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Rules- LISTEN TO THEM!!!... Please.

Hey, excited users! I have some simple rules here:

  • Please no swearing- I just hate when people constantly swear so much that I can't even understand what they're talking about. If you do swear I'll give you a friendly warning and hopefully you won't do it again if you did swear.
  • Be nice to me and the rest of the users. That's pretty basic, right?
  • Comments go at the BOTTOM of the page.
  • Don't insult Fawful- He's my favorite character, even though he's a psycho green-guy. Don't insult Hammer Bro either- he's my 2nd favorite.
  • Do not insult pie- it tastes good.
  • Don't put things on my talk page to tick me off- you've been warned!
  • Do not spam me or anyone.
  • Have a good day!


Travix Man

The thug part means about my fan made series called Slim Thug Mario and Grand Theft Sonic. What would Fawful be?

Would you like to be a member of my wiki? When you join, be sure to look at the rules of the wiki. Oh and look at my userpage.

Excuse me your Highness...

Excuse me oh, most great leader of this wiki. I have a request. I, being unable to actually create a new page for several days now, wish for youto make this. I have brought the proto-type to this page from another wiki, where I created it.

Wuhu Island Wuhu Island is a large tropical island of unknown location. It is the only settlement outside of Mii Plaza controlled by, and completely populated by the miis. It is tropical in climate, and has a variety of wildlife, such as seagulls, eagles, and the occasional whale. It is known that it was inhabited before the miis came, as huge monuments of stone have been found throughout the island. The mainstay of the island's economy are tourist attractions, as many miis want to come to the only Mii resort currently available.

Eh, heh..... Sorry if I'm being mean or anything but what does this have to do with the Mario series? Do you import Mario characters or something? If you can't then I see no reason why the article should be made. Or is there something there related to Mario? GigaMetalLuigi

An overview of the Island


Sword-fighting contest

wii_sports_resort_image7.png A shot from the sea


An air view

golf-620x.jpg Golf on the nearby Wedge Island

Hyper, hyper, hyper, hyper, HYPAH!!

For the spin-offs (like, um, Mario Party and Mario Tennis), let's hope they throw in Baby Luigi, plus Fawful, plus online mode and all of these crazy things. Or how about a Super Smash-styled Mario fighting game!!! That would be so cool! Yeah, Nintendo completely lost when making Mario Tennis N64 and Mario Golf. What the cabbages, there's Baby Mario but no Baby Luigi? SCREAMS. And they completely lost their heads in Mario Power Tennis. They only reduced their roles to being an audience member. FAILURE. They only care about Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the other major characters. Shine some spotlight on the almost nonexistent character, please. Such as Baby Luigi, Toadette, and Fawful.

Why are you so hyper? Are you in a sugar rush? I only get hyper like this when I drink coke, a bottle or can. I think it's the caffeine doing it.

Yeah, I'm 2-star in Mario Kart Wii on my first play-through of the file, no retries. But this is not my first time playing through. I actually achieved a 3-star rating on my license before Wario ate my license (aka breaking down). And getting the unlockables that require at least one star on each cup was cake. I think 150cc is easy...but those chocolating Spiny Shells are a salmon!

Holy moly guacamole, trade friend codes? I never played a Wifi match before on the Wii because I have lots of fun torturing the A.I. I'm not those competitive type of people. I'm more of a cooperator, always helping a friend. And I'm not sure if I have internet or not.


PS Taco Bell? I like Chick-fil A and In-n-Out. Still, fast food as an indulgence is always nice. Yum, crunch, munch, YAHOE.

But the characters you mentioned are generic. There's a lot of other Hammer Bros., Dry Bones, and Boos. Remember Pink Boo? Yeah. But Blooper should definitely go. It's like a, what other people would say, a WTF character. It doesn't belong here. Whereas, the Baby Bros. would be PERFECT. Same goes with Fawful, Diddy Kong, and Donkey. Bowser Jr.? No. He lands on a Bowser Space and Bowser does mean things to him? Nooooo. Koopa Kid is just a henchman, Bowser can do whatever he wants. But taking a star away from his son? That's just mean.

Oh and by the way, in Mario Party 4, it happened a long time ago. I was Luigi and I think I basically acquired about 3 stars in one turn. First, I used an item (either a Boo Crystal Ball or a Genie Lamp), then after that, I went to a ghost house and after that, the star was nearby and I got it.

But that's nothing compared to Mario Party 6, Faire Square. We got at least 50 stars. The other team (Wario and Waluigi) got a big fat goose egg!! And on their graph on the results, it had a straight line where the star graph is!

Oh, your 2 star ranking in Mario Kart Wii? I currently have it right now, but I actually did had an overall 3 star ranking. So can you call me good? Except I don't play online and my VR score is 5000. And now, I don't actually race anymore. I just screw around with the A.I., preferably Wario. Sometimes, I spam Wario's Gold Mine with LGM and make people's faces stop, knock them off with our heaviest vehicles in our class. And the funny thing is, we both have weight bonuses. Everyone else is riding on bikes. Torturing computers is so darn funny!!

Oh and Wario LOVES Battle Course 4. I always search and destroy him there and he always reappears in the center. Haha! This reminds me....why totally screw the one man standing feature!!!!??? I loved that!!! :( And why isn't there a free-for-all option?? What the bloody chicken noodle soup is going on in Nintendo's heads?

One last thing. The Mario spin-offs are so underrated. But maybe because I have a twin sister always there to play with me multilayer. Maybe that's why I don't like the main games as much as the spin-offs. :P


PS Sorry if I had a pretty late response. I had an awesome battle match where there was 4 heavyweights on one team, the blue team, and none in my team, the red team! I hate heavyweights, with their fat booties. You know what class I am....I have to risked getting pushed around by those fatsos. :(

PPS Sorry, but I tend to write a lot of detail, especially on the pages I edited. There's just so much to talk about!!!

PPPS 4 more days til a NEW decade!!!

See, that's the reason I don't play online. The A.I. never does this Alfredo to me and I can torture them whenever I want to and they won't disconnect or do revenge on me. Besides, HACKERS SUCK. No really, they. They need to get a life and stop fooling other people around. I want an Action Replay (or something like that) and hack so I can get stars and torture Wario, catch up easily, plus plop my Baby Luigi into a Wild Wing! :D But that's it. I swear, I will NEVER hack online. I played Mario Kart DS Online only for a few times before I quit because of these stupid hackers.

