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Rules- LISTEN TO THEM!!!... Please.

Hey, excited users! I have some simple rules here:

  • Please no swearing- I just hate when people constantly swear so much that I can't even understand what they're talking about. If you do swear I'll give you a friendly warning and hopefully you won't do it again if you did swear.
  • Be nice to me and the rest of the users. That's pretty basic, right?
  • Comments go at the BOTTOM of the page.
  • Don't insult Fawful- He's my favorite character, even though he's a psycho green-guy. Don't insult Hammer Bro either- he's my 2nd favorite.
  • Do not insult pie- it tastes good.
  • Don't put things on my talk page to tick me off- you've been warned!
  • Do not spam me or anyone.
  • Have a good day!


Please ignore this section

(I need to see this now and then for editing) --Fawfulfury65

Heres a amazing 16...

I saw the templates you did, and, wow, they are excatly what I wanted! You did excellent for being unenlightened, so...please continue your hard work! (Part Quote from Chakron (the ultimate boss)). P.S. - I went right down the row in my guidebook (so we are almost done)! Baby Mario Bloops

  • Spike Blop
    • HP - 12
    • POW - 17
    • DEF - 14
    • SPEED - 15
    • EXP - 5
    • Coins - 3
    • Items - Syrup
    • Gear - None
  • Broque Monsieur
    • HP - 158
    • POW - 27
    • DEF - 27
    • SPEED - 24
    • EXP - 30
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - None
  • Sea Pipe Statue
    • HP - 320
    • POW - 40
    • DEF - 36
    • SPEED - 32
    • EXP - 120
    • Coins - 50
    • Items - Hot Drumstick
    • Gear - None
  • Stone Blooper
    • HP - 320
    • POW - 16
    • DEF - 16
    • SPEED - 28
    • EXP - 30
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - None
  • Broggy
    • HP - 198
    • POW - 35
    • DEF - 28
    • SPEED - 25
    • EXP - 60
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - None
  • Protobatter
    • HP - 36
    • POW - 22
    • DEF - 22
    • SPEED - 13
    • EXP - 15
    • Coins - 5
    • Items - Syrup
    • Gear - None
  • Scutlet (boss) (put in same template as enemy one)
    • HP - 280
    • POW - 25
    • DEF - 23
    • SPEED - 22
    • EXP - 200
    • Coins - 50
    • Items - 1-up Mushroom DX
    • Gear - None
  • Scutlet (enemy) (put in same template as boss one)
    • HP - 72
    • POW - 43
    • DEF - 65
    • SPEED - 188
    • EXP - 100
    • Coins - 25
    • Items - Super Mushroom
    • Gear - Rugged Socks
  • Sockop
    • HP - 110
    • POW - 63
    • DEF - 57
    • SPEED - 37
    • EXP - 240
    • Coins - 55
    • Items - Refreshing Herb
    • Gear - Tip-top Boots
  • Wiggler (put in M&L: BiS section)
    • HP - 540
    • POW - 73
    • DEF - 46
    • SPEED - 24
    • EXP - 340
    • Coins - 150
    • Items - 1-up Mushroom DX
    • Gear - None
  • Leaf Guy
    • HP - 56
    • POW - 17
    • DEF - 20
    • SPEED - 32
    • EXP - 20
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - Figher Wear
  • Straw
    • HP - 16
    • POW - 30
    • DEF - 17
    • SPEED - 25
    • EXP - 0
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - None
  • Sneed
    • HP - 74
    • POW - 60
    • DEF - 70
    • SPEED - 90
    • EXP - 200
    • Coins - 50
    • Items - Ultra Mushroom
    • Gear - None
  • Metal Mawful Mole
    • HP - 140
    • POW - 91
    • DEF - 128
    • SPEED - 49
    • EXP - 350
    • Coins - 60
    • Items - Ultra Mushroom
    • Gear - Dent Gloves
  • Alarm Bob-omb
    • HP - 123
    • POW - 112
    • DEF - 146
    • SPEED - 112
    • EXP - 170
    • Coins - 50
    • Items - Ultra Nut
    • Gear - None
  • Snawful
    • HP - 105
    • POW - 126
    • DEF - 73
    • SPEED - 102
    • EXP - 220
    • Coins - 0
    • Items - Mushroom
    • Gear - None

I like your signature

I don't know why. Maybe it's supposed to do with Cackletta (sp?) and Fawful laughing like a maniac! That's pure evil, right there.

