is Save blocks.So you don't have to beat a level just to save.

Video of the opening and world 1-1

Brawl Tactics

by th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

Ohai, peoples. While I am for the most part retired from this Wiki, I shall continue to write my absolutely terrible Shroom sections, for fear of disappointing the new overlord who carries many sinister punishment devices designed for slackers who forget to hand up the Shroom section on time. But luckily, I'm almost on time nearly everywhere...

So, who will I cover this week? Well, here are a few clues:

  1. He's cooler than Mario.
  2. He chose the superior colour to red, which Mario was left with.
  3. His shoes probably have banana oil on their soles.
  4. He can do awesome taunts compared to that other guy.

Yes, it's Luigi. (O RLY?)


It's hard to say whether he's better or worse than Mario overall, but they certainly play much differently. Luigi's attacks are often riskier to use due to the vulnerability period which occurs if you miss. But when they do connect, the effects are somewhat awesome. That's a good thing.

So, about his special moves. First, his Standard Special: Fireball. It just generally sucks. In fact, it's quite pathetic compared to the projectiles of many other characters. Why? Well, it moves slowly, has limited range... and even if it does hit, it's not exactly deadly. And even worse, it's not particularly spammable due to its delay between each fireball. So if you're a noob who spams, don't try it with Luigi. And remember, spammers don't win, plus everyone hates them.

The green dude's Side Special is much better in comparison. The "Green Missile" attack can be used instantly without charging up, but is rather weak when utilized this way. So it's best to charge it up for a few seconds, as it also launches you further. It should be noted that this is one of Luigi's 2 move that can be used for recovering off edges; this one is obviously for large horizontal gaps, as Super Jump Punch is only for vertical recovery. Whatever you do, don't use this attack against good projectile users. They'll easily disrupt your charging-up with a ranged attack. This attack is better to use in battles against multiple opponents; when they are all close together and fighting each other, you should easily hit at least one in the crowd as long as you don't charge for ages and give them time to evade it.

Super Jump Punch (the Up Special) is hard to use, but when it works it's just epic pwnage. First of all, do not use it on opponents with low damage percentages. This attack is not worth the risk until you know it is capable of knocking them off the stage. When the time is right, first think about what type of player the opponent is. If they're the type that dodge all the time, you'll have a hard time trying to hit them. If they're offensive freaks, this move should work well on them. Either wait for them to close in on you as they attempt a melee attack, or do a quick sideways dodge up to them and unleash the move instantly. If it hits at very close range, it can easily KO an opponent. Another good situation for this move is against crowds of opponents; quickly roll into the group and attempt the move, as you have a good chance of hitting at least one noob.

The Down Special move is the Luigi Cyclone. This move can be charged up, but not for long before the attack is automatically executed. Interestingly, this move sucks opponents into Luigi like a vacuum cleaner (possibly a Luigi's Mansion reference?). So you don't have to be quite as close to hit an opponent. When they are drawn into you, Luigi will swiftly punch them away from himself, inflicting decent damage. When used on opponents that are not grounded, this will launch them upwards for a bit, so you can quickly follow up with a powerful upward smash (or a Super Jump Punch if you want to take the risk). This move is also effective when you're surrounded by several opponents, as it clears them out while also dealing minor pwnage.

And now for his Final Smash - Negative Zone. It's one of the more effective Final Smashes, but not on large stages (you know, like the Temple from Melee). If your opponent/s are outside of the area of effect, they're basically not going to take any effect from it unless they're dumb enough to walk right into the Negative Zone. This Final Smash is best to use when surrounded, although your opponents will likely be running all over the place to avoid this happening. One good way to use it is to first trap them by moving them close to an edge, but make sure you don't let them jump over you to escape. One of the unique aspects of this Final Smash is that its effects are random - therefore a bit of luck is needed to score an easy KO. If your opponent is affected by the dizzy/stunned status condition, it goes without saying that you can fully charge a deadly smash attack and KO them. Opponents hit while within a Negative Zone fly further than if they were outside of it. But just think... if they can't move... you have the perfect opportunity to Super Jump Punch them into oblivion! So have fun.

Oh, one thing I didn't mention about Luigi is how awesome his Side Smash is. It executes very swiftly and causes an impressive amount of damage. I've scored many KOs from using that move.

Well, that's it for this issue. I bet nobody will read this... oh well, I have to do my job to avoid the divine wrath of Stooben Rooben, and his helper Tucayo.

February Report

by — Stooben Rooben

Wow, it's been nine months since this has been released. Well, I won't get to detailed, but here's a breakdown of what's went on.

Mid-February Statistics
Statistic As of 8:00P, 1 May* As of 12:50A, 14 February* Total for Mid-February % of Change
Page Views 56,944,245 106,828,896 49,884,651 87.6%
Views per Edit 102.77 196.06 90.78%
Page Edits 279,654 544,874 265,220 94.84%
Edits per Page 8.94 10.53 17.79%
# of Articles 7,522 9,108 1,586 21.08%
# of Pages 31,287 51,750 20,463 65.4%
# of Files 9,793 16,766 6,973 71.2%
# of Users 4,888 8,404 3,516 71.93%
*All times MST.

As you can see, the site has seen a drastic change in activity over nine months. Page views have almost doubled since May of '08; the wiki's total amount of edits since then have increased by over 94 percent! That's quite an increase! Our number of articles has increased by more than a fifth, and our number of files, pages, and users have increased by at least 50 percent. The wiki sure has grown a lot in a matter of nine months.

And who knows what next month will bring? With the release of Mario & Luigi RPG 3 coming soon, Made in Ore just around the corner, and the new Mario & Sonic game, activity might skyrocket. Drop by next month to see how much the wiki is thriving! =)

Review Corner

by Luigifreak (talk)

Ello’ I am Luigifreak, the new writer of the Review Section! For the next few weeks, I will be reviewing games that you can get from the virtual console. This week I am reviewing Super Mario Bros. 2. If you have any suggestions for future reviews, or suggestions to make this more helpful, go ahead and tell me Here.