Wow, you can feel the anger in my words. My temper is so easily broken. But people like you are a-okay. Not like those idiots out there who thinks messing up other people's lives is funny.

Again, I enjoy spin-offs mainly because I always have a person my age around. You can consider myself lucky to have a twin sister, with also the same interests (eg torturing Wario).

Well, concerning your chess-set, that's what I would do if I had one. I'd place Yoshi in the freezer, make Mario literally kick Bowser in the bootie, Bowser chomps on Mario, Toad biting Luigi in the bootie and Luigi biting back. I have only 1 Yoshi figurine and some Mario beanie toys such as Toad, Mario, Luigi, old Yoshi, Modern Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Wario.


PS I bet Bowser's a komodo dragon of some sort, since they can reproduce by themselves...buut it has to be female. LGM suggested that Bowser laid eggs and they hatched into enemies, very much like Yoshi laying eggs.

PPS Yeah, take that Bowser Jr.! Wario should get a heart attack too for being such a fat, obese THING.

PPPS One time, in Mario Kart DS online, there was this guy called "I Will Kill You!" and he tried attacking me in Choco Island 2 by staying far behind into the mud area of the track. I dodged all of his attacks while the other people got attacked by this guy. Later, I rammed him with a star in DK Summit and he disconnected. TAKE THAT!!

My bro is playing Zelda Spirit Tracks. The games says that this Link is just a reincarnation, but I believe that that's the same link from Ocarina of Time. I don't know much about that game, since I don't know a lot about the Zelda series. I get my info from my brother playing it in his R4. He's so lucky to have an R4. You can basically download virtually ANYTHING and play it fine on those Baby Luigis. Except for anti-pirate software that comes with some games (eg Bowser's Inside Story, Chrono Trigger), which totally messes up the game.

Oh and here's an answer to the meaning of life. What did Zelda say to Link while Link was pushing on a door? Triforce!

Uhhhhh, that's what I do to beat Crystal Cup with my sister. What I consider cheating if it cannot be performed without the use of a device (such as Game Shark or Action Replay).

Why does Wario say "spicy" in this game anyway? What's wrong with him? He laughs when you electrify him! Is he on drugs or what? "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh hehehehyeah!!!" "Blblblblblbl, Hehehehahahahaha"

Those nicompoops who hack to become "Striker of the Day", what a moronic imbecile they are. They don't know people who work extra hard to achieve that rating. They don't deserve it. They should get pwned by you when their smelly device is taken away. I bet they are/were spoiled brats.

It's so fun to cheat when playing by yourself (eg: Pokemon Pearl and New Super Mario Bros.) on an Action Replay. I only cheat after I beat the game, for the lulz. Like, you can act like Kirby in New Super Mario Bros., have unlimited jumps. Yes, Kirby would totally own in Mario games; he can just fly through the level. But same goes for Fawful in a plaformer. Hmmmmm!! Maybe THAT'S why Fawful was never a main character in plaformers; the levels would be WAYYYY too easy for him ;)

Of course Wario never weighed a measly 300 pounds. He weighed exactly 49,673,234,454.38954937958347985345435098509450438504 pounds at birth. It says so in my userpage. There is no exact number Wario weighs right, but let me take a shot at that. Hmmmmmmm........732,409,873,294,823,789,474,928,347,928,373,984,798,798,234,792,384,729,387.320948209329048203948209342380942380942380942380493280928 tons, exactly.


PS Tomorrow is NEW YEARS *does a dance that's exactly like Baby Luigi's idle pose in MaL PiT*

Dang, I suck at dancing...:P

The wiki is getting tired and tired it seems. What happens if the wiki turns to be perfect; no more changes to articles and stuff? I'm horrified at that.

I thought you said the meaning of "lick" as in "beating people up" (yes, in the olden days, "lick" was synonymous to "beat up"). Uhhh, I don't want to consider enclosing the palm of my hand with amylase. Uhhh, I mean, covering it up with spit :P

It IS fun uploading images! I wish I had a capture video so I can take my own set of good-qual screenshots and record any funny events that occured (such as Waluigi in the Moonview Highway. I lapped him and he was the CPU. You hate Waluigi, don't you? Well, that is awesome!)

Sorry for screwing up your talk-page with the very long number for Wario's weight. It has to make it in somehow :(

Wait, why isn't Wario dead from diabetes YET?

For "cheating" against the computer, that's the main reason why I still play video kill/destroy the computer. Like making Wario 12th in every race we (LGM and I) race in.


PS I ate two apples WHOLE. Geez, I may get a sugar rush. Oh, if you don't like internet talk, excuse me for my internet talk in the previous message.

PPS I know. I like Kirby too. Here--> <(-'.'-)> It's a Kirby! ^_^

PPPS It's ok on the Fawful face. Wish I can make some ASCII :(

I bet it's 1:00pm there when I'm typing this, which is 10:00am. So you couldn't get any responses from me earlier from this.

Anyway, no wonder your team was starting to fall apart!! Who loves that stupid fatso? Of COURSE he messes everything up!

That guy who wrote #28 shall feel the fury of Fawful and the ugliness with Baby Luigi! Like I said in the proposal, I was insulted by vote # 28 because I'm a pretty sensitive person and I do get mad very easily. I'm pretty irritated if people do things I do not like, like say, screwing up my userpage (sorry RAP, but my userspace is my castle) or saying "whoever supports/oppose this STINKS. I don't find Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense so funny since I thought I saw it mention Baby Luigi is "gay". Hmph!

I'm staying up 'til 12:00 am today, to celebrate New Years. For you, you would be sleeping; it would be 3:00 am for you. Sorry.

I hope I finish an edit on the wiki new years too :P

I'm not too excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2; it's just a rehash of the original. Why not give us something new instead of another of the same game, with new levels? Plus the inclusion of Yoshi. Ewwwwwwwww



The Pirate Goomba is a pirate goomba thing is just dumb :D That's funny, you found it in the Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense section. I remember that, incredibly ridiculous.

Yeah, they WILL make more games. Mario will live forever and ever. Unlike those FPS games that die out once a new one is getting released. There's nothing so great about these dumb games. Sorry, but I'm a bit of a Mario fangirl, because that's the only thing I play, besides Kirby and Pokemon of course.