I'm wondering, but does it bother you to kill Fawful every time you play either Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga or Bowser's Inside Story (why did Fawful decide to sell awesome stuff to people wearing the same exact clothing as his worst enemies in Partners In Time beats me)? And with the Hammer Bros., shouldn't it disturb you that you have to kill them too?

And you made a minor mistake on your affiliations. Every "word" in my username is capitalized. Sorry for being such a person who scoffs at every little mistake anyone makes.

And regarding milk, any type of milk tastes great, as long as it isn't milkshake. Shudders. And, if it's 2% milk, then what's 98% of all the other white stuff?

Are you going to eat any pie for Thanksgiving? Me, it's PUMPKIN Pie. Mmmmm. Pumpkin Pie. Sweet and crusty on the outside, sweet and crusty in the inside.

LOL, sorry for being so random.


PS I sometimes like Fawful as a villain more than Bowser, because he didn't get fooled by a fake beanstar, while other villains will. That's so unexpected, and it wasn't expected to happen anyway. Plus, I like his quotes. (Finkrats!)

PPS I'm being random again, aren't I?


Dark Bowser has now fallen - hard. Now that I've beaten the main storyline, I'm going to try to amass 50,000 Mushroom currency for Mario and Luigi to go clothes shopping (two A-OK Wears and a Tight Belt), also can't find a King Shell for Bowser. I have gotten EVERY special attack in the game, and now look for the 251 beans scattered around (basically just finding excuses to continue playing, I like the game so much) OH, and I'm working on the leveling-up as well. I'm posting my new status today!

PS: Sorry if that's a bit much, I'm just kindof exicted because the final Bowser battle was EPIC.

Um...actually, the game is at home and I don't have many beans (there are about 4 places in my list that don't have names. I'll be able to fill those in because I have the strategy guide (call it a cheatbook if you want) - I didn't use it to beat the game, just to get those little extras like which enemies have Blitties. The book is at home as well, and I get to go back home Wednesday night in honor of Turkey Day (Thanksgiving). I could try to send you an answer then...but I have nothing right now.

Hi! How are you doing? I know I usually talk to you in Marioluigiwikia but I saw you were online so, Hi! What are you doing on the wiki right now? I am working on the Luigi's Mansion article. BYE!Ratfink43

Yeah, I wuz thinking of having Wiggler on one side and Swiggler on the other side(of my signature). But I will do that when I am finished doing the LM article. So how are you doing with collecting the Star coins in NSMBW?Ratfink43

Well I never did collect Star coins in NSMB becuase the reward wasnt big enough, but now I think, Extra worlds are a big enough reward. Did you ever beat the Pit if 100 trials in Super Paper mario?

I also beat the Flopside one but died in the flopside one at level 80. And I never bothered to do the Sammer guys, I wonder if its worth it. Oh well I will do it anyway cuz I heard one of them is like Fawful. YAY! Ratfink43

Yeah Id buy it, i mean duh! SPM was my fav. Wii game b4 SMG came out. If there was SPM2, there would proboly be something like a new villian becuase Count Bleck died. Or acually he could have survived but either way hes not a villian anymore. Maybe, scince hes good now, you could play as him! Yeah! and you can play as O Chunks and Mimi and Natasia! And Dimentio would get his revenge! YEAH! That would be cool!Ratfink43 PS I dont have a new signature cause making one is WAY too confusing!

Mario & Luigi

Your link to the Mario and Luigi wiki isn't working. It has a (|) mark at the end. - Shadow34

So I understand that you have Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, but where are you up to? I am stuck at the Fawful Express, and I really need help - Frostyfireyoshi 13:21, 25 November 2009 (EST)

Hey! Thank you so much! I just defeated that cursed train! I can't tell you how much I loved seeing those Monty Bros. getting crushed by the debris. Sweet, sweet revenge! I hope you like my sig. Check out my (still under construction) userpage! Once I make my friend Userbox, perhaps I'll give it to you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! - 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 05:50, 12 December 2009 (EST)

Hey! Please answer! I've made my friend userbox! Just go to my talk page and ask nicely under the section titled "PEOPLE BEGGING TO HAVE MY FRIEND USERBOX" Thanks. - 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 07:16, 20 December 2009 (EST)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, FF65! What's up? I hope you have a good Thanksgiving! Here's hoping we don't eat ourselves sick! (p.s. What do you think of my new sig sprite? I recolored it myself. I could do one of Fawful if you want!) FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Shu-ah thang, dahlin'! It'll be done tonight! One X- mas recolored Fawful, comin' up!

FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Alright, here it is! Fresh from MS Paint!

File:FF65 Holiday Sig.PNG If there's anything wrong with it, you know where to find me! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Yiii.... I can try....

Sorry, I can't upload the santa hat I added, but I can email the file to you and you can try it yourself. :( Sorry for the inconvenience.

Awesome, glad you like it. Happy holidays, and use your sig so you can advertise for me! :) FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png

U Rock

You are to my likingness! Mecha-Boss Unit is suggesting you send him a Userbox. User:Mecha-Boss Unit

P.S. I wasn't talking like Fawful, I was talking like Chobin for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. User:Mecha-Boss Unit


You have befriended me! Here is your userbox



Mecha- Boss Unit.PNG

Hope you like it! User:Mecha-Boss Unit

Oh Yeah I sent you a new Userbox! It has my custom Image on it! User:Mecha-Boss Unit

There are some left...

...but I think I will just do them just for it to go faster. They are Dark Trashure, Drillbit Crab and Pendril (which I don't know how I missed), and maybe a few more. Anyways, you did an awesome job, and, if they came out with a sequel, I will definitely have you doing this again for the enemies and bosses of that one. Here, has this as a reminder of your hard work...




...and see you soon!!! Baby Mario Bloops

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the late notice, but yesterday, I played New Super Mario Bros. Wii for entire day and beated it. Those were the best hours in my life, I guess. Now, on day 2, I collected all the star coins except World 7 and 9 and I miss a few secret paths.

How did I beat the game? I played it with LeftyGreenMario and it was ridiculously easy. And we bubble abuse all the time, heehee.

PS Uh-oh, Blue Toad's gotten my charm! Oh, I did sacrifice myself many times too such as holding a bob-omb next to a block and exploding and jumping off a cliff just to get a Star Coin (the bubble of death helped me)

PPS Blue Toad's still awesome.


I should have told everyone that before, but LefyGreenMario's my twin sister. And we are very close, so we act like great friends to each other.

I get your feeling that you don't get the same feeling in Mario Kart Wii. I have this game called Spore and I basically make almost all characters I can think of, and I still have more fun playing in Mario Kart Wii.

After playing Spore, the Mii creator looks so limited. And for making Miis, I do the freakiest I can do possible, like creating a person with a tiny face or a girl with man-like qualities and vice-versa. In Spore, I think I can make a Fawful, with the green skin too.


PS In New Super Mario Bros Wii, my favorite level is 8-7. The one with the bonecoaster in it. Blue Toad almost had to sacrifice himself to just to grab a Star Coin near the lava (bubbles saved him, though).

Well, yeah, I do need help, but I'm actually ok. But help is appreciated, you know. I'm already finished adding a glitch (a very funny one, I know. It's a glitch discovered long ago, before I was in 3rd grade, I think) in Mario Kart 64. Can you please start at the bottom and go up from the list of glitches? The top part is getting handled by me. Here, Wario Land 3 up to Super Mario Bros. 3 (if this is too stressful, you can make me do mostly everything; I have fun doing this...I'm such a nerd...)

And RE: your latest proposal. Yeah, I totally agree with you. Problem is, won't it add more loading time to the page? And considering how sucky (sorry Mario Wiki, it's true) the server is, won't it take much longer than it actually is?

I want LGM to help me too...I need to suggest her this by talking to her, because even if I did tackle this all by myself, it would take longer than normal.

And re: New Super Mario Bros Wii experience, can't your friends just bubble back? My sister, brother, and I cooperate (currently, Blue Toad (me) and Mario (LeftyGreenMario) have 99 lives while Luigi (my brother) has 8 lives. Can you call me good if I 100% the game in only 3 days? Well, I played for 8 hours straight all the time, I'm such a video game addict...

Anyyyywaayyyyyy....... BabyLuigiFire.png(T|C)

I see you already copy and pasta some articles already. Well, I did the rest because...uuuhh. Well, all I need to do now is to place these articles into the corresponding articles.

K, thanks for the help. Even if I didn't even break a sweat doing this, hey, at least you helped!

