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by YS Grape Artwork.pngGrapes YS Grape Artwork.png

Hi I’m Grapes, and I am the new ‘Shroom interviewing person and this is my first time too. For this month issue of The ‘Shroom I have interviewed Clay Mario!!!

Grapes: Question One. How did you find MarioWiki?

Clay Mario: I found it by a link from an old Mii Wiki that was on scribblewiki. A mariowiki user named crypt raider made the Mii Wiki.

Grapes: Question Two. Who welcomed you?

Clay Mario: Glitchman is the user that gave me a very warm welcome. I WISHED I WELCOMED MYSELF THOUGH 'CUZ THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!

Grapes: Question Three. Which smiley you like the best?

Clay Mario: Posh. :posh: :posh: :posh: :posh: That just happened.

Grapes: Question Four. Do you like The ‘Shroom?

Clay Mario: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DESPISE THE 'SHROOM!!!!!!!!!! Oh no wait, I forgot I love the shroom. Sorry 'bout that.

Grapes: Question Five. That’s okay :lol: What’s your favorite video game? (It doesn’t have to be a Mario game.)

Clay Mario: Fav game of all time has to be Super Smash Bros Brawl. But the explosions in the game hurt my eyes. ALOT!!!!! ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!! *counts to ten and inhales and exhales*

Grapes: Okay :D Question 7. Do you think that Question 6 is the last question?

Clay Mario: No, because Question 7 comes after it, and this is Question 7. There was a funny joke about...oh yeah, I got it! Why was 6 afraid of 8? Because 7 ate 9! Get it? Because 8 also sounds like the word ate. Ah ha ha ha. Why I am the only one who finds the joke funny? TELL ME!

Grapes: My bad. I meant to say Question 6 and Question five. I think the joke was funny. :lol: Um and it was a pleasure to interview Clay Mario.

Clay Mario: OK :posh:

And that included this month ’Shroom interview. (Yay me I did an interview. XD)

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