You know what's a weirder word? Zimbabwe, Djibouti, and....Pennsylvania (I can never spell it right, so I'll let Firefox spellcheck do the work for me)!! All of those are names of countries, found in Africa. Except Pennsylvania, of course

I bet they're celebrating it in Japan right now. I mean, New Year's Day, the start of a new decade.

Man, it must have been of a real celebration in 2000, the new millennium. I was too young to understand it. That's so sad :(

The dumbness of computers in Mario Party games is rather amusing, you know, for me. Like I said, I like destroying the computer.


PS What SMELLS in here????

PPS ><))"> <-- It's a fish!

The unmade page

As to the page I gave you earlier, I might point out that a number of things don't have much to do with the series. The page Mii being unrelated except in the most obscure way. This being mii related, I would like to put it here. Also, DK, and similar series may be put here simply because of the littlest of relations. If, however you need some obscure relation between the two, I might list that in wii sports resort, a number of sound tracks from the mario series. Super Mario Bros.'s theme music is played over the cabins on the western part of the island. You can continue to find these "Obscure" similarities in cheat pages throughout the internet.

If I'm being too talkative, please excuse me.

Yours sincerely, Miime (talk)

Ahem...if you call a Mii being playable in MArio Kart Wii and Mario Party 8 and having cameos in many games obscure, then something's seriously wrong.--FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!


PLEASE HELP ME! Super Mario Sunshine......................Pinna Park.............................. Stupid Bowser Jr. Ballons....................HELP!!! Ok, I NEED you to help me. I saw you beat Super Mario Sunshine and was wondering if you could give me tips on popping those stupid Bowser Jr. Ballons on that rolercoaster Thingy. I have been trying FOREVER and it's really starting to piss me off. ALL HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!! Ratfink43

Again with the Page

Hello, It is MiiMe again. You sent me to pages I did not understand. If you would explain each of their uses, I might be able to do something.

Your revert on the Princess Peach article

Hey, thanks for taking care of that edit made by Dorismann (on the Princess Peach article). I had to hand out a warning against him for the same reasoning you put in regards to taking that info out, plus he should have know that Mario character articles should be kept exclusive to stuff in relation to them exclusively for the Mario series itself. --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 17:08, 29 December 2009 (EST)


Thaks for the help, I am SO CLOSE TO BEATING BOWSER JR's Ballons! Even though Bowser Jr. is my 2nd favorite character, I always get a kick out of seeing him in pain (especially in NSMB for DS). Why? No idea. AND NO I AM NOT A SATIST BECUASE BOWSER JR IS NOT EVEN REAL!! Dont you just love that there is no school for the Christmas break(to change the subject)? Me and my brother play games like Brawl and Mario Kart and other Random Spinoffs. He is like, 10 years old but he is still really good. He is better than me at Guitar Hero but mostly I am better at Mario and Metriod Prime. The weird thing is, He gets the hang of a new game really fast, but once I get the hang of the game I am better than he will EVER be.

I mean, take Brawl for example. Our first match was a 10-minute-KO-Fest and he Koed me like 16 times and I never killed him ONCE! but then I started practicing and playing on wi fi and then I seiriously kicked some 10 year old Butt! (19 KO's in 3 minutes!!!) Ratfink43

P.S as you noticed, I decided to give up on creating a new signature. ITS WAY TOO COMPLICATED! P.P.S I really dont have nothin' else to say, I just like the way a "PPS" looks

Spirit Tracks? Well I have a $50 gamestop gift card so I will make sure to pick that up! I just finished my 3rd playthrough of BiS today. It will probobly be my last playthrough until a long time. It's not that I am bored of it, It's just that I have a ton of new games and I'm trying them out. Did you ever hear of Rayman Raving Rabbids?(FUN GAME!!) Me and my friends play it all the time! If you dont have it, I say you get it. As for my signature, I'd like to have Wiggler on one side, Swiggler on the other side, and Lakithunder in the middle somwhere(If you can do that). What else was I gonna say? Oh yeah, I got Sonic Unleashed today, Although I havent tried it yet. I havent played Sonic games in a LONG time, not scince I was like, 6.

Oh, How could I forget the most important theng of all: I BEAT THE BOWSER JR. BALLONS TODAY! Well thanks for the help(I thought I would never be able to do it!) Happy New Year!Ratfink43

This sentence is false.

I make a lot of noise too whenever I play with Wii, and believe me, it's something to do with Wario, Waluigi, or Donkey Kong.

The Mario Kart stuff (such as courses and items) is keeping me busy. I'm done with the Mario Kart Wii Nitro courses and let me tell you this, doing 4 courses is a real pain. All the courses lack in information and detail, so I'm basically rewriting them and I'll let everyone else who is good at grammar do the rest, because it's not easy to revise your own writing.

I played N64 not too long ago, and I had a blast with Super Smash Bros.! I made Donkey Kong taunt in a horde of Bob-ombs and he flew into the sky like an eagle!! The 4 exploding bombs at once makes such a lovely noise. Same goes for Motion Sensor bomb.

Actually, the Earth goes way more than 2010 times around the sun. You're forgetting about the B.C. era...and before date was recorded. Let's see. How old the Earth is? That's how many times the Earth circled sun already. I don't believe in this 2012 mayonnaise either....

Anyway, the Wario chased after a ketchup bottle, who ran into a computer. The computer then started dancing and then, a microwave heated itself up and exploded and found out it was not an animate object so a plant danced as well and laughed at the basket holding marbles which were green and red plus round.

Trying to be random, see? Randomness is the best quality ever. Who doesn't like randomness??

Donkey Country? You like playing as Diddy Kong (or is it Diddy Kong's Quest?) do you? How about the other Donkey Countries? Well, I never played them. The only Donkey game I ever played was Donkey 64 and Diddy Kong Racing (if you consider that a Donkey game). I don't like Donkey Kong of choice, and if someone asked me who I want to torture the most, my answer will be tied with Wario or Donkey Kong. What kind of name is "Donkey" Kong anyway?

You know what? Tomorrow's Sunday. After that.....NOOOOOOO!!!! My vacation is over!!! I want a 100 million week break, darn it!! It totally diminishes my time on Mario wiki, and almost everyone at my school are total idiots that can't tell between an elephant and a banana.


PS The below PS is false

PPS The above PS is true

In response to your edit...