UPDATE: I am done!! No more help is needed!


New header

I finally finished with my current project. Go to my userpage and see what I've been working on for the past half hour! (I mean it! Go see the fruits of my labour!) FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Join the resistance

Fawfulfury65, The time has come! Join my resistance and fight the Anti-Mario Force! You'll get a userbox if you do! User:Mecha-Boss Unit

Infobox self-made

Ah, I see that you actually created your very own infobox out of wiki coding of tables. That would be acceptable. Using infoboxes instead of creating them wouldn't be very healthy for the wiki. Those established infoboxes are supposed to be used in articles only. RAP.pngRAP... 16:25, 29 November 2009 (EST)

Superstar Saga

Okay... I've held back, but I just have to please ask you to stop re-writing the Superstar Saga page. Your improvements are only making it worse. I'll take care of it myself, if that's okay. Redstar 10:06, 30 November 2009 (EST)

I don't have anything against the Mario & Luigi series. I simply have high standards, and you haven't met them. You believe you improved the story section, but those "spelling errors" you corrected were already spelled correctly, and you made perfectly fine sentences into fragments by splitting them with a period. I know you're trying to help, but you're not doing it that way. I do like the images you added, though. Redstar 10:24, 30 November 2009 (EST)

Post-Turkey Day Hi

Turkey Day (AKA Thanksgiving) went great! Breaks off of school are always so SHORT, though... You're supposed to get 4 days off, and it seems like 4 hours or so! Did you see my game idea - it's on this page; its some kind of spontaneous thought I had. I made much progress on ML:BiS, and to answer your question: The 2nd bean location on the list is the Airway (there are only 8 beans there). -143.pngCmario1735x35px

It IS hard - I'm only on the 2nd level. The game is cool, though (I WILL beat it). Have you ever tried Super Mario Defence? It's a game where you take out lots of Mario clones using Bowser's minions - and it's a lot easier. -143.pngCmario1735x35px

Want to be Friends?

I recently added you as a friend =D,if you want to do the same with my userbox here it is!:|-



=D--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 15:44, 1 December 2009 (EST)

No problem and Thanks! ^^--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 15:54, 1 December 2009 (EST)


I started up a new PipeProject I think you and MATEO would be interested in helping me with. We need to make individual pages for Peach and Bowser's castle in the Mario and Luigi games, detailing the different rooms, items, and enemies found in them. Just go to the PipeProject page if you want to read more and maybe sign up. Redstar 19:49, 1 December 2009 (EST)

Do it!,It would be great,also I'll help with PiT and then We'll get 3 Nice FA Stars for 3 Nice Games!--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 20:26, 1 December 2009 (EST)

Also now I convinced Redstar and now he supported in M&L: SS =D!, now in what one do you think that we should start to work now PiT or BiS? --Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 18:18, 2 December 2009 (EST)

Okay, then what should we do with BiS?--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 18:33, 2 December 2009 (EST)

M&L Wikia

I FINALLY finished the ML:BiS section on the Bowser page in the wikia! It took a long time, but I think it's done and good. I need a bit of a break after that much work, but Mario and Luigi's articles are next on my agenda! We really do need more help over there... so I guess I'll try to give it some space on my userpage, too. It's getting better, though - we are seeing better articles like Fawful and Bowser.

Fawfully doo-da

Nothin much. Well acually, thats wrong, a lot is going on. For starters, Guess who got NSMBW yesterday! And guess who is ALREADY up to world 6! MORTON IS HARD AS HECK! and have you ever wondered why he had a "JR." in his name? Me and my brothers always play this game however my littlest brother Matthe is always left behind becuase hes not as good as the rest of us. Did you know you can put yourself in a bubble by pressing "A"? you keep your power up AND you dont lose a life, however this stunt can only be performed when there are multiple players. Me and my brothers abuse this method to get Hard to reach Star coins and float right back up!Ratfink43

I got chortles!

LOL, hi. So you like BIS too? Just wanted to ask you something? Which "minigame" did you find the most annoying? Reshiram.pngSupermariofan14Zekrom.png

Mario & Luigi

Hey but if you say that all is nice in BiS you should Support! x3--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 19:22, 3 December 2009 (EST)

Help me, I don't know about tables...--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 20:05, 3 December 2009 (EST)

Well, don't worry, the tables only need the images of the enemies of before but Coincollector erased them while he and Redstar maked the table...extrange, why did Coincollector erased them and then Opposed...?--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 20:20, 3 December 2009 (EST)

Sorry but I was still busy with these 'tupid exams x3,and the article is great now ^^--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 17:22, 16 December 2009 (EST)

Happy Anniversary where Super Smash Bros. Brawl was supposed to get released!