This game strays away from the usual game play of jumping on enemies and hopping over pits. Instead, to defeat enemies, you pull up vegetables from the ground and throw them at your foes. While it certainly is new, it doesn’t seem to be as entertaining as the previous game. Thankfully, it has many obstacles like the previous one, and the addition of many more. You are not able to defeat enemies by jumping on them, and the range of enemies is not that great. Oh, and it’s pretty important to note that you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, each with their own abilities. It’s okay in terms of game play, but it really matters on your opinion, if you are looking for a platformer game, but want something new, this may be a lot more appealing than what I found it.
The diversity of enemies isn’t that great. There are four types of enemies: Walking enimes like Shy Guys, enemies that shoot bullets like you, such as Snifits, flying enemies like Beezos and bosses like Wart. In the Original Mario bros, I can think of at least 7 enemy classes. The levels aren’t that different, besides the addition of maybe 1 new terrain and 2 new enemies that fit in the above categories, they are pretty much the same. The replay value is okay, but it’s a Super Mario game, so what do you expect! Once you beat it, though, no new unlockables for you!
The story is a little more advanced than many other Mario games. Mario dreams that he finds a magical land, and the inhabitants are being terrorized by wart and his 8 bits. Mario wakes up and then goes on a picnic with his friends. His group then finds a mysterious door and proceeds through the door. He finds himself in the world he dreamed of. So, now Mario and company must go through this land, throwing veggies at shy guys and hoping to find the diabolical toad. Yeah… that’s the story….. Oh yeah, the ending is pretty good too. But since you’re looking to see if you want to get this game I won’t tell it here.

So it comes down to these Pros and Cons to decide if you want it. Obviously if the pros outweigh the cons for you, get it, or vice versa.

  • Many characters to choose from with their own abilities.
  • Good story
  • Different from the rest of the series
  • Different from the rest of the series
  • There are basically four types of enemies
  • No more jumping on enemies!
  • every level is similar
My rating

Who cares about my opinion! Anyway, this is the final verdict.

  • Gameplay: 6/10
  • Diversity of enemies and levels: 2/10
  • Story: 7/10
  • Playable characters: 9/10
  • Replay value: 7/10
  • Overall: 6/10, D-
I didn’t really care for this game, mainly because the levels didn’t seem that different from each other. However, the story and replay value are almost above average, and the playable characters are superb. If you have brawl, try the short trial of the game, if you like it, get it, if you don’t, don’t get it. Playing it for one minute will show you all the game is about, because all the levels are similar.

Classic Review


Coin Hell — A Review of Wario Land 2

Yes, coin hell. I'll explain that later.

So, I'm Bloc Partier. Previously known as InfectedShroom. And I'm BACK! Yay!

I've been obsessed with the Wario games lately. So I went out and bought WL2. Here is my review. However... Let us review (pun intended) my style of reviewing:

  • Story - Duh.
  • Gameplay - Duh.
  • Graphics - Also duh. However, on older games like SMB I will not use the graphics to take away from the score of games.
  • Replayability - Only if applicable.
  • Level Design - Only if applicable.
  • Music - Duh.
  • Other - Other random stuff I want to say.
  • Overall Score - My score for the game. I will not average up the sections used, but give my score based on the game in its entirety.

So... Here we go on the wild and changing ride that is... WARIO LAND 2!


This game is probably one of the most original games made around its time. It's genre is difficult to classify; I guess it was one of the very first puzzle-platformers. It incorporates controls and designs from games before it (Super Mario Bros., Wario Land], etc.) and introduces a whole new puzzle aspect. Its levels are very challenging, its music interesting, and its graphics interesting as well. And the whole game is coin hell.


For a Game Boy Color game, it's a pretty advanced story. Captain Syrup and her (three) Black Sugar Pirates steal the (three) treasures from the pudgy Wario's castle. There are even little cutscenes that show the story unfolding.

It's not very advanced according to today's standards, though. The most exciting part is when Wario stops chasing the pirates to help a hen that they attacked. It's actually rather comical, because since when does Wario help chickens?

Overall: 7/10 there's nothing really wrong with the story, but it's not that good.


The most important characteristic of the gameplay is the fact that Wario is totally and completely invincible. He cannot be defeated. Ever. He can be squashed, stabbed, shrunken, blown up, or drunk, and the annoying little (OK, big) fellow simply will not be killed. If he does happen to get hit by an "attacking" enemy, he will simply lose up to six coins. The other enemies (the squashing, shrinking, etc ones) will morph Wario into one of his many forms. (You can learn more about these forms here.) These transformations allow the antihero to get more coins and even treasures.

The invulnerability of the protagonist makes the game very easy. However, to truly complete the game, Wario must get the many treasures that are strewn about the land and the panels to complete some sort of mural. To collect these collectibles, Wario must have coins; if he loses these coins by being attacked, he will be unable to get the treasures. Moreover, he can often be juggled for a bit by two enemies or even spikes, losing far more than six coins. Getting the in-level treasures requires wario to play a small minigame: there will be eight cards with enemies' faces on them. these cards will be flipped over and you must remember where the specified enemy's face was. It's a little hard to describe. There are three speeds in the minigame, and each easier speeds require more coins: it takes 50 coins if you want to have no chance at getting the treasure, 100 if you want to have a tiny chance, and 200 if you want to get it every time. The mural-panels also require a minigame, but it is very hard to describe and I'd rather not do it.

As for the controls, Wario can side-tackle enemies, as usual. He is a very good jumper, however, and I'm pretty sure this game wins the "Wario's highest jumping award." He can also do Ground Pounds very easily, which is quite useful.

The puzzle part of the game is very fun. You will find yourself trying to get to that one platform, only to skip it and retry again later. It's amazingly innovative.

My score for the gameplay? 7/10 - Very fun, but far too easy.


The eBay seller that I bought this game from said that the copy I was getting was the Color version; it was not. So I would be bad judge of graphics. From what I've seen, though, the color version is terribly colored. It's like they felt like they were forced to use every color possible in every darn room. As I don't truly know, though, I won't give it a score.


The levels are kinda boring the second time through. But that's OK, because you can play them again and find that one little hidden room that you couldn't see before, which was very fun. I really have nothing else to say about replaying... I'm not a big fan of it at all, personally.

Overall: 7/10 - Boring sometimes, fun sometimes.