I sent this to SilverEevee and Reversinator.

I noticed you sent a message to me advising me not to "delete tons of good information" from the Toad's Factory page. Here is my explanation:

The Toad's Factory article, in essence, had the course layout in 3 different sections; the Introduction, the Description, and the actual Course Layout. I found it to be quite redundant, so I deleted the course layout info in the introduction and the description. I thought the article would flow more clearly if the same information wasn't said three times in the same article.

I hope this answers any questions you may have about my editing.



FF65, I had this utterly brilliant idea. First, you know how so many of us created stories, then they all got deleted? I came up with a game starring US, the members of the wiki, and I was thinking about how I could really make it when I thought of a brilliant idea- I will make it into a sprite comic! I will email new issues to the members receiving it, so the wiki won't be involved. Please write me back quick, because you're one of the stars in it and I need some info from you. This is gonna be awesome, I know it! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Sweet! Now all I have to do is get Gamefreak75's e-mail address and I'm set to deliver the first two issues to you, him, and Baby Mario Bloops. (Edo already has the first two and he said they were good. I hope you guys feel the same.) P.S. Your partner character is Fawful!
Y'Know what? I think I'm just gonna send you and Bloops you issues. We can get GF75 caught up later. Standby, FF65, here they come!
They should be there... Please read!! I'm dying to know what you think!

SUH-WEET! I'm working on #3 right now! It'll be sent out soon, I promise!

  1. 3 is on it's way! Standby! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K

38 475.png

Have you gotten it? Is it okay? Have you read it yet? (Sorry for being a pain, but I'm dying for some feedback!) ;P
What do you think of the twist? Meta Knight gets attacked?? It takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, if I need to find the right sprites, backgrounds, etc. But it's SOOOO worth it!
Number 4 is in your inbox! Enjoy!

They're from a game for the Gameboy Advance called CIMA: The Enemy. The only sprites from Pokemon are Denny, Oracion, Soon to be Arceus, and a few Pokeball sprites.

You deserve this for putting up with me the past few days. I'm hoping to get at least two issues out today, so be sure to watch for them. Thanks so much for all the support you're giving me!



Number 5 is in your inbox! Please don't kill me!
Next? What's next? It's over, isn't it? One of the Wiki Keys has lost all her power... She can't help save the world, and the others can't do it without her... it's probably over...

That's right...

I wish it wasn't true...but it is... I'm really sorry...
Sorry, kiddo, it's not that easy... I'm sorry...
Hey, Fawful, did you get my E-Mail yet? I sent one out about an hour ago.

Thanks, that really makes me feel better. Thanks for picking me up, Fawful. It's been a rough day for me, and I really needed a pick-up. :P

Remember back to issue 1? He's Edo's partner. He was standing right next to him when Porple was doing intros.
Number 10 is in your inbox! It's frickin' EPIC! (Not a line I would normally use, but... IT IS!) ;P
I'm sending out the last issue tonight, so watch your inbox later. Thanks for reading it, FF65! I won't let you down!

Fawfulfury65...I have a major queston....

Just like I said to Edo, FunkyK38 is very depressed and probably teary still since you did not respone to her. Please, she thinks that your angry at her for the almost ending of the Wiki Adventure, and just plain out ignoring her. She wants to know why your doing this, so she can relax and enjoy the rest of her week. Can you please straighten this mess out, so he doesn't feel like trash for the next few days, please? Baby Mario Bloops


I am up to Corona Mountain in Super Mario Sunshine, but keep dying on the boat part. But last time I tried I got pretty close, but I had to turn the gam off to eat dinner :(

I got 2 new games, Rayman Raving Rabbids and Sonic Unleashed. RRR is pretty fun, but I havent tried Sonic Unleshed yet....... I have 50 bucks left, which I will use when (God knows when) SMG2 comes out. Although I doubt it will be anytime soon.

I think I need a glass of milk................... Ratfink43

What's Wrong With Wario is an Alliteration

Don't worry for long replies. I am a very patient person and I understand you cannot squeeze Mario wiki time and stuff like that.

Ew. Anyone who would get that Wario plush would be so disappointed. I mean, he's so disgusting!! I would totally throw that Wario plush back up the machine. Speaking of toys, I recently acquired a Koopa Troopa and Mario figurine! We (LGM and I) made them (plus a Super Mario World Yoshi figurine) travel inside Donkey Kong's body, attack Wario's butt with a screw, and attacked Diddy Kong, who believes he is the "Masked Kong" (which is just him wearing his shirt as a mask). And we do have beanies of Wario, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong.

After playing Mario Kart Double Dash, I found out who I really hate (besides Yoshi). It's....PETEY PIRANHA. This overgrown plant ALWAYS races against me in Mirror Mode, no matter what combination I do. And he annoys the yogurt out of me.

Wario is smelly in stench, Mario is fat in size, Kirby is pink in color, Baby Luigi is ugly in looks. Please don't repeat the same thing over again. All the following is double talk and that's bad grammar. Sorry, mez rnadom. i hope u dunt liek rnadmoess cuz evryone hatez randomess and dey hate dat dere spellin' man!! (blegh)


PS The 'Shroom should conduct an interview with Wario. It ends like this:

Fake News Dude: Is it true that you are weird and your company is weird and all of your employers are weird just like that guy who talked earlier?

Wario: Money, money, money, money, money, money, money...

Fake News Dude: : Okay, Wario is freaking me out. Maybe I'll end this interview right now.


Fake News Dude: : Eeekkk!!

Guess where I got that from.

BabyLuigiOnFire, What happens if you use Petey Pirahna in Mario Kart Double Dash then he can't race you. PS Read your Talk page I got more info about Wario. I will help the mariowiki a lot. (talk)

Goomba Storm?

Not trying to make you look bad, but for me, Bowser X's Goomba Storm is his easiest-to-aviod-attack. I mean if it's upside down it's aiming for Luigi and when it's right side up it's aiming for mario.

I usually die on his nasty attack when he turns into Giant Bowser. Everyone is telling me that Bowser X gives back your attack after 5 turns, but here's the problem I never last 5 turns!

I have been trying, like forever to beat Bowser X, but he somehow always kills me. BUT..... I soon found out the reason for all my failures, It's recomended for level 50 and up!!!!