I don't know why I remember such a subtle fact, but I remember everyone moaned, groaned, and toiled with such depression and moaningness when Nintendo announced Brawl was to be delayed!

Good news (to me that is): My Wii is fixed and it can read my Wii discs again!

Bad News: All my game data has been erased plus all of my Mii's I ever created (except for 5 stored in my Wiimote).

Better News: I shall have fun replaying games and unlocking things again!

Worse News: It's gonna be a tiresome job!

Best News: I shall laugh and have my fun again!

Worst News: I do not know what I want to place in my dancing Christmas tree that I can kill by biting it!

Well, I want to say this to you. I know you are gonna ignore it and I know it too, but here it is: Hi.


PS What the heck's that red ball thing?

PPS I'm too overexcited, aren't I?

Ok, so that skipping comment was totally random and I love it! Yeaaahh, what is the point of skipping? Maybe people think it's faster. Or they want to act cool (Waluigi thinks skipping is cool because girls do it, so he does it).

Do you love snow? I love it, it's so fluffy and comforting. Problem is, the last time it snowed here was like, 40 years ago. Actually it was a clear day today, except frigid for this place. You're so lucky to have snow. All I get is sunshine and the occasional rain that lasts less than a week.


PS That red's supposed to look scary but I think it's the most random enemy anyone can place in a signature. It's not even Mario ;)


I see you deleted the Santa Claus information on the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games article. I like to say that I have no proof, but it's really true. When I played the game today, I got a mail from the game with the title "Zoek de Kerstman". This is Dutch for "Find Santa Claus". I found him in Dream Snowball Fight (in Christmas Village). I got later an other message from Santa in an ohter Dream Event. I can always take a photo if you want. Also a fun fact is, while normal VIP's reward you with 100 Star Coupons, Santa gives 300. Well have a nice day and Merry Christmas. 60px-ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits)

Decisions, Decisions

*makes mental note: It's D-E-C-I-S-I-O-N-S*

So, I'm looking for a Christmasy picture to put in my sig. Like, a winter enemy (crap, E-N-E-M-Y)or something. Could you help me out? HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

'Tis okay. I actually like my ice flower.

Wait, so you have to be 13 to join that? Maaaaaan. HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

Santa in M&SATOWG

Okay I believe you, but we need proof so that nobody else deletes it. And don't tell me to "Get the game".

It's alright :)


Check out my proposal on Comments on the Proposals page! --FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png 19:22, 7 December 2009 (EST)

Thank you :) I'm so tired of Redstar dragging it out more than necessary!

Mario Party

Oh man, Mario Party... Good times... Really good times! I remember when I was stuck in the mini-game that I had to turn the analog stick to get away from Boo xD (I don't remeber the name now...). My favorite Mario Party is the third, I really love all Mario Partys from N64. I always wanted one of those Mario Partys from N64. I always rented them in the rent store. And I always renewed the delivery date to beat them xD! Really good times... You gave me a great moment of nostalgia :P. Also, I have Mario Party 4 and 5 for GameCube, these are also good! But Mario Party 6, 7, 8 and DS... They ruined the entire Mario Party series! You agree with me? Anyways, thanks for the nostalgia moment (and sorry about my english)! 30x30px Vini64 30x30px

Mario "Recreation" series

Recreation refers to active games you play, such as sports. I wasn't too sure about the section title, but I'd seen it used on several other pages. I think the correct use is "Mario Sports series", but not sure. If you're wondering, the other ones I found "Recreation" on are the Boomerang Bro. and Fire Bro. article. Those might have to be changed as well for consistency. Redstar 17:28, 11 December 2009 (EST)

What smells in here?

Wario really did broke the wind. It smells awful here.

The server died yesterday, so that's why I delayed to respond.

Yeah, it's about 5 degrees Celius here in the mornings. And it did rain for a tiny little bit. But there's no snow. Sigh. If it did snow, then it would mean no school!