Level Design

The levels are decent. They aren't particularly amazing, but they are quite fun. It's usually very obvious when there's a little puzzle in the area, but its still exciting to see how it all will pan out.

One thing that I hated about the levels was the fact that you could break through walls in almost every level just to get more coins. In the very first level, there are at least 25 breakable walls. I suppose it's to show you how to progress through other levels, but still. It's very annoying. Every once in a while, though, particularly in the second-to-last level, the breakable walls add a very fun puzzle challenge to the level. So I guess it all evens itself out.

Overall: 8/10 - Very good design most of the time.


The music is mostly re(mixes? makes?) of the music from Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. This is either a good thing or a bad thing; if you like that music, you will most likely like this music, and if you hated that music, you'll really hate this music. It is highly repetitive.

One problem with the music is that it stops every time you go into a new room/area and resumes when you actually get through. It gets annoying sometimes.

Overall: 6/10 - Rather unimaginative and repetitive.

Coin Hell

This game's subtitle could have been "Coin Hell." There are so many freaking coins that it is totally ridiculous. In the first level alone there are around 700 coins up for grabs. When you break through a wall, you will most likely get at least 10 new coins.

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if I weren't such an avid collectionist. I feel the need to collect every little coin in sight. In fact, I tried like ten times one time to get like three coins. It's very ridiculous.

Overall Score


It is a very fun game. It gets old sometimes, and after all, it is coin hell. :P However, I would highly recommend it to any gamer who loved the other Wario games!

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it! I'm out.


by GrapesGrapes Grapes

Hi I’m Grapes, and I am the new ‘Shroom interviewing person and this is my first time too. For this month issue of The ‘Shroom I have interviewed Clay Mario!!!

Grapes: Question One. How did you find MarioWiki?

Clay Mario: I found it by a link from an old Mii Wiki that was on scribblewiki. A mariowiki user named crypt raider made the Mii Wiki.

Grapes: Question Two. Who welcomed you?

Clay Mario: Glitchman is the user that gave me a very warm welcome. I WISHED I WELCOMED MYSELF THOUGH 'CUZ THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!

Grapes: Question Three. Which smiley you like the best?

Clay Mario: Posh. :posh: :posh: :posh: :posh: That just happened.

Grapes: Question Four. Do you like The ‘Shroom?

Clay Mario: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DESPISE THE 'SHROOM!!!!!!!!!! Oh no wait, I forgot I love the shroom. Sorry 'bout that.

Grapes: Question Five. That’s okay :lol: What’s your favorite video game? (It doesn’t have to be a Mario game.)

Clay Mario: Fav game of all time has to be Super Smash Bros Brawl. But the explosions in the game hurt my eyes. ALOT!!!!! ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!! *counts to ten and inhales and exhales*

Grapes: Okay :D Question 7. Do you think that Question 6 is the last question?

Clay Mario: No, because Question 7 comes after it, and this is Question 7. There was a funny joke about...oh yeah, I got it! Why was 6 afraid of 8? Because 7 ate 9! Get it? Because 8 also sounds like the word ate. Ah ha ha ha. Why I am the only one who finds the joke funny? TELL ME!

Grapes: My bad. I meant to say Question 6 and Question five. I think the joke was funny. :lol: Um and it was a pleasure to interview Clay Mario.

Clay Mario: OK :posh:

And that included this month ’Shroom interview. (Yay me I did an interview. XD)

Fake News

by the Fake News Team

You ever got the feeling we're being watched?


by — Stooben Rooben

Which do you think smells the worst?


Travel Guide

by Yoshario (talk)

Did you ever want to get stomped on by angry rectangles with happy faces on them but didn't know where to go? Did you ever wonder what color lava is? Then come to Bowser's Castle, the best place in the Marioverse! (except everywhere else). This castle also serves as a race track, a tennis court, and a baseball stadium! Originally only accessable to Bowser, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Miis, Koopa Kids, Goombas, Paragoombas, Koopa-Troopas, Paratroopas, and pretty much everyone, the castle is now open to everyone! Our chefs make gourmet meals out of freshly cooked Mario. Vegetarian? Don't worry, our chefs will cook up some nice 8-bit mushroom soup. Come to Bowser's Castle, and you WON'T come out!

BTW: WE AREN'T TELLING YOU IF ITS BOWSERS CASTLE 1, 2, 3, or the one in SMRPG you have to find out yourself hahahahahah!

Fake TV

by Ralphfan (talk)

So, are you disappointed we're in that slow period between the NFL and March Madness. But don't worry, the Star Cup goes to a new site this year, The Battle Dome, and begins on February 22nd! Catch it all on Toad TV! This year's cup features 12 teams! Last year's results are below:

Team Record Place
Mario 7-1 2nd
Luigi 8-0 1st
Peach 0-8 8th
Daisy 2-6 (tied for) 5th
DK 5-3 4th
Yoshi 6-2 3rd
Wario 2-6 (tied for) 5th
Waluigi 2-6 (tied for) 5th

Who will win this year?

2009 Star Cup

Below are the details for the 2009 Star Cup. They will be updated regularly.

X mark.svg This is an official sporting event. It should not be edited by anyone other than the head of this event.


Got anything to say about the Star Cup? Click here to post it and chat with other fans!


Welcome to the official page of the 2009 Star Cup! This annual Strikers tournament is changing its setup this year to include more teams and more action. The Battle Dome is once again the host of this prestigious battle between the top twelve teams in the Mushroom Kingdom.



