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Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Well, since I'm Director of the 'Shroom now, my cheats section will be knocked down to one cheat each month. There may be more on occasion, but I'll be really busy. Sorry 'bout that.

Hints: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (FDS) Japanese box art for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

So, who wants to touch my long, hard 8-bit platformer? (It's a running joke; deal with it.) The Lost Levels is easily one of the most difficult games in Mario history. The levels are long, tedious, difficult, and in some cases, they're on the verge of being sadistic. The game had a total of 13 worlds...and it was a literal hell to make it through all of them without cheating.

Well, that's why I'm here. TO HELP YOU CHEAT. BWAHAHAHAHA*chokes on mint*

So, you wanna warp to different worlds so you can beat the game faster? Easy as π. (That's "pi" for you non-math nerds. And, pi sounds like "pie". Get with it, will ya?)

Warp To World 2

When in World 1-2, jump on top of the bricks at the end of the level. Behind the level exit pipe, you'll find a secret pipe that takes you to World 2-1. Talk about reciprocation.

Warp To World 3

Once again, you must be in World 1-2. When you find a warp pipe, a couple bricks, and a Koopa, you're in the right spot. Bash the first brick on the left. A beanstalk will pop out. You know the drill.

Warp to World 6

To do this, you must be in World 5-1, be in Super Mario form, and have brushed your teeth only 5 minutes prior to doing this task. At the end of the level, you'll see two rows of levitating bricks. Bash the brick at the far right on the top row and a beanstalk will pop out. YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

Warp to World 7

In World 5-2, you'll encounter several floating platforms at the end of the level. Jump off of the last one at its highest point to reach a bridge of bricks. Run across the bridge and there'll be a warp pipe.

And if you're too lazy for that, just warp to the last world in the game.

Warp To World D

While in B-4, (you've been here before, right? </lamepun>) enter the very last warp pipe in the level; the one next to the lava pit. Then you'll be taken to a warp zone that'll take you to World D. AVAST, YE MATEYS, YE ARR NOW IN NO MANS LAND!