Why didnt I realize it before? Becuase I'm really Stupid. Well, stupid is pretty harsh, but I should have read the recomended level BEFORE I tried over and over again!

Only problem? I DONT HAVE THE PATIENCE TO LEVEL UP TO LEVEL 50! I'm on level 40 with both Bros. (Rainbow Rank) So when I defeat an enemy the EXP points barley raise that flag thingy! It will take me a year just to level up to level 41! Ratfink43

Even that will take forever! Maybe I can pay my brother to do it while I do more intersting things. Like eating pie. or milk. or cheese or cashews or cake

or playing a video game.

like mario sunshine or mario galaxy or mario bros wii or super paper mario or super mario world or bowser's inside story

wait... how can I play BiS if HE is?

Meh, I dunno. Ratfink43


Hey, how do you "undo" an edit? Reshiram.pngSupermariofan14Zekrom.png

Yellow Toad Proposal

You recently voted to re-name the Yellow Toad article to "Yellow Toad (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)" on Talk: Yellow Toad. However, you did not vote one way or the other to actually split the article. Choosing a name for the split article is moot unless you support the actual article. Please visit the talk page and consider your vote carefully, then place it in your chosen area. Thank you. Redstar 03:22, 14 January 2010 (EST)


How are you? Can I add you as my friend? Pprbwsr.png 36px HannukahYoshi

Hey, it's sure been a long time since I last talked here... Whew, that was a LOT to say!

Hey!!! Do you remember me, Awesometa??? Gee, I just came back yesterday and I need to get used to it- again. I really like the saying that links to your talk! Do you know what chortles are??? If you wanna know, just ask me!!!

35x35px ☆ ☆ ☆ This is NOT GamingGal9's user page! This is not her talk!☆ ☆ ☆ Bowser memory ml.png

I have chortles!!!

No... unfortunately. I was out of Bowser's body, In Toad Town!!!! Then, my annoying cousin came over and deleted my GOOD data. I'm stuck at Midbus now. He's a pain in the ear to defeat!!! Do you have BIS, and if you do, where are you?!?!

35x35px ☆ ☆ ☆ This is NOT GamingGal9's user page! This is not her talk!☆ ☆ ☆ Bowser memory ml.png

Chortles, again!

Hi! Um, do you know anything about FunkyK38's project? I've been wanting to ask her, but she's busy and I don't like disrupting people. So, I thought I'd ask you. What's she up to? Respond when you have a chance. Also, how do you get your page a diffrent color?

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Um, hi! How the heck do you get to Level 45??? That's gotta be WAY ahead of Star Rank. Is it a secret rank?? :3 And sorry about before. I'm WAY too nosey. I can't get rid of this annoying cold. I played AC:CF for a while and got bored. I saved random pictures of snowman and a happy grumpy dude named Gaston. (I'm a huge Mario AND Animal Crossing fan!) I finally got to the area in the Flab Zone in BIS!! That annoying Beta and Alpha Kretin bosses are a pain in my ear. I'm still on Level 8. I wanna level up SOOO bad! When I get to Toad Town, I wanna shop at that Toadles place! Shine rank is so cool! Speaking of Shine Rank, have you ever played Super Mario Sunshine for the GC? SMS involves Shine Sprites, but trying to get to that island with the cheese stuff on the pipe WITH Yoshi is HARD!! How the heck are you supposed to do that?? (Sorry I'm going crazy... With all the homework on my back lately, I've been getting sleep deprivation.) Also, where do you get that user info template? Mine was deleted. And, is it BiS or BIS? I could see if it was something like PiT (in isn't a capitalized title if it's not the first word, if you didn't know) but the I in Inside just makes it confusing. Just one person, and so many things to find out! Maybe I should try NOT to be an over-accomplisher. I really need to do something to pass time... I'm going crazy!!!

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Hey! hat's up?Ratfink43

Hello I am new

Hey I am new and I was just wondering about how things work around here.

Also unrelated can people from this wiki sign this Mario petition [1]. I was just wondering if I mean there are a lot of people on this wiki and if most of them could sign it maybe another Mario movie could be made. --Schmeater 00:34, 23 January 2010 (EST)

Splitting articles

To edit a redirect, just click on the link that appears under the title. In this case, type in "Blizzard Midbus" in the search bar to the left and click "Go". After you are redirected to the Midbus article, check under the page title and a note should read "Redirected from Blizzard Midbus". Click on the link to Blizzard Midbus and you should be able to edit it.--Knife (talk) 22:38, 23 January 2010 (EST)

Surprise! (Did I do well?)

Hi! Yup, I saw this gross flower in that crazy old museum in AC:CF that just looked like a tube with red mold on the sides. *mega barf!* What's wrong with that owl that owns that place? Also, I know the Animal Crossing series pretty well, so you can ask me anything. If I don't know about it, I look it up.(DS and Wii only. There's a GameCube one, but I have no clue about it.) After you play CF for a long time and you do WW, you get a major headache. And someone I know (but I will not tell who,) stole my BIS! And also, guess who I saw once as a "random article?" Fawful! :D And, if you've ever looked Fawful up on Wikipedia, you'd be surprised that he has LOTS of fans! Like you!!! (And me!) Bye!

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Woo hoo! Happy valentine's, Fawlfulury65! we know which date you choose so find out wich one you choose! Pprbwsr.png 36px HannukahYoshi


I just had the idea that will keep me going on W.A. but I need your input to do it, so if you could get back to me as quickly as possible, I'd really appreciate it. FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Sorry for the alarm. ;P I'm browsing for upgrades, and I've found them for you, me, and Edo. Yours looks kind of like your old one, but it's cuter and if you want, I can add some custom details.
I just sent out #15, so it will arrive momentarily! Have you gotten a chance to read #14 yet?
What do you think of the new upgrades? Yours and mine look so alike because they're from the same game. Once I decided to upgrade, it was only a matter of finding sprites for the guys.

It HAS been a long time.

Hi Fawfulfury65!

How has your new year been so far? I'm doing OK - I just haven't had too much of a chance to be on the wiki lately. But I'm TRYING to be here as often as possible (probably once or twice a week, maybe more once it warms up a bit).

009.pngCmario1735x35px 16:25, 28 January 2010 (EST)


Sorry but I wasnt able to go on for a week.