  • The twelve teams will be divided into three groups of four
  • Each team plays the other three teams in their group once for a total of three games
  • The top two teams in each group advance to knockout play
  • Teams get two points for a win and one point for an overtime or shootout loss in group play


  • Each game consists of two 5-minute halves
  • If the game is tied after 10 minutes, there is a 1-minute overtime in group play and sudden-death overtime in knockout play
  • In group play, if overtime is scoreless, the game goes to penalty kicks
  • Each team has five players: a goalie (Kritter); a center; a left wing; a right wing; and a defenseman

The Teams

Captain Left wing Center Right wing Defenseman Goalie
Bowser Hammer Bro. Bowser Boo Dry Bones Kritter
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Hammer Bro. Monty Mole Dry Bones Kritter
Daisy Hammer Bro. Shy Guy Toad Daisy Kritter
Diddy Kong Hammer Bro. Shy Guy Diddy Kong Birdo Kritter
Donkey Kong Koopa Troopa Donkey Kong Birdo Boo Kritter
Luigi Hammer Bro. Luigi Shy Guy Birdo Kritter
Mario Hammer Bro. Mario Toad Koopa Troopa Kritter
Peach Koopa Troopa Peach Toad Boo Kritter
Petey Piranha Toad Petey Piranha Monty Mole Boo Kritter
Waluigi Hammer Bro. Koopa Troopa Toad Waluigi Kritter
Wario Birdo Toad Wario Koopa Troopa Kritter
Yoshi Yoshi Toad Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Kritter

The Cup

Group A

Team Wins Losses Overtime/Shootout Losses Points Goals For Goals Against
Bowser 1 0 0 2 3 2
Petey Piranha 1 0 0 2 1 0
Daisy 0 0 1 1 0 1
Waluigi 0 1 0 0 2 3


Waluigi vs. Bowser

2/22, 23:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Waluigi 1 1 - - 2
Bowser 1 2 - - 3

End of Game

10:00 - Bowser wins, they outshot Waluigi 8-6, they take on Petey next, Waluigi gets longtime rival Daisy.

9:50 - Team Waluigi, passing back and forth, waiting for the perfect shot, Waluigi from the slot, denied by Kritter, knocked away, that'll do it.

9:02 - Team Bowser moving slowly, Hammer Bro. holds the ball on the left side, pass back to the slot, Dry Bones's shot is blocked by Koopa, who chips the ball ahead.

8:34 - Brought ahead by Team Waluigi, Koopa to Toad on the far side, Toad chips the ball ahead, his pass to Koopa, stopped by Kritter and booted away.

7:18 - Toad dekes over Hammer Bro., he passes to Koopa, he dekes, his shot is stopped by Kritter and is passed ahead to Hammer Bro. He brings the ball past center, passes it to Bowser in the slot, he dekes and pauses, he passes to Boo in the right corner, Boo shoots, save by Kritter.

6:51 - Bowser passes ahead to Hammer Bro., stolen by Toad, he clears the ball into the far corner. Grabbed there by Hammer Bro., he clears the ball ahead, Dry Bones here, gives it to Boo, cuts in, dekes, SCORES! Boo dekes through Kritter, he lands in the net, Team Bowser leads, three to two!

6:28 - Team Waluigi gets the ball, Koopa hands it up ahead to Toad, he gives to Hammer Bro., HE SCORES! We're tied! A curving shot that bent in front of Kritter ties the game at two!

6:19 - Dry Bones to Bowser, he dumps it in, Waluigi grabs it, blocked by Bowser, he feeds to Hammer Bro., he loads up, and SCORES ON A SKILLSHOT! Point-blank range, 30' out, Waluigi made a bonehead move and it cost his team a goal.

5:30 - This is Koopa up the middle, 50' from the net, to the right for Toad, back to Waluigi, over to Hammer Bro., taken away on a slide by Dry Bones and Team Bowser has the ball again.

5:11 - Boo in, pass to Bowser, shot high, Team Waluigi grabs it, Kritter ahead for Toad, who assisted on Team Waluigi's only goal.

5:02 - Boo hits Koopa, who slide tackled the ball, and Team Bowser will break out.

5:00 - We'll get back to action as the teams swap sides for the second half.

Start of 2nd Half

Waluigi needs a more aggressive gameplan for the second half while Bowser is doing everything right.

End of 1st Half

5:00 - End of the first half, we're tied at one each. Bowser outshot Waluigi 5-3 in the half.

4:48 - Boo up ahead, past center, on the far side, dekes through Waluigi, skillshot denied by Kritter. That'll do it for the half.

4:25 - Taking it in down the left side, the far side from our view, is Hammer Bro. for Team Waluigi, he shoots and gets stopped by Kritter.

4:07 - Dry Bones clears it down and Kritter grabs it, that move was to slow down the action.

3:51 - Long clear by Koopa off the electric fence to Kritter's right, grabbed by Waluigi, he dekes right into Kritter, who flings him into the electric fence and Team Bowser takes it back, and the noise has hit a new high here at The Battle Dome.

3:27 - Boo for Team Bowser on the right side, waits, hit hard by Hammer Bro. and Waluigi takes over.

3:10 - Just to clear things up, the time to the left of some monologue is the time the monologue starts, therefore we have long pauses between each one.

2:56 - Back to action here, Team Waluigi holds in their own zone, bringing the ball ahead, Koopa in front, drops it to Toad in the right corner and Toad's shot is blocked by Dry Bones and cleared.

2:42 - Team Bowser bringing it in on the right side, Boo past center, Boo to Bowser and back, to Dry Bones, he feeds to Bowser in front, to Hammer Bro. on the left side, SCORE! The ball was charged to white and Hammer Bro. slams it in, the crowd is on its feet, we're tied at one.

2:16 - Team Waluigi past center, Hammer Bro. cuts in, he feeds in front to Koopa, dekes, shot, Koopa got hammered into the electric fence by Kritter and Bowser will take possession.

1:46 - Turnover at center by Toad and Boo feeds it ahead for Hammer Bro., he waits on the left side, pass to Dry Bones in the spot, he relays it to Boo on the right side, Boo to Dry Bones and back, the shot blocked by Koopa and Team Waluigi has it.

1:25 - Team Bowser grabs the ball at center and brings it in. Boo in the right-wing corner, waits, pass, Bowser in front, cuts in, diving stop by Kritter.

1:09 - Team Waluigi brings it across center. Hammer Bro. in the left-wing circle, pass to Toad, Toad waits on the right side, Toad sets up, pass to the slot for Waluigi SCORE! A blast from the slot by Waluigi top-shelf, his first of the tourney, Toad's first assist of the tournament. Bowser, the host, is down 1-0 early and the fans don't like it.

0:56 - A couple of low clouds, but the storm blows in Monday, and it will probably be pouring for the Wario-DK game and Mario-Diddy Kong game, late Monday and early Tuesday, respectively.

0:47 - Team Waluigi has the ball again following the lob pass by Kritter, but Koopa gives it away to Dry Bones. He sets up Boo, Bowser in front, he gets the door slammed shut by Kritter!