Oh and I saw Mario and Baby Luigi go to Walmart too. I do not know what the heck they were doing, except I heard explosions and people screaming out of the store! I saw Waluigi go to the brand new amusement park, Barbieland. He scared all the little girls ocuppying there. He had a great time, riding on the rides in Pink Pony Land and Rainbow Unicorn Forest.

The Emperor Penguins survive harsher temperatures than in Pennsylvania. That's because their heavy coat and their adaptation to the cold weather helps them thrive there. They huddle in a group to keep warm and when the outer ring gets too cold, the outer ring moves in.

Anyway, I do not know what to get for Christmas. Well, I do know, but I don't know how it's gonna work.


PS Do you believe in Santa? Maybe Baby Luigi does, but no, I don't really believe in him. I mean, to deliver presents to EVERY single kid in this planet must have been a tiresome job for such an old fat man. Uh-oh. I just called him an old fat man! I'm on da naughty list!! Nooo!!

PPS How do you like my work on the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga article? I mean, those images look great now! Do you know the stats of the enemies? If so, implement them into this article! It needs people's help now!

PPPS I heart Egg Nog. But it's so unhealthy, with a meal's worth of calories in a mug!

You can find these sprites at one of this site's affiliations, Mario Fan Games Galaxy, but I found these on the Spriter's Resource. Yeah, I'm mean for "borrowing" these sprites, but hey, this wiki needs help and these are official sprites, so why not use them for information?

The last few days were quite tiring for my fingers. Coin, Green Shell, Star, POW Block, 1-up Mushroom, Red Coin, Red Shell, and some others were kind of a pain to rewrite, format, and save. Now, I'm planning to revise some other articles (I don't know what to revise just yet). This wiki does need some help.

Why do you have nothing to type about, yet I have so many stuff to type about? Nothing goes on these days, not even precipitation that lasts longer than 3 days. Just plain, boring sun with some cumulus clouds in the sky.


PS What the bloody marinara, Mario, Fawful, and Baby Luigi shot down Wario while riding on Arwings today, at Pokemon Stadium.

That's good news, Wario died. But I will risk my life to save him. I don't want Wario to die!! If he dies, who shall I torture now? The reason why I want to save him is because so I can torture Wario later on.

About your Mario Party 8 doodledazzle, Wario's favorite minigame is the one with the minecart and the lava duel minigame. Yes, I do occasionally play as Hammer Bro in this game, you know. Seriously.

Oh yes, I did love the Shroom comparison. Yoshi sucks eggs. GO LUIGI!! Even though Yoshi is complete failure, I still ride on him as Blue Toad in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Why? So when I get hit, I won't lose my power up. Oh, besides, Blue Toad's name is NOT Bucken-Berry or any of this apple juice. His name is...Blue Toad. Or as in French, Champigon Bleu, which means, Blue Mushroom.

Yesterday, Wario did an awesome job in Mario Kart Wii. He got a super stupendous 14 points in a 12 race match with a breath-taking 12 place reward, completing the race at superfast speeds being far behind and at 12th place.

Here's a suggestion. Go make a lousy Wario snowman (doesn't matter, just make it the best you can. Don't worry if it doesn't stick together). Make a snowball, and aim the snowball at the head of the Wario snowman. Fun, isn't it? Too bad I can't do any of this frolicking through the flowers here.

Oops, sorry for the Yoshi insult. I didn't know you like Yoshi. Sorry.


PS I currently acquired 10 matchbox cars. I am so happy. I like cars.

PPS I HATE garlic. Salad, stinky tofu, dumplings, white rice, any spicy food (yes, even mildly spicy), grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate, fig, celery, zucchini, asparagus, quinoa, sunny-side eggs, sweet cereals, spicy Cinnamon, feta, some sort of pink tuna, and some others; I don't like them either.

PPPS Computers and televisions tastes great! They have one big flavor right there! Same thing goes for light bulbs and clocks, sprinkled with some delicious christmas ornaments

PPPPS Post scriptum, LOL



PPPPPPPS I can't hear you!

