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It's time again for Beta Elements! This month we'll take a look at:
Mario Kart DS
The North American Boxart for Mario Kart DS.
There's some pretty interesting elements in this game:

1. Originally, a few tracks would return in the Retro Cups, including Mario Circuit of Mario Kart Double Dash!!, Koopa Troopa Beach from Mario Kart 64, and even Block City, a battle course from MKDD. An odd course was also found under the name Dokan Course.

2. Two courses seemed to have been altered majorly, namely Waluigi Pinball and DK Pass. Waluigi Pinball had more bumpers, a slightly different track design, a giant rouletter wheel that players could drive on, and most notably, music from Yoshi Falls. DK Pass had a more grassland-like theme, and included a single Thwomp before the finish line.

Chain Chomp
Best. Item. Ever.

3. Chain Chomps were supposed to be an item. Originally from MKDD!!, the item would (most likely) pull the player along the course at a much higher speed, knocking over opponents in the process.

I liked these elements, and my opinion on them:

1. Well, I personally thought both of the Retro Course candidates were purely epic in their original games. They were relatively simple, but it's simplicity that can make something really amazing. As for Block City, I didn't like that one so much, so I think it was better out than in. But that's just me. And the Dokan Course is just weird. Plain weird. It was most likely for testing purposes, thanfully!

The Final Waluigi Pinball

2. The beta version of Waluigi Pinball seems a bit more challenging than the final version. With many more obstacles, it's no wonder they changed it. The track design was a little bit less complex as well, which lessened the track's awesomeness. And personally, I just think Yoshi Fall's music stunk. But the music ending up on the course was probably just a technical glitch anyway. The DK pass seemed to fit DK's personality more, because Jungles and Snowy Mountains just seem like complete opposites too me. But the track still was cool in the final product.

3. Chain Chomps were just awesome in MKDD. I mean who doesn't wanna be dragged by a Chain Chomp while flattening their opponents at high speeds? But I guess this was changed in favor of the Bullet Bill, which probably was used due to graphical limitations or something like that.

Now before I end this section, I'd like to intorduce you to a new (Director approved) feature of Beta Elements! User Feedback! With it, anyone can express their opinions on the elements I've covered, and I may respond if I'm not feeling too lazy. Now just be sure that your comments are not negative or critical, and try not to get into a huge arguement with someone! We don't need one of those. Just edit below on what you think about the subject, and let yourself be heard! xD So this concludes my section, but feel free to leave your opinion below!


With the grass and all that, DK Pass may have looked like DK MOuntain from NGC TucayoSig.png :)

"Dokan" is Japanese for pipe. Here's something random: DK Mountain originally took place at night. - 2257(Talk) 01:43, 5 March 2009 (EST)