0:35 - Cross pass from Bowser to Hammer Bro. and a great save by Kritter!

0:30 - Boo clears it ahead where a battle for the caram breaks out between Bowser and Toad. Bowser grabs it and moves ahead.

0:18 - First shot of the tournament is taken from the right side by Toad and Kritter grabs it for Team Bowser, who will get their first chance here.

0:08 - Team Waluigi taking their time in their own zone, moving the ball slowly, now progressing ahead.

0:01 - Koopa grabs the ball with a slide tackle and we're off!

0:00 - The purple-clad Waluigi will go to the right side for the first half with Hammer Bro. at left wing, Toad at the right, Koopa centering, and Waluigi on defense. Bowser, on the other hand, in the orange, is going from right to left this half, has Hammer Bro. on the left, Boo on the right, Bowser centering, and Dry Bones on defense.

Start of Game

Sorry we weren't able to get started earlier, but the opening ceremonies ran long.

Petey Piranha vs. Daisy

2/22, 23:45 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Petey Piranha 0 0 1 - 1
Daisy 0 0 0 - 0

End of Game

10:05 - Dry Bones comes out here, pass ahead for Petey, to Toad on the near side, to Petey in front, he backs up, gives it back to Hammer Bro., he feeds it back for Dry Bones who gives it to Monty Mole in the far corner. Monty lobs to Petey through traffic HE SCORES! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! At 10:22 in overtime! Petey wins, 1-0! A high header beats Kritter, Petey wins! He faces Bowser next, Daisy next duels with Waluigi.

10:00 - Here we go. Overtime is underway, Shy Guy grabs the ball for Team Daisy. Daisy in the turquoise, Petey in the red. Shy Guy pass for Toad-intercepted by Dry Bones.

Start of Overtime

The teams will not swap sides for overtime. Petey will probably continue their aggressive play while Daisy will try to find some way to counter.

End of 2nd Half

10:00 - Well, we've played ten minutes, we're scoreless, so we're heading to overtime. Petey outshot Daisy 5-1 in the second half and is leading in shots on goal, 7-4.

9:51 - Kritter up the far side for Hammer Bro., the clock is winding down, he takes a blast from 78' out, it's wide, and overtime awaits.

9:33 - Less than 30 seconds left in regulation, we may have overtime. Kritter up for Petey, he dekes, up for Toad, pass to Monty Mole, back to Toad, over to Monty, one-timer HIT THE POST! He hit the post! Monty Mole was in the clear and he rang a blast off the post.

9:07 - Kritter gives it off to Hammer Bro., drops it back for Daisy, she dekes, once, twice, past center, passes up ahead for Shy Guy, threading the needle, Shy Guy takes an off-balance shot that is snagged by Kritter.

8:39 - Kritter heaves it long for Toad, down the near side, going from left to right, Toad with a lob pass, Shy Guy cuts in, cross pass-blocked by a sliding Monty Mole. That was a perfect play, he hit it at just the right angle. Monty with a long feed to Petey, he takes a hard shot, that's knocked down by Kritter, who grabs it there.

7:46 - Kritter, a long pass. Petey heads it there, hits Daisy, power-up for Team Daisy. They use it here as Petey advances past center. It's three Green Shells. They all ricochet, one hits Monty Mole, but that's it as Petey gives the ball to Toad, who's in the left corner. Toad waits, handles the ball cleanly, dekes over Daisy, tries to deke over Kritter-NO! Kritter knocked him into the post and grabbed the ball.

7:12 - This is Boo going from right to left up the far side. He feeds to Petey, over to Toad, stolen by Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro., down the near side, drops it back for Shy Guy, lobs to a wide-open Toad, dekes over Dry Bones, his defender, shot from short range bobbled and grabbed by Kritter; Team Petey will get another go at it.

7:04 - Kritter grabs the ball, gives it off to Boo, Team Petey brings the ball out.

6:29 - Three shots this half already for Petey, Daisy hasn't taken any. Kritter regroups, gets up, passes up the far side to Hammer Bro., he feeds up the middle to Shy Guy, Bullet Bill Blast! Stopped by Kritter, there's the explosion, Shy Guy grabs it--HE HIT THE POST! Oh, he was so close there, he was wide open, but he couldn't execute.

5:37 - Kritter for Hammer Bro., he goes from left to right down the far side. Hammer Bro. here, his pass to Toad on the right, back to Daisy who's in the slot 67' out, her pass to Hammer Bro. in the left corner, his shot blocked Boo and passed ahead to Petey. He dekes, knocks away Shy Guy, down the middle he goes, to Hammer Bro. coming in down the near side, back to Petey in front and Kritter makes a nice save but can't hold on to it, Petey takes another shot, stopped by Kritter.

5:00 - The teams have swapped sides, Petey will go from right to left and Daisy will go from left to right. Shy Guy slides to the ball and is hit quickly by Petey. There's that gameplan we were looking for! Petey to the far side, Monty to Toad who's cutting in down the left, to Petey up the middle, drop pass for Boo at the point, his shot stopped by Kritter.

Start of 2nd Half

Both teams will need to make adjustments to their gameplan, some of them the same, as in take more shots and get aggressive. Petey needs to lead his team and get the half started with an early hit and a couple of quick shots.

End of 1st Half

5:00 - No goals in the first half for either side, and Daisy outshot Petey 3-2.

4:41 - Daisy up the middle, going from right to left, up ahead for Toad going down the right, his shot stopped, that's it for the half.

3:58 - Monty down the right, back for Boo, up ahead for Petey, his pass to Toad on the left, he's open, goes for a skillshot, Fire Meteor is stopped by Kritter, his hands are on fire, but Daisy grabs it and leads her team ahead.

2:42 - Kritter up the middle for Shy Guy, he dekes, dodges a Boo slide tackle, passes long up ahead to Toad, Toad to Hammer Bro on the left, back to Shy Guy, 18' from the net, goes up for a skillshot, Bullet Bill Blast! The Bullet Bill explodes and Kritter gets to the ball first and Team Petey brings the ball out.

