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Issue XXXI October 11th, 2009 About        

Calendar of Events
Super Mario Bros. and Tucayo
Entertainment Section
Luigi 128
Classic Review
Fake News Monthly Mulligan
Art & Music
Top 10
Egg Yoshi
Beta Elements
Z3r0 Tw0
Fun Stuff Good Game, Bad Game

Entertainment Section

by Shyster66 (talk)

Hello, Lego Guy.jpgShyster66Gourmet Guy here with the Entertanment section. Today I bring you a video called Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 1. Link:


Mario and Luigi get bored, so Luigi pays Bowser to steal Peach.

Full Plot


Mario and Luigi start to get bored. The wish they could go on an adventure like in the good ol' days. So Luigi goes to Bowser who is on a date with a Goomba and asks if they could steal Peach. Bowser does it for a small fee of $20. Bowser then kidnaps Peach. Later, Luigi returns to Mario still bored when, Mario's cell phone goes off. Toad called saying that Bowser took Peach to the Grand Canyon. So, Mario and Luigi shove off. Later, Toad calls Bowser, quoting him "Lord Bowser" and telling him that he sent Mario and Luigi to the Grand Canyon and that the dark deed was done. To be Continued...


I'm going to rate the video every issue.


The Plot is very good. It makes me want to see what happens next episode. 9.0 out of 10.0


This episode had some laughs. Better ones in the future episodes. 8.5 out of 10.0


I love this series! 10.0 out of 10.0

Final Grade

27.5 out of 30.0; about a B+. See you next issue.

Monthly Mulligan

by Ralphfan (talk)

Welcome to the second Monthly Mulligan! This month's game: MARIO SUPER SLUGGERS!


I got the original, and I knew gameplay would be even better on this one. It was. So was the addition of more players. However, Challenge Mode was weak. You only needed nine players total. That was the only letdown.

  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Storyline: 5/10

Overall: 7.67


In-Game Experience

Can the background music. It's unnecessary. Also, add pinch hitters, pinch runners, and subs! There are enough characters to do that!

Challenge Mode

Once again, subs would really come in handy. Areas should've needed a certain number of players to enter, like with galaxies on SMG.


Fun Stuff

Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)
Just find the koopa face!



Mystery Images

By Tucayo (talk)
Guess who is the character in the image.

fawful.png frog.png perry.png poobah.png ratatooeybusinessman.png

ANSWERS: Due to problems with my lap I couldn't make the image :/ Sorry, but here are the answers: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>



By Tucayo (talk)
Last month, 2 people guessed correctly! These are the distinguished users who could make this: SLNO and Papero! These were the answers:

For a how-to on Picrosses, see this. Now, to this month picross! Untitled.png

Classic Review

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

Hey-o! This is Egg Yoshi with the classic review. This week I am doing Super Mario land! I stole borrowed this game from my cousin, too. In this game, Mario must save Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland, from Tatanga. Now, the review shall start.


This story is one of the main Mario plot lines. Some Damsel gets capture and Mario must save them. This one is a bit different, though, as it is usually Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in Super Mario Land, Daisy gets captured by Tatanga in Sarasaland.

Game play + Graphics

The games graphics aren’t the best. You can barely see if there’s a goomba walking on the ground. It is annoying how if you get a Game-Over, you must start again, no matter how far you are.

Characters, Places, and Enemies

There are not many characters. There is only Mario, Daisy, and Tatanga. There aren’t that many places in this game, either. There are only 4 worlds, which makes the game short. There isn’t really a variety of enemies. Only like 6.


This game has some of the BEST music in Mario history. I could just listen to Muda kingdom for hours.


  • Story=8/10
  • Game-play=7/10
  • Graphics=5/10
  • Characters=7/10
  • Places=7/10
  • Enemies=6/10
  • Music=10/10
  • Overall=7.15

This is a pretty good score for the game, though it could have been better. See you next week!

Top Ten

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

This is Egg Yoshi with the Top Ten. This week I am doing the Top Ten Rooms in Luigi’s Mansion. I know this is sort of a weird topic but…

10. Roof This place is the largest room in the Mansion. It is fun to run around.

9. Pipe Room This is sort of like an exploring room. First, you must fight the ghosts. Then, you have to freeze the river. Then, you fix the pipe so the waterfall stops and reveals a Treasure Chest

8. Twins Room This room has its share of interactive things, too. The bunk bed is fun to climb and you can use your vacuum to make the mobile to move.

7. Nana’s Room In here, there is a Diary of nana on her shelf. It I fun to read

6. Study Neville had a couple of books on the shelf. They are interesting.

5. Artist Studio There is nothing to do when you beat it, but it is fun to look at all of the busts and other types of artwork of the other ghosts.