Freind request

Hey Fawfulfury65, this is General bob-omb, Ive seen you alot around the wiki but don't know you. Do you want to be friends?General bob-omb.JPGGeneral bob-ombMKwii Bob-omb.jpg 18:17, 15 December 2009 (EST)

Little Tip

Just a little tip regarding your edits where you were adding {{moreimages}} - if there are no images on the page then you can (and should) use {{Image}} instead as it more properly fits the bill (and the category). Marioguy1 (talk)


Thanks Fawfulfury! I'm ALSO obsesed with Fawful! Thanks! User:Ohsnap/sig

Thats weird... same here... :-| Hello!35x35pxOhsnap!Color.gif {talk}{edits}Finga Ninjaaa!

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You sent me the greetings thing look on yoshionfires talk page


Do you want to be freinds because fawful is on of my fav User:Yoshionfire


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My Proposal

I see you voted in support of my proposal. Unfortunately, it was removed. It's back up again, so you're welcome to place your vote again, but I was wondering if you'd mind going to the individual articles and placing a vote or adding a comment there instead... It'd get work done more quickly and efficiently, as well as help attract more attention.

Just go to each page, read the proposal, and if you support, add a support vote. If you oppose, add an oppose vote. If you really don't know, or have a question, add a comment and we can discuss it until you know which way you want to vote. Elemental crystals:

  • Earth Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Water Crystal
  • Wind Crystal (Note that a vote in any direction will affect the three other crystal articles, so it'd be best to just add a single vote and discussion to the Earth Crystal page as that's where the work has already begun taking place)
Here's a few other articles proposed for merging or splitting, so it might help if you put in something for these as well.



  • Bamma
  • Flare
  • Tubba Blubba's Heart (I'm no longer pushing for this one, since with some thought I don't think it'd be helpful. But, the merge is already up so some discussion would help in making it final one way or the other)


Platitudinous (talk) Guess what the featured article is!

...come on, guess.

RE: Mustard of Doom!

Platitudinous (talk) Could you tell him to do that after Christmas?

Platitudinous (talk) Thanks and yes.

Help Desk

So how's it going with Oh Snap! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Server died yesterday soo


Late responses stink.

Yes, Yoshi is currently the second fattest of all characters in the Super Mario universe. Fattest is (duh) Wario. In's a present from me

Fat should be the new cool

Sorry for my erroneously lame presents. But look how FAT Wario is! He's fat on a stick! Fat, fat, fat, he cannot live without fat. I mean, a lot of people like Yoshi. Maybe because he's fat? Well, sorry, but I do not like fat people. Neither should you. Fawful is very lean.

Who can stand playing as Wario in any of his games? He's smelly, fat, and greedy. LeftyGreenMario (talk) hates him because he is disgusting and I can agree with that, except I don't hate him as much.


PS I'm wondering, but why do you hate those characters you listed on your userpage (besides the Junker Can, whatever the milk that is).

PPS More post scriptum

PPPS That's what PS means

PPPPS What the flowers? Wario licked his arm like a cat!

Today's the last day of school for you? My school days ended last Friday. Nothing special happened in school, just lousy blah blah blah and some secret Santa. But no homework! Whoopeepee!!

Anyway, I hate it when the server dies!! I so dislike it that I scream and put my arms in my head like a boy with a red cap with PSI powers who screams like an old lady and screams UDGE!!

In Mario and Luigi Partners in Crime (or Mal Peach Pit), I hate it when all babies cry. It's so obnoxious and loud. MAKE IT STOP!!!!! ARGGHH!!!

I hate Yoshi, because he sounds so annoying! He also looks like some devovled amphibian rather than a dinosaur. Who knew frogs have 4 toes on each foot, being green, have somewhat large snouts, and have long sticky tongues? This means Yoshi is a grof, I mean, frog.

If you hate Baby Peach so much, you should consider throwing a shell at her A.I. I like it when she cries when you hit her; it's so darn funny! LGM said she likes making babies cry when she hurts them, and I do like smacking Baby Peach and Baby Daisy with a shell. But in games where they just cry for absolutely no reason whatsoever (looking at the time in Partners in Crime where the gang is at the Star Hill, with the prototype of Misstar speaking 0_o), you just want to MAKE IT STOP.

All I want for Christmas? It's to be here on this wiki. LGM always complains how boring I am with browsing on this wiki, but to tell ya the truth, I have fun here. Sure, it's not visually appealing to watch, but this here thing is my place to be. I love it here.


PS I HATE fruitcake

PPS Green Donkey Kongs are nasty

Travix M.