1:59 - Kritter up the far side for Toad. Here's Toad, up the middle to Petey, Petey down the middle, to Toad on the left, lob pass over to Monty Mole on the right, he shoots up high and Kritter makes a jumping stop.

1:14 - Shy Guy up the middle, here's Toad, pass to Shy Guy, back to Daisy, Hammer Bro. on the left, dekes twice, slams Boo and Monty into the ground, his shot stopped by Kritter, that was the first shot of the game.

0:32 - Toad down the far side, going from left to right, here's Petey up the middle, he dekes, flings away Daisy, pass to the right, Monty Mole holds the ball, back for Boo, Boo over to Toad on the left, to Dry Bones, one-timer, bad shot, he hit at at the wrong angle, Shy Guy grabs the ball and Team Daisy will take it out.

0:08 - Toad across for Hammer Bro., he looks, Daisy at the point, dekes, pass to Toad, his shot blocked by Toad and taken out by Team Petey.

0:00 - It is nighttime here at The Battle Dome and the game is set to go. Shy Guy takes the ball for Team Daisy, going from right to left, gives it off to Toad, he cuts in down the right.

Start of Game

We are looking for another great game. Bowser took down Waluigi, 3-2, in a nailbiter. Petey, in the red, has Toad on the left, Monty on the right, Petey centering, and Boo on defense. Daisy, in the turquoise, will try to counter with Hammer Bro. on the left, Toad on the right, Shy Guy centering, and Daisy back on defense.

Bowser vs. Petey Piranha

2/26, 1:50 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Petey Piranha
Daisy vs. Waluigi

2/28, 0:00 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Daisy vs. Bowser

3/1, 19:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Petey Piranha vs. Waluigi

3/4, 3:45 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Petey Piranha

Group B

Team Wins Losses Overtime/Shootout Losses Points Goals For Goals Against
Bowser Jr. 1 0 0 2 3 1
Donkey Kong 1 0 0 2 6 5
Wario 0 1 0 0 5 6
Luigi 0 1 0 0 1 3


Luigi vs. Bowser Jr.

2/25, 3:00 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Luigi 1 0 - - 1
Bowser Jr. 1 2 - - 3

End of Game

10:00 - Bowser Jr. outshot Luigi 5-3 in the second and 7-4 overall. He faces Wario next and Luigi gets DK.

9:46 - Luigi needs to take a Mega Strike here but his teammates have to get the ball to him. Luigi gets hit by Dry Bones and that's it.

9:14 - Kritter up ahead for Hammer Bro., time running down. Hammer Bro. lands a perfect deke on Birdo, advances, feeds Bowser Jr. on the left side, and he gets stopped by Kritter.

8:35 - Luigi better get a move on here as it's Hammer Bro. up the near side. He dekes and crushes Monty Mole. Pass up for Luigi, threading the needle, he dekes and shoots wide! Because of the deke, he took an off-balance shot and got stopped.

8:08 - Dry Bones up for Monty Mole, he dekes, pass for Hammer Bro. up the middle, his long shot is stopped by Kritter.

7:27 - Luigi drops it back for Hammer Bro., he takes his own sweet time there but they need to hurry, down two. They do now, Luigi's open, and he knocks out Kritter with a shot and gets hit by the ever-speedy Dry Bones before he could take the shot as he grabbed the rebound.

6:57 - Kritter with a long bomb up the far side for Monty Mole, Bowser Jr.'s wide open up the middle, HE SCORES! A huge blast by Bowser Jr. from only 24' away, they lead by two!

6:06 - Luigi restarts the action, going from right to left, his pass to Hammer Bro., he drops it back for Birdo, up the far side for a wide-open Shy Guy, he loads up for a skillshot! It hits Kritter, and Bowser Jr. gets a break here as Kritter covers it up.

5:35 - Kritter up to Hammer Bro. who got knocked into the fence by Monty Mole and Luigi will get an item. Monty up the far side, to Hammer Bro. up the middle, back to Monty, lob for Hammer Bro., HE SCORES ON A BICYCLE KICK! A giant spiky shell hit him after the shot.

5:00 - We continue action here as the teams swap sides and Hammer Bro. slides to the ball and lobs it to Bowser Jr., who dekes and crushes Shy Guy. Now he advances and takes a curving blast that is nabbed easily by Kritter.

Start of 2nd Half

Both teams will need a much more aggressive approach for the second.

End of 1st Half

5:00 - Only three shots in the half, two of them by Bowser Jr., all of them by Hammer Bros.

4:52 - The half will end here as Hammer Bro. passes ahead to Monty Mole, who dekes as the siren sounds and time expires in the first half.

4:11 - Bowser Jr. is dominating this half, but Luigi has a chance here. Hammer Bro. up the far side, hammers Monty Mole, takes a skillshot and SCORES! We're tied!

2:40 - Kritter up for Bowser Jr., he dekes and crushes Hammer Bro., and continues to advance. He passes up the middle for Hammer Bro., he dekes and lands a hammer on Birdo, he passes to Bowser Jr., one-timer OFF THE POST! He hit the bar earlier and it's the post this time, but Kritter won't risk it. Hammer Bro. grabs the ball and gives it back to Bowser Jr. in the left near corner. He looks, drop pass for Dry Bones, skillshot zaps Luigi, his defender on the play. He grabs it again, pass to Monty on the right, dekes and doesn't hit anyone, now a hard shot stopped by Kritter.

2:19 - The action continues here, it's Luigi dropping it back for Hammer Bro., who drops it back for Birdo. Birdo up the near side, lob pass up to Shy Guy, he dekes and gets thrown into the boards by Monty Mole! Monty Mole grabs the rock and gets it back to Kritter and Bowser Jr. and Co. will regroup.

2:09 - Long pass down the near side to Hammer Bro. who dekes and crushes Luigi and SCORES ON A SKILLSHOT! Bowser Jr. sets up Hammer Bro., he dropped a hammer on Luigi and dropped a few more on Kritter to give Bowser Jr. a 1-0 lead.

1:51 - Kritter boots it up the far side to Hammer Bro., he waits, dekes but the hammer misses Bowser Jr., Bowser Jr. hits him into the fence and takes over.

1:25 - Dry Bones, a lob pass up the far side to Monty Mole, it gets to the target by deflecting off the electric fence, he passes to Hammer Bro. who rips a blast but Kritter makes the save.