I got Super Mario Strikers WAY before I got MSC, but you CAN charge the ball, just hold down the B button! (as a captain). I also went to Gamestop and picked up Spirit tracks(Awesomeist game scince BiS) but I also reserved SMG2 and he gave me a release date which is June 6! I think Gamestop is reliable cuz it was right about BiS.. Ratfink43

It's Fine

? I don't get it. You are opposing something that is simply going to correctly rewrite character's game sections to better fit a standard. Also, there is such a thing as too much information. The point of their roles in games shouldn't be to overdo it. That's what the actual game's sections are for. I don't understand why you are opposing something like this. FD09


Hi! I din't know that anyone else other than me IDOLIZED Fawul!! Let's join up!

User:Dinnerblaster --[[Image:DarkFawful.gif]] 10:41, 4 February 2010 (EST)


Yeah, well.. I dont think I told you, but June 6th is the day AFTER my B-day(Did I tell You this already? Am I going crazy.) As always with new games, I had A Dream that I got it b4 release. I dont remember much. All I remember was this:

Note: the following section makes no sense, but please remember This is becuase It was A dream of Ratfink's. Also, when Ratfink says that A character "says something" He means that a speech bubble appeared over their head and words were in it (like the original SMG)

OK, It started in the Star Festival. The Toads were saying things like "Wahoo!" and "Oh Yeah!" and Star bits came down and also the Star Festival Music played. There was an Airship in the water and Mario was at the edge of the airship......and so was Bowser. Bowser said something, but I couldnt make it out becuase he was Speaking Spanish. And then Baby Luigi and Baby Bowser were having a swimming race near Mario and Bowser's conversation. Baby Mario was on the castle, and Yoshi was eating a Lolipop(Go figure). Ansd then Bowser Jr. came in with Megaleg and he said "I am of poopy!" and I thought that was prety funny.

So? Dont ya think that should be the opening? Exept 4 Bowser speaking Spanish.......Ratfink43

Happy Almost Valintines!

Yeah, Happy Valintines! What Valentines are you giving out this year? HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

Hello Friiiiiiiiieeeeend

HI. i know you dont know me but we will be friends soon, i assure you. Now just wondering if the koopalings are bowsers kids, and theres Morton Koopa JR., wouldnt that mean Bowsers name is Morton? Ha ha. Morton.

Adios- Raphaelraven497

p.s. sorry im such a bad typist


If you think there are still problems, point them out so we can fix them. ForeverDaisy09 21:40, 7 February 2010 (EST)

Well if you can find anymore feel free to fix them and if you wouldn't mind I would appreciate if you even vote to keep it featured.This is pretty ridiculous atm. ForeverDaisy09 21:49, 7 February 2010 (EST)

Donkey Kong

Hi. It is really nice to see that someone takes care of this game and the articles related to it. Unfortunately it hasn't got very good coverage yet, just like many other older Game Boy games. You are doing a good job so far. I hope you can keep up the spirit. :3 - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 20:45, 8 February 2010 (EST)

Glad to be of service. :3 - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk) 21:01, 8 February 2010 (EST)

Well bleh to you too

Ive noticed you were trying to edit the mainspace a lot (and get over 50 percent). I thought a great article to work on would be the Luigi's Mansion article. It's under construction and really incomplete. I have been working on it for days. maybe you can help? I understand Nintendo will not put in the word "poopy" in any of their games(execpt Wario games) but wouldnt it be cool if they did? Oh and that dream was nothing compared to the dream I had before Mario Kart Wii came out. I dreamt that you can throw chocolate on the course and if anyone touches it they become Rabbid. I'm a little freaked out by myself right now 0_0 well catch ya later! Ratfink43

the extended HEY response

Considering how little I've been on lately, I was actually surprised to recieve your message. I haven't even played Partners in Time recently, so therefore I have still not beaten Princess Shroob.

How is the Mario and Luigi Wikia doing? I tried to log in today and work on the Mario article some more, but when I clicked 'Edit', the spot where the source goes was blank! I dunno if it's just my computer or the server - but just wondering if anything happened with that.

How are you doing on NSMBWii? I don't know if I told you, but I got a copy of the game, beat it, and have all the Star Coins for the first two worlds. I've also been playing ML:BiS (still) and I'm not making too much progress quickly (Mario and Luigi have a long way to go).

Your friend, 009.pngCmario1735x35px

Now I get it.

I just read your header and now I get why you haven't been responding to the new issues. I was just wondering what you think of the new ones, especially 19. FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Thanks for the compliments, you two are awesome!


Hey fawfulfury, i have 2 questions for you. 1, how do you upload images to the mariowiki from another site or googleimages? and 2, how do you make a sig?

Thanks, Raphaelraven497


Hi!I'm Raphaelraven497's friend FireBabyLuigi11!Here's where I think Morton Koopa Jr got his name from. Bowser's real neame is King Bowser Koopa and his wife's name(or husband's name)is Morton Koopa. Anyway I think we'll be great friends in fact here's my userbox |-



Tsutarja sig11.png' FireBabyLuigi11BabyLuigi PiT sprite.pngI wasn't thinking "God". That was one of his creatures and he threw it at me!

Wario is a Hualalalaoiuwaka freak

What's up? I haven't talk to you in a while!! It's nice to start another conversation again!! Whoppee!!

I can't delete it. I tried and I tried, but I can't! Wario!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEE........AGAIN!!!!!!

Well, 5 days later and it's gonna be my birthday! I want a video capture card so that I can take good-quality screenshots, plus have an SD card to save screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Brawl if I can't receive it.

I have a question. I've heard of a rumor that there will be Sonic playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2! Hmm, that's a load of ravioli olé! Why SONIC? Why not someone better, like, hmm, uhhh, a crazy green-skinned guy with a red robe and a funny helmet who wears spirly glasses and smiles a lot?

What does Wario taste like? Why do blocks float? Why is Wario dumb?

Ewck, I hate it when Wario picks his ghastly nose. It's revolting. It's disgusting. It's obscene. It's smelly. It's gross. It's vulgar. It's stinky. It's sick. It's trashy. IT'S WARIO!!

Hey, that's should be the motto for the next Wario game coming out! Wario Land 5! It's revolting. It's disgusting. It's obscene. It's smelly. It's gross. It's vulgar. It's stinky. It's sick. It's trashy. IT'S WARIO!! Buy it now!


Ugh, Wario just ingested my regurtitation (sp?).

