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February Report

by — Stooben Rooben

Wow, it's been nine months since this has been released. Well, I won't get to detailed, but here's a breakdown of what's went on.

Mid-February Statistics
Statistic As of 8:00P, 1 May* As of 12:50A, 14 February* Total for Mid-February % of Change
Page Views 56,944,245 106,828,896 49,884,651 87.6%
Views per Edit 102.77 196.06 90.78%
Page Edits 279,654 544,874 265,220 94.84%
Edits per Page 8.94 10.53 17.79%
# of Articles 7,522 9,108 1,586 21.08%
# of Pages 31,287 51,750 20,463 65.4%
# of Files 9,793 16,766 6,973 71.2%
# of Users 4,888 8,404 3,516 71.93%
*All times MST.

As you can see, the site has seen a drastic change in activity over nine months. Page views have almost doubled since May of '08; the wiki's total amount of edits since then have increased by over 94 percent! That's quite an increase! Our number of articles has increased by more than a fifth, and our number of files, pages, and users have increased by at least 50 percent. The wiki sure has grown a lot in a matter of nine months.

And who knows what next month will bring? With the release of Mario & Luigi RPG 3 coming soon, Made in Ore just around the corner, and the new Mario & Sonic game, activity might skyrocket. Drop by next month to see how much the wiki is thriving! =)