0:53 - Kritter passes to Luigi, he dekes as he passes the center circle, passes to Shy Guy, he dekes and gets crushed by Dry Bones on the check and the crowd eats it up.

0:24 - Dry Bones passes it back up the far side for Monty Mole, he dekes, knocks Hammer Bro. away, passes ahead to a wide-open Hammer Bro., over to the left for Bowser Jr. who shoots OFF THE CROSSBAR! He hit the bar, that was gonna be easy money! Now Kritter scoops it up and Luigi will take it back.

0:00 - Aaaaaand...we're off! Luigi grabs the ball quickly, passes up the far side to Hammer Bro., he dekes, crushes Dry Bones, and advances from there. Pass in front for Luigi-Luigi hammered by Kritter and Dry Bones grabs it for Bowser Jr.

Start of 1st Half

Luigi has Hammer Bro. on the left, Shy Guy at right, Luigi centering, and Birdo on defense. Bowser Jr., on the other hand, is at left wing, Monty Mole at right wing, Hammer Bro. centering, and Dry Bones back on defense. Bowser Jr. going from right to left this half, Luigi from left to right. Luigi in the green, Bowser Jr. in the orange.

Wario vs. Donkey Kong

2/25, 3:15 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Wario 2 3 - - 5
Donkey Kong 2 4 - - 6

End of Game

10:00 - Wow! DK wins a thriller, 6-5. DK outshot Wario 8-7 overall, both teams took four shots in the second half, and DK also took a four-ball megastrike and the goal from it is the difference in this one. Wario next has to face Bowser Jr. and DK gets Luigi. I tell you, this is the group to watch.

9:57 - Wario had a shot, but DK took the pass away, and that'll do it.

9:43 - Time running out, Wario up for Koopa, to Birdo, pass to Toad, Toad for Birdo up the middle, pass intercepted!

9:30 - DK just needs to play it safe here, DK takes it back, over for Boo, Boo dekes, passing center, gets hit by Wario and nearly thrown into the electric fence.

9:03 - This it Toad, Wario needs to hurry, they're down two. Toad over DK, he's open, HE DEKES OVER KRITTER AND SCORES! A perfect deke, it's 6-5.

9:03 - It's four balls and they're not going very fast, Kritter stops the first two, the third goes it, he stops the fourth. It's 6-4 DK. A four-goal half and we're not even done yet.

8:45 - Time is running down; this is Boo, up for Koopa, he dekes past Birdo, who tried to hit him, now he passes for DK, IT'S A MEGASTRIKE!

8:14 - DK dekes, Toad stayed away and was able to slide tackle him following the deke, Toad up for Wario, he charges up and gets slammed by Boo.

7:53 - Toad for Birdo, back to Koopa, he feeds a long pass to Wario, he Butt Smashes DK, he's open, he feeds to Toad, GOAL! This one is far from over, Toad down the middle from 29', it's a 5-4 game.

7:22 - Kritter up the far side, wide-open Koopa, Shell Smash, rebound to Birdo, SHE SCORES! Oh, boy, how about this? It's 5-3 DK.

6:46 - Toad, lob pass to Wario, he Butt Smashes Koopa, Wario cuts in, pass to a wide-open Toad, back for Wario, lob pass-nabbed by Kritter! A courageous move works and DK catches a huge break there.

6:18 - DK dekes, Toad goes flying, he has an open lane, lob pass for Birdo, back to DK, one-timer knocked Kritter dizzy, he grabs the rebound and SCORES! Oh, baby, that was pretty! DK one-timed the rebound around a dizzy Kritter, he leads, four to three.

5:46 - Toad again for Wario, over DK, who tied to hit him there, his pass up for Wario, he feeds to Birdo, back to Wario, SCORES! A blast by Wario from 31' out ties the game. He was up the middle, slightly towards the far side there, that was a beautiful goal.

5:21 - Boo up for Koopa, Koopa cuts in, pass to Birdo, she feeds back to Koopa, to Birdo, SHE SCORES! Birdo was wide-open in the right corner and her shot curved around Kritter and in.

5:00 - The teams have swapped sides and it's Toad with the ball here for Team Wario, going from right to left, he dekes over DK, pass to an open Birdo, she gets hit by Boo and Team DK takes possession.

Start of 2nd Half

We're in the middle of a great one tonight, DK and Wario will probably keep their aggressive gameplan going for the second half.

End of 1st Half

5:00 - DK outshot Wario 4-3 in the half.

4:37 - Wario Butt Smashes DK after getting the ball from Toad, he passes back to Koopa, they'll let the half run out.

4:15 - DK now, to Koopa, moving up the near side again, to DK, he's open, SCORES! A curving shot by DK gets past Kritter, it's 2-2.

3:49 - Wario up for Birdo, Birdo for Toad, TOAD SCORES! Toad lobbed it when Kritter anticipated a hard shot or a pass back to Birdo, Wario has a 2-1 lead.

3:22 - This is Koopa moving from right to left up the near side, long pass for Birdo but it got blocked by Wario.

3:03 - Toad dekes over DK, coming in down the middle for Team Wario, to Wario down the right, Wario gets slide tackled by Koopa and DK takes over.

2:26 - Back to work here; DK with a lob pass for Birdo, beautiful communication there. Birdo to Koopa, back for Birdo, the ball is white, she feeds to Koopa, to Birdo again, SHE SCORES! Birdo from just 9' out up the middle and this game is tied!

1:58 - Toad with a deke over DK, his pass up to Birdo, she takes a hard shot and SCORES! Birdo wanted to take the skillshot, but was about to be hit and decided to take the normal shot instead and it paid off.

1:26 - This is Boo, he dekes through Birdo, he passes long up the near side to Koopa, he takes a skillshot, Shell Smash, but the rebound goes to Toad and Wario dodges a bullet there.

0:57 - Kritter up to Birdo, over to Koopa, who's on the near side, as they cross the center line. Koopa up to Wario, he shoots just wide and Boo grabs for DK.

0:39 - Kritter up to DK, he slowly advances, clears it in from just behind half-court, off the electric fence above the net and Birdo takes a one-timer that gets snagged by Kritter.

