Horned frog

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Horned frog
Artwork of a horned frog
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Subject origin Frog
Sprite of a horned frog, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Two horned frogs enclose Wario.
Wario is surrounded by two Horned Toadies.

Horned Toadies are enemies which live under the Awazon river basin in Virtual Boy Wario Land. They first appear in Stage 1 and resemble pudgy bipedal frogs. They also display two horns on their heads, which they use for attacking. They are found skipping along a path, and change direction when they encounter a ledge.

After they spot Wario, Horned Toadies attempt to attack him by charging themselves and ramming their horns into Wario. However, their horns are blunt and do not damage him. Horned Toadies are vulnerable to any of Wario's attack moves, including barging or body slamming. Wario is also able to simply stomp on Horned Toadies to stun them, then pick up and toss them into other enemies to defeat them. As such, Horned Toadies count as completely inoffensive enemies, characteristic which is also found in Wanderin' Gooms from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.