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Completed constipation projects

I'm sexy.

This is what it's going to look like once all recolors artwork is uploaded. Not like this in its current state, idiot, but it's an idea. Finally, so we can maintain consistency, the shadowless artwork and that sexy Mario without fire artwork will have its own section.

Character artwork



Power refers to the multiple power-ups a player can use in Smash Run, exclusive for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Powers cannot be modified through the normal custom menu, so players have to add powers to their character while customizing in the Smash Run screen.

Players can obtain powers by obtaining yellow bags with a question mark during a Smash Run playthrough. Defeated enemies, treasure chests, completed challenge doors, and meeting criteria on the Challenge Panel can unlock powers.

Each character has a total weight, which is the limit for the amount of powers can carry, max of six powers. Players can place three additional powers in the organizer tab, but these powers cannot be used. Also, generally, the smaller the character, the less powers can be carried. Speed-increasing equipment also decreases the amount of powers a character can carry and while defensive equipment, since they lower speed, increase the amount of powers that can be carried. Also, each power has a certain weight: the higher the level, the more weight it has.

Default weights

  • Mario: 25
  • Luigi: 24
  • Princess Peach: 23
  • Bowser: 29
  • Yoshi: 26
  • Rosalina: 22
  • Bowser Jr.: 27
  • Wario: 27
  • Mr. Game & Watch: 23
  • Donkey Kong: 27
  • Diddy Kong: 24
  • Link: 26
  • Zelda: 22
  • Sheik: 24
  • Ganondorf: 29
  • Toon Link: 24
  • Samus: 27
  • Zero Suit Samus: 23
  • Pit: 24
  • Palutena: 23
  • Marth: 23
  • Ike: 26
  • Robin: 24
  • Kirby: 21
  • King Dedede: 28
  • Meta Knight: 22
  • Little Mac: 23
  • Fox: 24
  • Falco: 22
  • Pikachu: 23
  • Charizard: 27
  • Lucario: 25
  • Jigglypuff: 21
  • Greninja: 24
  • Duck Hunt: 23
  • R.O.B.: 26
  • Ness: 25
  • Captain Falcon: 25
  • Villager: 24
  • Olimar: 23
  • Wii Fit Trainer: 24
  • Dr. Mario: 25
  • Dark Pit: 24
  • Lucina: 23
  • Shulk: 25
  • Pac-Man: 25
  • Mega-Man: 25
  • Sonic: 23
  • Mii Brawler: 25
  • Mii Gunner: 25
  • Mii Swordfighter: 25

List of powers

Direct Attack powers

Image In-game description Weight Uses
File:Power Bomb 3DS.png Drops a bomb that deals damage to enemies in the blast radius. Lv. 1: 4
Lv. 2: 7
Lv. 3: 10
Lv. 4: 13
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
File:Heavenly Light 3DS.png Calls down a pillar of light that damages nearby enemies. Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
File:Meteor Shower 3DS.png Calls down meteors in front of you. Lv. 1: 7
Lv. 2: 10
Lv. 3: 13
Lv. 4: 16
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
File:Horizon Beam 3DS.png Fires a giant laser beam straight ahead. Lv. 1: 5
Lv. 2: 9
Lv. 3: 12
Lv. 4: 15
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
File:Launch Ring 3DS.png Creates a ring of light that launches enemies. Lv. 1: 4
Lv. 2: 7
Lv. 3: 10
Lv. 4: 12
Lv. 1: 1
Lv. 2: 2
Lv. 3: 3
Lv. 4: 4
File:Shocking Taunt 3DS.png Taunt to fire lightning in the direction pressed on the +Control Pal. Lv. 1: 4
Lv. 2: 6
Lv. 3: 9
Lv. 4: 11
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 3
Lv. 3: 4
Lv. 4: 5
File:Homing Missiles 3DS.png Fire two homing missiles at enemies. Lv. 1: 7
Lv. 2: 10
Lv. 3: 13
Lv. 4: 17
Lv. 1: 6
Lv. 2: 8
Lv. 3: 10
Lv. 4: 13
File:Dual Cyclone 3DS.png Generate two cyclones, one on each side of you, that ensnare enemies. Lv. 1: 6
Lv. 2: 8
Lv. 3: 11
Lv. 4: 13
Lv. 1: 2
Lv. 2: 2
Lv. 3: 3
Lv. 4: 3