0:16 - Wario with a pass up the middle to Toad, dekes over Boo, pass to Birdo, Kritter stops the one-timer.

0:03 - DK to Birdo, she dekes and slams Koopa into the fence, pass to DK down the middle gets intercepted by Wario and taken out from there.

0:00 - The game is underway and Toad grabs the ball for Team Wario but gets clobbered by DK.

Start of Game

Another exciting battle in store for us today, Wario facing off with DK here in the rain. Wario, going from left to right in the first half, has Birdo at left wing, Wario on the right, Toad centering, and Koopa Troopa on D. Donkey Kong will go from right to left this half with Koopa Troopa on the left, Birdo on the right, DK at center, and Boo on defense. They will wear purple, Wario will wear yellow.

Bowser Jr. vs. Wario

2/27, 3:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Bowser Jr.
Donkey Kong vs. Luigi

2/28, 15:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong vs. Bowser Jr.

3/1, 20:00 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Donkey Kong
Bowser Jr.
Wario vs. Luigi

3/5, 1:50 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final

Group C

Team Wins Losses Overtime/Shootout Losses Points Goals For Goals Against
Yoshi 0 0 0 0 0 0
Peach 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mario 0 0 0 0 0 0
Diddy Kong 0 0 0 0 0 0


Peach vs. Yoshi

2/25, 3:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final

It will be a dark and stormy night, but Peach and Yoshi will face off here at The Battle Dome. Peach, in pink, has Koopa Troopa on the left, Toad on the right, Peach centering, and Boo back on D. Yoshi, in green, will have Yoshi on the left, Koopa Troopa on the right, Toad centering, and Shy Guy on defense.

Diddy Kong vs. Mario

2/25, 3:45 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Diddy Kong

You can just feel the excitement in the wet, wet air for this one. It will be raining all night. Diddy Kong, in the purple, will have Hammer Bro. at left wing, Diddy at right, Shy Guy centering, and Birdo on defense. Mario, in the red, has Hammer Bro. on the left, Toad on the right, Mario at center, and Koopa Troopa on defense.

Yoshi vs. Diddy Kong

2/27, 23:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Diddy Kong
Mario vs. Peach

2/28, 16:00 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Mario vs. Yoshi

3/3, 23:00 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Diddy Kong vs. Peach

3/6, 15:30 UTC

Box Score
Team 1 2 OT Shootout Final
Diddy Kong

Knockout Round


3/6, 16:00 UTC

Seed Team 1 2 OT Final

3/7, 15:00 UTC

Seed Team 1 2 OT Final


3/7, 23:00 UTC

Seed Team 1 2 OT Final

3/8, 19:30 UTC

Seed Team 1 2 OT Final


3/11, 3:45 UTC

Seed Team 1 2 OT Final


Got anything to say about the Star Cup? Click here to post it and chat with other fans!

Director's Notes

Heyo, welcome to the Director's Notes. Either you've read all of the paper to get down to this last section...or, you just clicked the link that said "Director's Notes". Either way, let me get my spiel over with.

I've been writing for The 'Shroom for over a year, and I am extremely excited and grateful to be it's Director. I'd like to thank the 47 people who supported me in the election. With all those support votes, I feel very welcomed into leading the team. =)

I'd like to congratulate Tucayo, who's worked extremely hard at the 'Shroom, dedicating his time to 8 sections, I think it is. I'm happy to have him as the Sub-Director, so everything should work out fine.

And to those of you who have lost faith in The 'Shroom, I say the following:


Learn to have some faith in newbies.

Alright, now to the more technical part of the paper.

Who's New

Who's Gone

Wayoshi (talk), RAP (talk), and Glitchman (talk) have all retired from The 'Shroom.

What's New

  • The Fun Stuff section is large enough to have its own sub-section. Thus, Z3r0 Tw0 (talk) is head of the Fun Stuff team. I can't wait to see how he handles the job!
  • Hyper Kirby (talk) has introduced a new section called "Music Supplier". He will supply us with 5 songs from the Mario series and tell us about them. Good luck, chap.
  • Bloc Partier (talk) has a review section as well. He does reviews on the classic games most people ignore. It's about time they got some recognition. =)

What to Expect Next Month

Some users can't get their sections in on time, which is understandable due to the fact that most of them started only a week ago. So, should their sections not arrive next month, they will be removed from the 'Shroom's team. From that month forth, any member who is one month late without reason will be fired. I'm not trying to be cruel, but it seems like it's the best way to make sure the paper stays on the ball.

Next month, we will also be introducing some new sections. Expect to see:

  • Additional Commentary — this section allows users to PM or e-mail 'Shroom staff members questions, comments, or suggestions. The recipient of the message will then PM me that "commentary" with their reply.
  • Fan Fiction Monthy — in this section, users can submit their own work. In other words, if they create a comic, story, movie, song, or whatever based on the Mario series, they can submit it here to be posted in the following issue of the 'Shroom.

We may be adding a few other sections, but that's what we've got so far. Massive kudos to everyone who maintains a healthy diet on 'Shrooms. XP Also, there may be some months in which I cannot post the paper; during those months, Tucayo (talk) will take over for me. Furthermore, I wish the best of luck to all of our staff members; may they find their terms writing for the paper be enjoyable. I hope you all enjoy this month's issue of The 'Shroom!

Sub Director's Notes!

By TucayoSig.png Yes

HI everybody! and welcome to *drumroll* THE SUB DIRECTOR?S NOTES! *applause* Me is Tucayo, the new sub director, and me is pretty happy of being it. And that's all.

What? You say its very short???

Hmm... its true, i might get fires if i dont write something bigger, so lets see....

Hyper Kirby is writing a new section called Music Supplier! but he wont write it, I'm sure

Lets see, what else *Searchs in a huge pile of papers*

DRy Paratroopa signed up for the Monthly Report

Corka Cola for the upcoming games

I hope there will be Fake News in this issue

*drinks coffee* WHAT? why am i drinking coffee, i dont even like it!

EDIT:*drinks... MILK!*

Luigifreak, Tuttifruutti *copies, pastes* TutiFrutti112 and Grapes are also new here, And Bloc Partier has a new section called Classic Reviews

OK, now its better, Thats all Folks!

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