I have a question? Did Wario contaminate your userpage or what? Because it's all yellow now. Don't get me wrong, my sis loves the color yellow. But I'm curious. Hmm, maybe the reason why Peach is blonde because Wario peed on her hair!! *faints*


My birthday is tomorrow, on the 18th. It really SUCKS to have a birthday on a school day. Really, it does. It was awesome when it was on a weekend or on Presidents' Day.

I don't need an SD card anymore, because of this reason:

Yah, good. You can see me ACTUALLY PLAYING IN THIS PICTURE!!! Note the number of laps too! :D

Sorry if you had seen it a million times already. My dream was to take screenshots from the computer. This is a pretty strange glitch, right? I mean, Mario and Luigi are condemmed to stay like that for the rest of the game until you thunderbolt them. You can tell who I was playing as in this picture; it looks obvious. And guess who is the fateed pair in the second player screen? Do you have Mario Kart Double Dash!!? You can try it anytime you want. You see, they look like they got hit by a shell, but actually, they remain like that. They can still switch.

Man, you should be envious that I have a video capture now. I can basically take ANY screenshot right now. I will take requests, but with only the games I own (obviously)

You should see my Brawl pictures of Wario. Mostly, it's the blue Wario who gets beaten up and turned into a star. You should try fanning 3 Warios in Distant Plant. Hilarious. Take pictures of it while you fan Wario.

I like killing Ganondorf, Yoshi, Samus, and Green Donkey Kongs as well. Funny. Do you have all 3 Super Smash Bros games? I do. And they can be greatly improved on, by just adding in 2 characters. If they did so, the ratings will soar to a 99.99 percent perfect (don't ask about the 0.001%).

You know what? After you spoke to me, I actually liked Fawful more than before. Congratulations. ;) (I should have said this long before, but whatever).

Wario in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Eeeewwwwww. He wasn't in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Isn't that enough? And Sonic stinks. What kind of idiots does NGamer take us for? Sonic is 3rd party!! He's over characters such as Link and Kirby!!! That makes totally no sense!! Kirby or Link or people like that should be playable before Sonic. Besides, Sonic is a dork. I personally think Baby Luigi is 10 million times cooler than Sonic.

I have a question. Why did Mario and his team even ACCEPTED Wario in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games? Did he bribe them or what? I'm pretty sure he will bribe them again in Mario and Luigi at the Brazil Olympic Games (yes, the next Olypmic Games will take place in Brazil, I think). Wait. Mario and Luigi??? Sorry for the sick typo. It's supposed to be Mario and Sonic!! Oh well, Luigi is better than Sonic anyway.

Oh, your mom comes and deletes everything for you? They never do this to me; they just say "it's time to stop" and I usually rush up and finish whatever I'm doing. What a pity. You know how angered I am if they did this to ME. I already get angered if the computer just blue-screened me, thank you.

Oh, just a while back, I decided to test my ability out. I played Mario Kart Wii grand prix mode (I'm 3-starred again. :]) and I basically stayed behind and tortured all the racers I can (especially Diddy, because he sounds hilarious and NOT because I hate him). I ended up with a B rank. Happiness. Joy. Satisfacation. Plus watching the replay brings EVEN more satisfacation!! Yeah!!

Holy moly, forgot to sign


Mannn, the sad thing is, I never played Donkey Kong Country 2. I really would like to help, but I can't. Plus, my parents threw out my SNES. You don't realize even it was years ago, I'm still pretty STEAMED at them for throwing out things without my consent.

Maybe I should grab it on Virtual Console...just to help out on this wiki. Is the game good, so that I have fun AND I take screenshots at the same time?

The only bad thing about my Video Card is that it was published about the time you were born (1997). So it's old and not perfect. Still, I'm happy. I'm old fashioned, anyway, with me and my sister's regular cell phone, IPod Shuffle, old computer, and (in the future) a Netbook instead of a regular laptop.

I don't like Mario Party either, despite all the critics saying that it's the best Mario Party (even though Piranha's Pursuit and Tug-o-War is funny, because of the sounds Wario makes when he is in shock. RRUUUUUUHHHH!!! OH I MISS!!). I never owned Mario Party; I only rented it. I HATE renting. I rented Mario Tennis N64 and the first 3 Mario Parties and now I regret not owning them. I also first rented Kirby Air Ride and I own it now because that game was incredibly fun.

Mario Party 5 was my favorite. Why? It had the best duel games to see Wario lose (Countdown Pound, Sky Survivors, Head Waiter, Pump n' Jump, Wind Wavers, that air boozaka minigame, Weight Lifters, and some others) and my most favorite mini-game out of all, Mario Mechs.

I can't take screenshots during the school days. Why? My parents won't let me play during the school days, except Friday. You know how much of a bummer that is? And then, we break the rules now and then, we get scolded. But I was wondering. Why let me play Spore, when I can't play console games? There's no harm against that, is there? They think that it will "fry" up my brain, but seriously, I feel no motivation to do my work anymore. Sigh. I'm never motivated. (And speaking of Spore, I made a Fawful creature a while ago. It looks almost EXACTLY like Fawful ;D)

Super Smash Bros is a really good game. Problem is, that there are no B-sideways attacks, only up, neutral and down, and no air dodging/side-step dodging. No charging up attacks either. The computers are dumb too; they run after items like mad (level 9s, I mean). Plus, you should go make a character you hate in training mode taunt in 4 bob-ombs. Explosion. Yah.

Hey, I got another glitch for you I discovered a while back as well!

OMG, a peek through Baby Mario's rear!!

Don't look through Wario's rear. Ever. I mean it.


Yo, it's ok. I'm always here to receive a message and vomit it back to ya.

One time, my sister dueled someone. You're supposed to duel the second place person, but she chose and dueled Wario instead. Hilarious. And she won of course.

My sister recently was playing Mario Party DS. In all matches, Wario was 4th, but in the most recent one, he had 100 coins, because he couldn't get the star. He did get a star in the end, but the host gave it to him, so that really doesn't count.

One time, I got a star, and the star space teleported RIGHT ON WARIO!!! Did those moments every happen to you? It sure does to me. I mean, they say "the next star will be here," and you see Wario standing right on it! He just simply passes it, he doesn't acquire the star.