Hi fawful, I am Travix Man, Do you want to be friends? and do you want to join my wiki? I will give you a userbox. Here. |-


Copy of X Toad.jpg

Yes I do have Mario and Luigi games. However, I only have Mario And Luigi Bowsers Inside story. Oh and I put your userbox on my page without you putting it on my talk page. I got it from your userpage. Fawful is Awesome. My wiki is a fan made Mario and Sonic Wiki. If you want, I can put Fawful in. TM Sig.PNG Travix M.

Glad you caught that on, I will go fix it. Im far in BIS but I can't beat Junker. I fixed the link. Now try it. Sure I will join that wiki.TM Sig.PNG Travix M.

Hey Fawfulfury65, can you get to my wiki now? I fixed the error. TM Sig.PNG Travix M.

Merry Christmas ^^

Thanks and you too ;D and it's nice to have M&L: SS finally featured =D.--Mateo (Talk · Contributions) 09:25, 24 December 2009 (EST)

Merry Christmas

Platitudinous (talk) Merry Christmas to you too. I HAVE CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you, too, Fawfulfury! I'm at my grandparents' house 'till Sunday, sooo, yeah. (I freakin' hate my laptop's keyboard. Its keys are too small.)

And guess what? The Fawful article is featured! Yay! *does a dance* HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

"Do not insult pie- it tastes good." More power to you, buddy. Anyways, yeah, I guess I should be grateful (Oh, look, I can spell obscure words that are on a late 8th/early 9th grade level and got 3rd place at a school spelling bee once but I can't spell grateful) that I even have a laptop. And, yeah, getting a laptop for Christmas would be pretty sweet. :D HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

I am sending this message

Because it is Christmas!!

Sorry, I didn't respond as quickly. I was playing Mario Kart Wii all day today. The place LGM and I played was Mario's Gold Mine, er, Wario's Gold Mine 12 races. I got the Tiny Titan and LGM had the Wicked Wing. I knocked off the following people: Donkey Kong, Waluigi, Wario, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Mario, Diddy Kong, Bowser, Mario (LGM, accidentally), Bowser Jr., and Luigi. Wow! That's all racers in the race! Except me, of course.

It's beginning to look like CHRISTMAS!! Everywhere we go!! *suddenly imagines Mario characters caroling* .....Shudders...

Oh well, Waro has accidents all the time I'm sure. LOL, who's Waro? I know Warop, Woihf, Warpo, and Wario, but Waro?

Please don't correct your mistake. Typos are funny.


PS I think I may need to archive soon, as soon as I know how to do it! :P

PPS It may be 23:48, 25 December 2009 (EST) in this site, but it's 8:48 where I am typing it!

PPPS Do you know Wally, the Waluigi? I know him very well. Do you?

PPPPS Wacky Wario washed Wicked Waluigi's wonderful white Wisconsin watermelons Wednesday willfully. Alliteration and a tongue twister. Twisted.

Vrrmmm!! Vrrmmm!! Heh heh...

Guess who said that.

A K-N-E-W decade (pronounced deh-cah-dee) is coming up. Hoorah. Ok, Nintendo, give us some more spin-offs and this time, include our favorite characters in it so we can enjoy our games! THANK YOU. Good night.

I'm so popcorning tired. I basically rewrote all original courses in Mario Kart Wii (I mean, no Luigi's Circuit or Rainbow Road editing, just yet.) You should check them out some time soon. Sorry, but when it comes to pride and hard work, I just like to show off. :(

Super Mary-o chess? They should replace Yoshi with Fawful and give Fawful all powers of the queen and is invincible! But Toad is cool. Why isn't there a Wario? Why is Mario the king? Why is Peach a bishop? This thing is so twisted.

Green Donkey Kongs are so nasty. I mean, come on! Green fur? Ewwwwww. Oh, an idea for a Super Smash Bros game. Who ever your most hated character is in. Why? So you can make him/her taunt in a horde of bob-ombs or taunt and someone throws a Smart Bomb at the person taunting in a horde of smart bombs. I would sincerely do that sort of stuff to Baby Luigi. Golden Hammer him, make him taunt in a horde of bob-ombs, make him taunt in a horde of Smart Bombs while someone attacks the smart bombs, make him taunt in a horde of Blast Boxes and someone using a fire attack on the boxes, heheheehahaha. I love blowing him up.

Mr. Game and Watch LOVES camera mode of Melee. Why? Don't ask.

Oh, one last thing. I suck.