Equipment and crap

Name Image Types (in ascending power) Usable by Names in other languages
Shoes Equipment from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. Ordinary Shoes, Lightweight Shoes, Ultra-Lightweight Shoes Icon for Mario Icon for Luigi Icon for Wario Icon for Sheik Icon for Ness Icon for Villager Icon for Wii Fit Trainer Icon for Dr. Mario Icon for Shulk Icon for Sonic Fr (NOA): Souliers - "shoes"
Jap: クソ Kuso - "Shit"

Trait In other languages Description Details (in-game description)
Moon Launcher FrNOA:Chandelle Improved launch ability 1.3x attack power when launching enemies upward.

Blarg derp

Koopa (species) article sucks.

Bowser's species

Main article: Bowser
Artwork of Bowser from Mario Party 10 (later reused for Mario Party: Star Rush and Super Mario Party)

Not much is known about the species of Koopa to which Bowser belongs. The only members appear to be Bowser, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, and the Koopa Kids. Their most notable feature is their spiked shells, similar to a Spiny. Unlike a Spiny however, members of this species of Koopa stand upright, and are typically much larger than most types of Koopas upon reaching adulthood. Even as a child, Bowser Jr. is almost as tall as a full-grown Koopa Troopa.[1]. However, Lemmy Koopa is actually almost as small as Toad[2] while his younger brother Larry is bigger in size[3][4], showing that some variability in size exists among Koopas belonging to Bowser's species. A unique feature of this species is that their shells don't entirely cover their whole body. Instead, their shells only cover their backs while only having a padded stomach in the front (that could be part of their shells). These Koopas are known for their strength, sometimes the ability to breathe out flames, and durability, even as children, as well as magical powers; they typically are the leaders of the Koopa race. Unlike Koopa Troopas, Bowser's species don't have a beak.

Hammer Bro.

Main article: Hammer Bro
Hammer Bro in New Super Mario Bros. U

Hammer Bros. (or Hammer Brothers) are a type of Koopa that stand upright, wear helmets and throw hammers at passerby. There are various similar Koopas who throw other objects at their opponents, such as the Boomerang Bros. and the Fire Bros., the latter of which spits its projectiles from its mouth, instead of pulling them from thin air. All of these Koopas have similar shell patterns, and beaks that are lighter in color than the rest of their face, both of which sets them apart from Koopa Troopas, which are also slightly smaller.

Other Hammer Bro. species

Koopa Troopa

Main article: Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa's Mario Party 10 artwork

Koopa Troopas (often shortened to plain Koopas and occasionally to Troopas, Japanese ノコノコ Nokonoko) are common enemies in the Mario series. While some are peaceful, Koopa Troopas are usually displayed as foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop under the direct leadership of Bowser. They are considered to be the archetypal Koopas, as they have no special abilities like Hammer Bros. or Lakitu. Throughout the Mario series, Koopa Troopas have appeared as both quadrupedal creatures (four legged) and bipedal (walking on two legs). Since their debut in Super Mario Bros., Koopa Troopas have appeared in almost every game, usually as enemies, but also as playable characters in numerous spin-offs and the first two Paper Mario games.

Other Koopa Troopa species

{{italic title|''Super Mario-Kun'' Volume 3}}

Super Mario-Kun Volume 3
Super Mario-Kun #3
Publisher Shogakukan (Japan) (1991)
Soleil Manga (France) (2015)
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Volume Number 3

Super Mario-Kun Volume 3 continues the arc based on Super Mario World. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi continue in their travels to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. It features a Rex and a Dino-Torch as Yoshi's friend. Along the way, Mario and his friends participate in Bowser's Prisoner-Ball game, fight a Buzzy Beetle construction crew, fight familiar enemies from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Land, escort a Boo baby, and many more. They also fight and defeat Wendy O. Koopa twice along the way. The volume contains eleven chapters, labeled as levels.