4. Billiards Room Just to see all of the games in this room is cool.

3. Rec Room You can punch the punching bags and run on the treadmill. How’s that for a work out.

2. Cold Storage It’s just like an Ice-Skating rink. You get to slide on the ice to your hearts content.

1. Conservatory You can knock on the instruments and hear an orchestra play the Super Mario Bros. theme right before your eyes. It’s fun to add them at them at different times.

That’s all I will say for now. I will see you next month with another exiting issue of the Top Ten.

Calendar of Events

by Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am Tucayo, with another issue of the wonderful Calendar of Events! Well, for this month we have many releases, news and other stuff. Also my colleague SMB with his always-great Mario Calendar for the month of October. Well without more, let’s start!

Game releases

Well, here are the Mario games that will be release during this month span:

  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story was released in Europe, October , will be released in Australia on the 22nd.
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will be released in the US the 13th, Australia the 15th and Europe the 16th, aaaaaand…. We have all a reason to be happy, JAPAN WILL GET IT NOVEMBER 5TH; AFTER EVERYONE ELSE!!!
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii will get to the US November 15th, Europe, the 20th (also November), Australia hasn’t got confirmed date, but it will also be in November, and more good news! Japan will get it December 4th.

FA’s rotation

Here’s the list of the upcoming FA’s!

User Birthdays!

11- Grapes
27- Toadbert

From The Birthday Thread
Well, and that’s all I have for this month. I leave you with my partner SMB, BYE!

Fading Into Obscurity

by MrYoshbert (talk)

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Fading Into Obscurity, where I will talk about some of the lesser-known characters in the Mario games. This also includes characters that don't appear in enough games, even though they have potential to, like this month's subject.

To start things off, let's talk about Bowser's seven terrible juvenile delinquent children, the Koopalings (or Koopa Kids, if you must).

The kids made their debut working alongside their Koopa King daddy in Super Mario Bros. 3, by changing all of the rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom's seven regions into animals (or other Mario enemies in the Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Advance remakes). Their names... Well, this is perfect time for a roll call!

Each Koopaling would pilot one Airship, which serves as the final level in every world except World 8, where Mario (or Luigi) must make his way across the cannonball-Rocky Wrench-Bullet Bill-infested flying contraption. In battle, the Koopaling uses his or her magic wand to fire energy blasts at the Mario Brother. Once defeated, the kid flees, and leaves his wand behind. Mario will then use the wand to change that specific world's king back to his original form.

The Koopalings once again came back in Super Mario World, helping Bowser in his conquest to take over Dinosaur Land. Those hooligans kidnapped seven of Yoshi's friends, and trapped them in eggs, hiding them in a castle. The kids had different and varying types of battling here: Iggy and Larry had to be pushed off a single platform into the lava below; Morton and Roy had to defeated with a stomp to the head three times; Wendy and Lemmy pretty much had a "Wanted!" (a minigame from Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros.) style boss battle, where Mario had to guess the real Koopa Kid in a crowd of fakes; and Ludwig... well... he had a much different approach: three stomps to the head does him in, but he breathes fire! And he jumps! Wow.

Even though Mario and Luigi always foil Bowser's plans, Bowser will always come back for more, and he will always drag his children into his schemes. The Koopalings posed as threats once more in Yoshi's Safari, where they had giant robots (!!!), and again in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, where, under Bowletta's command, tried to stop the Mario Bros. from reaching the big boss him- her- ITself.

And after that... we never saw them again...thanks to a certain little brat that was recently introduced at the time...

Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: Bowser Jr.

Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

Since Bowser Jr.'s appearance, the Koopalings were not seen much anymore... It's such a shame, really. They had sooo much potential.

I mean, they could have made great playable characters in the Kart/Golf/Tennis/spin-off games! Heck, they were supposed to be bosses in Super Princess Peach, but they got scrapped at the last minute! They had some good-looking sprites, too (see the 'Beta Elements' article here if you want to take a good look for yourself.) New Super Mario Bros. would've been a great place for the seven terrible children to make an appearance, but... Yeah, Nintendo wanted to have Bowser Jr. the Koopa King's one and only son. What, did Bowser ground the Koopalings for 10 years or so just because they failed so many times in trying to beat Mario? In lieu of their long absence, that sounds like a pretty good explanation to me.