I love Mario Party 5, not because of the board, but because of the minigames. I most of the time just go to mini-game mode, super duel mode, and extra mode. I hate the capsule system. And that's where Mario Party 6 comes in. Faire Square is the most awesome board ever, because you can set a mutlitude of traps just right by that star space. The computer gets beaten to death when they try to access it.

I can take a picture of Fawful killing Wario in Spore. It's easy. And I don't need a capture card to do that; the game already has a built in camera that saves the images in your computer.

Man, I wish I can upload it, without the administrators poking in and saying what the soaps I'm doing.

3 day weekends are sweet.

MKW Bowser Castle4.jpg
I really did screw up on this one

One thing bad about capture cards is that you have to click on that mouse to get the picture. You can see in some pictures I took that I stopped or slightly off-road, or it looks like I'm accelerating. It's is a real pain in the kiester to take pictures. And sometimes, that capture card just malfunctions. Yesterday, my sis wanted to take Slugger pictures, but then, it received no signal, even though it was connected to my television. See? When it comes to technology, my first instinct is to replug it. It still doesn't work. Now I have to consult with my father who plugged it in in the first place.

And speaking of televisions, have you heard televisions the size of a computer monitor? I did. That's the television I play in. In fact, it's SMALLER than a computer monitor. It's old too, just like my capture card. Yet, it still works perfect, except there's no need for the red part of the cable. And the sounds are still fine too. I'm used to that fact now, but do you think it's strange?

It's gonna rain here again. I HATE the rain. I'd take snow over rain any day. Why? Rain always give me a paranoidic feeling about thunderstorms and let me tell you, thunderstorms are my greatest weakness. I cower in fear, I whimper, and I'm scared like a Baby Luigi. It's not the lightning I'm scared of, but the thunder. I hate obnoxious noises that are loud and sudden, such as thunder. And the worst part? I can't sleep at night!! Add the thunder to shcool, to lectures, to feuds, to exams, to tests, to school, and you should see how stressed out I am. But you cheer me up all the time. (I listed school twice, just to show you how much I hate school).

Oh well, the blabbering idiot has nothing left to say, soo


i think so

i saw that name on the search sites but am not sure if am right? Lindsayoris15 16:58, 13 February 2010 (EST)

M + L - Cmario17...

I just got out of Math class, if you're wondering about the title...I'll admit that it's probably weird.

Bowser X - I haven't gotten to battle him yet, because Bowser Memory MLX shot me down first (Luigi's Boo attack is my weakness). The game recommends the Bowser X challenge for 'globins Level 50 and up', so it should be really hard - for where you're at. (I'm only at level 42, so you're still beating me)

I'll try to edit the M&L wiki again someday... I don't have enough time right now - but I will finish what I started on the Mario article.

009.pngCmario1735x35px 14:42, 15 February 2010 (EST)


yo heres my userbox:




Is the Mario & luigi wiki a great site to join? it looks cool. Do u know anything about super Mario RPG? I need help uploaiding images to the bestiary



Hi. -KS3 (talk · contribute)


If you don't know what that stands for, it stands for Mario and Luigi Wiki. I recently created an account called sixeightyseventyone on there. -KS3 (talk)


Long time, no see! So, what's been up? HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

Check editing

Hi.I see that you've made 3500 edits.Congratulation!But,how can a user check how many edits did he made?Is it in contributions?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Thanks DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


whats with you? you havent responded to ANY of my messages. By the way, i just yesterday got Brawl, so if you want an FC just ask! Also, should i join the mario & luigi wiki? i really want to!! Youre 12? oh phew. i thought you were like 20 or something since you have soooooo many systems and games. Thats good, cause im 11. Not far behind. Also, tell ratfink43 im NOT a bad person(i swear), he hasnt respomded to anything i sent him(he looks cool, and he is friends with you). Im not a stalker, ill tell you that!!!!(and i mean it!!!!) Also, i think you should archive your page soon. So, how is life?

Thanks, Raphaelraven497 (talk)

Yeah, im pretty much the same way. my dad wont let me join the M&L wiki and im really anoyyed!!!!! He says "You already belong to another wiki." hes too busy with work. hopefully ill get an account there soon. Iv ebeen trying to get more mainspace edits, too, at the moment i only have seven!!!!! well good talkin to ya'

Raphaelraven497 (talk)

p.s. Bowser's Castle in Superstar Saga is sooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!


I finally beat Blizzard Midbus in ML:BiS. Now I need to beat the Dark Star. HammerbrosPMSS.png JF (contribs) Hammerbroemblem.png

Looks like ya need to archive soon, man

52 headers!

Speaking of archiving, it took me less than a week to get my talk page archived!! It was 60,000 + bytes long, because KS3 and LeftyGreenMario decided to lump their no punctuation story into my talk page, then it exploded! I had to archive it, because it's probably the longest talk page EVER from someone who knows how to archive talks.

I made an account in userpedia. I am working on the story, "Wario, Pianta, Yoshi, and the Bomb Filled With Fat." You can look at it here. I'm pretty crazy, as it's probably the craziest and most original story I ever came up with.

Nintendo likes Wario. So does Billy Mays. LGM and I had a conversation one day saying all these celebrities and stuff like that like Wario. Heck, we even say historcial figures like Wario. Nintendo loves Wario more than any other character. You should stop receiving email from them, because they are die-hard Wario fans. They love Wario so much, that they considered renaming their company: Ninwario, but that obviously didn't happen, thankfully.

Made In Wario!? Gross. So does that mean that the games were made INSIDE Wario? Have you heard of a time where Diddy Kong and his best friend Blooper went into Wario's body? And since when Diddy was friends with Blooper? See, inside Wario, reality is pointless, and time and space don't apply. That's how messed up that pile of flab is.

Did you know one time in Super Mario 64 DS, I got everyone BUT Wario. And when I beated the game, Wario wasn't even there at ALL!! Not even on the cake! You should try doing that. We (LGM and I) imagined Wario behind the locked door, banging it and screaming WHAT ABOUT ME!! GIVE ME CAKE!!! and he dies evantually, due to starvation. But that story was old. Wario can live forever without food, due to his immense flab deposits.

Oh, and your edits. Congratulations, I like adding 3,000 bytes to an article. You say you typed WAYY more than you intended. Actually, I do this sort of stuff in my spare time. I actually editing like, 10,000 bytes now, because all the articles I listed in my userpage were attacked by me.