Level 1

Les retrouvailles autour d'un bon petit plat de Drabon!!! (The reunion around Rex's good meal!!!)

The chapter begins with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in the forest. Yoshi has invited Mario and Luigi to see his friend, Rex. Rex has fled Bowser and has set up a secret base. Mario makes a playful confusion with Doraemon and Rex.[5] Mario and Luigi, however, become ensnared in a rope trap. Yoshi tries to help, but bumps into a wasp hive. Rex then reveals himself to have set up the trap and believes that Mario and Luigi are Bowser's minions. Mario and Luigi deny this and beg Yoshi to explain for them. Rex mistakes Yoshi for a monster because Yoshi's face is swollen from the wasp stings. Yoshi proves himself by asking Rex to remember the times he and Yoshi when Yoshi used his tongue to grab him. Convinced, Rex apologizes and shows Mario and Luigi his secret base.

A Magikoopa and a Koopa Troopa (labeled as number 3) discover the cave. The Koopa Troopa tries to ambush, but Magikoopa quickly stops it. The Magikoopa then summons a mind-controlling shell to force Rex to capture Mario and Luigi.

In the cave, Yoshi asks for something to eat. The magical shell attaches itself to Rex's head and brainwashes him to eliminate Mario, who is Rex's enemy. Rex decides to prepare a toxic soup to poison him. Mario hesitates to eat it, but Yoshi tries reassuring him that Rex is a good chef. Yoshi cannot control his appetite, however, and quickly eats it, while Mario complains that Yoshi did not even leave the bowl. Yoshi then shows signs of sickness, and Rex gloats, asking Yoshi how the poisoned dish is, shocking Mario. Yoshi happily digests it, causing Rex to swear and realize that Yoshi's stomach is tougher than lead. Mario demands Rex if Rex intends to poison him. Yoshi asks for seconds, but Mario shouts and warns that Rex is trying to kill them. Yoshi denies it, alleging that Rex is harmless, but they immediately get hit by Rex's flamethrower. Meanwhile, the Magikoopa decides that it is enough and gives Rex powers.

Rex grows enormous and is about to stomp Mario. Mario steals his shoe and attempts to use it as a Goomba's Shoe to hit Rex, much to Yoshi's dismay. Rex's smelly foot disgusts Mario. Yoshi is relieved, but Mario, getting pummeled by Rex, wishes Yoshi has paid more attention to him. Yoshi snaps and tells Rex to stop and remember good memories. Rex recalls only unpleasant memories and hits Yoshi with his foot. The Magikoopa gives Rex functional wings as part of the Super Rex form to try to finish Mario and his friends. Mario cannot fight back, but he finds a ! Switch and causes ! Blocks to fall on Rex. The magical shell falls from Rex's head and reverts Rex to normal. Luigi discovers the Magikoopa underneath the blocks. Mario and Yoshi realize that Kamek is behind Rex's bad actions, so they attach the magical shell on the Magikoopa's head. Mario forces the Magikoopa to dance, and the Koopa Troopa remarks how badly the Magikoopa is dancing.

Level 2

Bowser et Mario se défient à la balle aux prisonniers! (Bowser and Mario defy themselves at Prisoner Ball!)

Level 3

Attention danger! Travaux souterrains! (Danger! Construction work underground!)

Level 4

Courage à l'armée remplaçants!!!

Level 5

À la recherche de la maman de bébé Boo! (Searching for the baby Boo's mom!)

Level 6

Chez les Thwomp, les liens sont plus solides que le roc! (At Thwomp's place, the lineage is more solid than rock!)

Level 7

Yoshi en danger! Décompte fatal avant l'explosion! (Yoshi in danger! Fatal countdown before explosion!)

Level 8

Attention aux blocs qui tombent à pic!

Super Luigi: Manga Adventures

Level 9

Chaud devant! Dino-torch à la rescousse de son petit papa!

Level 10

L'arbre de noël de la peur! (The Christmas Tree of Fright!)

Level 11

Défilé d'ànciens boss dans le château de Bowser!

Les super techniques de Mario

Les super labyrinthes de Mario


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