Thankfully, Nintendo didn't forget about the reptilian rugrats, because recent news of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii confirms that the Koopalings will, without a doubt, return! They'll be there are end-world bosses, too! Oh yeah, Bowser Jr. will be there as well. Yippee. I can see it now: Bowser, BJ, Iggy, Roy, Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, Morton, and Ludwig all going against Mario (and maybe Luigi and two Toads) as one big evil family! Yes... this will be the beginning of the revenge of the Koopalings...

Tune in next month, where we will be talking about everyone's favorite alien, Tatanga! Until next time!

Fake News

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

This month, I decided to give you my review of a location rather than a brochure. This month, I spent a weekend at The Dotwood Tree. It's got a nice resort. If you're a termite. It's not exactly human-friendly. No staircases, no escalators, no elevators. When you're on the internet, there are ads for Sexy Termite Singles. Nice place for a single day of sightseeing, but the resort is more of a place for termites.

Fake TV

by Luigi 128 (talk) (Welcome back!)

Smashville Super Mario

In this TV series, we see Mario as a teenager using his powers to defend Smashville from destruction while fighting internal teenager struggles in a new violent spin on those crappy teenage romance shows.

Fake Games

by Hyper Guy (talk)

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Bent Story
Mario & Luigi are back! This time they're in big trouble! After Fawful gives Bowser a Bent Shroom, he ends up trapping everybody in his closet! Mario & Luigi, along with the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, are living their lives as closet gays! How will they get out and be classed as straight again? Will Bowser realize he has his worst enemies inside him? WHO KNOWS?!

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime
This is a golden game from a while ago. The Princess journeys in a magic police van looking at all sorts of criminal situations, but when a terriorist comes back in the van instead of Peach, there's only one reason: SHE'S BEEN KIDNAPPED!!!! Mario & Luigi travel in the police van, and find out even more about these terrorists. Their leader, Osama Bin Laden, claims he wants to blow everybody up in a big orange explosion; his favorite color. Mario & Luigi end up getting accused for drug dealing with their Mushrooms, and are also on the run from the police themselves. When Crime Holes start popping up, it's chaos! What will happen? Play to find out!

Luigi 128

Luigi 128 was apparently retiring, so he didn't make a Wanted Poster this month. The poster will be published next month, as will his Fake Movies. However, we greatly appreciate his return.

Fake Police Blotter

by Clyde1998 (talk)

Mario was seen to have crashed into the back of a lorry, on Moonview Highway.He wasn't badly injured. Luigi was seen to have been in a race, with Waluigi and Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. doesn't have a license, and was arrested - Bowser is yet to know. Waluigi and Luigi were fined 5,600 coins. Knuckles and Donkey Kong were fined 5,000 coins for fighting on the street.

Fake Interview

by Mario7727 (talk)

Hello, 'Shroomers, this is Mario7727 with your Fake Interview..Today we are going to interview Shy Guy!

Mario7727: Shy Guy, was it hard to be Mario's enemy?

Shy Guy: Well, it's hard to not be a friend of Mario.

Mario7727: Well, isn't that a problem?

Shy Guy: Well, Mario has partners and I don't!

Mario7727: Well don't you have other Shy Guys?

Shy Guy: Well I don't see a lot of them very much , but yeah.

Mario7727: What about other enemies like Goombas and Koopas?

Shy Guy: I see a lot of them, they're like almost everywhere!

Mario7727: So what do you do besides trying to not get jumped on by Mario and his friends?

Shy Guy: Not much. It's a hard life.

Mario7727: Wow, talk about a crappy job. How about Fly Guy, Bullet Guy, or Boo Guy?

Shy Guy: Yes, I see Bullet Guy in Castles, Fly Guy in the sky, and Boo Guy in dark places.

Mario7727: Thanks, Shy Guy! Well, that's our interview for today. See you next time!

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

The Star Cup has been canceled! The builders quit due to a salary dispute. However, we will be taking ideas for users to participate in sports! Post yours here!

Fake Weather

by Clyde1998 (talk)

Sun.gif all Week, but anyway:

  • MON:Sun.gif
  • TUE:Sun.gif
  • WED:Sun.gif
  • THU:Sun.gif
  • FRI:Sun.gif
  • SAT:Sun.gif
  • SUN:Sun.gif

User Brawl

by Zero777 (talk)

Welcome, to the second edition of..... USER BRAWL!!!!!!!!!

Today's Brawlers will be:

Mario64fanatic vs. GalacticPetey vs. Luigifreak vs. Baby Mario Bloops

In a five stock brawl, with no Koopa Shell, Banana Peel, Ray Gun, or Star Rod items, but all the other items are on medium. The Brawlers will be brawling on the stage, Galaxy Tour.

Galaxy Tour

Here are the brawlers’ bios:

Mario64fanatic: This user packs a punch. Don't get him mad or your going to get it!

GalacticPetey: GalacticPetey is big, bad, and tough. He may have low speed but watch out for his power! He will eat any trespassers on his land. SO DON'T mess with him!

Luigifreak: Luigifreak is a dangerous opponent to come across, indeed. Luigi's insane counterpart may seem weak, but he can defiantly bring the pain if he hits you. If you find yourself in the air with him, get ready for pain. With amazing speed, he can blaze past even Sonic. However, if he gets started, he can't stop. Advice? STAY OUT OF HIS WAY!!

Baby Mario Bloops: Baby Mario Bloops, just a challenger, I think not! He may appear small and weak, but don't let that fool you. His speed is outstanding, outrunning most competitors. He also has amazing skills that he uses to KO his targets. He may have low offense, but Defense what he's good at, so don't expect damaging him. Also watch out for his Final Smash, which would definitely leave a mark on all his opponents. If you have the misfortune of battling against him, you just might have to try with little skill you have!

Here are their stats:

Fighters Speed Throwing Ability Tether Recovery
and/or Tether Grab
Final Smash Offense Defense Projectile Overall
Mario64fanatic 7 2 X 8 5 9 7 6
GalacticPetey 4 5 X 9 8 7 7 7
Luigifreak 10 6 X 8 8 4 6 7
Baby Mario Bloops 7 5 Both 6 4 8 6 6

Here is the song that will play during the brawl:

The Brawl:

Here they come, the brawlers, on the right side of the stage, a giant pencil just came in and drew Mario64fanatic which then fades to him, on the center right of the stage, a blooper just appeared, it turns around revealing Baby Mario Bloops, on the center left, KABOOOOM an explosion happened, but someone is running in circles in there, it’s Luigifreak, and on the left side, last but not least……… hey what’s that large shadow on the ground, oh boy, CLEAR THE AREA, BOOOOOOMM…… ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRR, it’s GalacticPetey. 3….. 2….. 1…… GO!!, and there off, the floating stage just took the players to the front of the Comet Observatory, Baby Mario Bloops uses Ink Blast (side special) on front of him but Luigifreak uses Fire Wave (side special), canceling out each others attacks, but unknowingly Mario64fanatic uses Stylus Sword (standard special) on Luigifreak fully charged, Luigifreak receive high damage and is launched not too far. The floating platform came up and takes the players to the front of the engine room. Baby Mario Bloops grabs a Scope Gun and charges it, but GalacticPetey grabs him (he actually eats him and chews on him like Yoshi) and throws him downwards, then he uses a side smash attack to send him flying. The moving platform has just come up going into deep space towards a galaxy. Baby Mario Bloops did not lose a life, but Mario64fanatic uses Paintbrush (side special) behind him and Luigifreak slips giving Mario64fanatic time to deal with Baby Mario Bloops, he uses Metal Meteor (up special) and did a head on collision with Baby Mario Bloops, KO’ing him, but Mario64fanatic is too far from the ledge so he falls to his first self-destruct. The floating platform has shown that it went to the Honeyhive Galaxy, and it settles on the giant tree, having a low upper boundary line. Luigifreak sees an opportunity and goes for it, he quickly runs up to GalacticPetey and start using his aerial attacks, GalacticPetey is being beaten down and his damage is rising quickly, Luigifreak lands on the ground and use an up smash attack on GalacticPetey, but GalacticPetey did a perfect shield, he then uses Head Sling (side special) sending Luigifreak high into the air, when Luigifreak descended close enough to the ground he charges Jetback Blast and GalacticPetey does Body Slam (down special) on him, but when the both came in contact the Jetpack on Luigifreak’s move exploded, thus sending the both of them to there first KO. The floating platform has now gone to the area with the floating flowers. Baby Mario Bloops is running towards a Poke ball, but Mario64fanatic uses Metal Meteor, stunning Baby Mario Bloops for a split second, then he uses Mecha Kick (down special) on Baby Mario Bloops, then he grabed the poke ball, throw it, and Meowth came out. Meowth uses payday and it hits GalacticPetey and Luigifreak, but Luigifreak got out and uses a down smash attack on GalacticPetey, sending him flying, but he uses Body Slam, but it’s over a gap, as it seems for GalacticPetey is going to lose a life, he goes down but a water spring jets its water up canceling and saving GalacticPetey. Smash Ball appears, Baby Mario Bloops grabs a Cracker Launcher and start shooting at the smash ball but Luigifreak uses Pwnage Kick (down special) on Baby Mario Bloops, giving him high damage, Luigifreak jumps after it but Mario64fanatic footstool jumps him and grabs it. The floating platform has now landed in the observation deck which is crawling with mandibugs. When he lands, GalacticPetey uses a fully charged Goop Spit (standard special) on Mario64fanatic making him stuck before he could even use the smash ball, GalacticPetey charges a side smash attack but Luigifreak runs in and try to use Pwnage Kick, but it’s too late sending him and Mario64fanatic flying and Mario64fanatic loses the smash ball, GalacticPetey then grabs the smash ball but a mandibug attacks him, sending him flying but he doesn’t lose the smash ball. The floating platform is now going to the area where Bugaboom is at. Luigifreak just got down when all of a sudden, Baby Mario Bloops uses an almost fully charged Hammer Smash on him, sending Luigifreak to another KO. GalacticPetey uses Body Slam to get down, but hits Mario64fanatic on his way down, sending him to his second KO. Baby Mario Bloops was about to use Flip Slam (down special) on him when all of a sudden Bugaboom attacks him and send him to his KO, and GalacticPetey starts doing a taunt. GalacticPetey then does his final smash Piranha Plant Invasion, GalacticPetey spits goop in the air which traps everybody except Baby Mario Bloops, piranha plants are now gnawing at every character but Baby Mario Bloops jumps on Bugaboom’s back while it’s dropping bombs, GalacticPetey uses Fly (up special) To also get on Bugaboom’s back and he and Baby Mario Bloops go into a fist to fist battle. The bombs explode sending Luigifreak and Mario64fan up but there not KO’d, but Baby Mario Bloops uses Chain Recovery (up special) on Luigifreak, sending him to a KO. Mario64fanatic dodged the attack and use Mecha Kick on Baby Mario Bloops, sending him flying, but he gets back but Mario64fanatic uses Paintbrush and Baby Mario Bloops slip and Mario64fanatic uses his side attack and baby Mario Bloops is sent off of Bugaboom’s back, back onto the ground. GalacticPetey charges a Goop Spit and Mario64fanatic charges his Stylus Sword, Mario64fanatic just released Stylus Sword but GalacticPetey releases Goop Spit just a split frame before it hits him, GalacticPetey is sent into a KO, but Mario64fanatic is now stuck and Bugboom flies offscreen making him lose a life. Baby Mario Bloops is waiting around when one of Bugaboom’s bombs blow up near a Smart Bomb and catching Baby Mario Bloops, to make things worst it set off a Blast Box near by raising Baby Mario Bloops damage higher, when it’s over it sends Baby Mario Bloops to a KO. Floating platform now left the Honeyhive Galaxy and is going into deep space where it got caught in a meteor shower and a black hole is nearby (causes all items to be sucked in it). Everybody frantically run around and try to dodge as much as they can. GalacticPetey’s large size and slow speed is making it hard for him, he is then repeatedly bombarded with meteors, sending him to a KO. Floating platform is now just cruising in deep space. Another smash ball appears, when GalacticPetey got back he uses Head Sling then Body Slam on it, but it didn’t break it, Mario64fanatic jumped after it, but Luigifreak uses Lightning Bolt (standard special) which homes in on Mario64fanatic, but the smash ball was on front of him, so the Lightning Bolt smashes and break the smash ball, Luigifreak zips behind GalacticPetey go to the ledge of the stage jumps backwards and perform Freak Dash (final smash), which slams into every character sending them to there next KO. The floating platform has now gone to Bowser Jr.’s Armada. Luigifreak charges a Fire Wave but a cannon ball from a ship and a Magikoopa’s spell hit Luigifreak at the same time sending him to a KO. Everybody gets back on stage, Baby Mario Bloops uses Ink Blast and hit GalacticPetey and Luigifreak uses Fire Wave and hit Mario64fanatic. GalacticPetey then use Fly then Body Slam on Baby Mario Bloops. Mario64fanatic uses Metal Meteor on himself, slamming himself into Luigifreak. Bowser Jr. on his ship now appeared and is now attacking the players. A third smash ball appears, Baby Mario Bloops uses a tether grab, grabbing then throwing Mario64fanatic backwards, Luigifeak uses a Pwnage Kick in the air hitting the smash ball, afterwards Baby Mario Bloops footstool jumps him and uses a regular aerial attack breaking the smash ball. Bowser Jr. then release a barrage of cannon balls hitting everybody, Baby Mario Bloops then perform his final smash Power Armor Bloops, he uses a side smash attack on GalacticPetey then a downwards aerial attack sending him down, but he uses Fly, but it ran out and he is KO’d, GalacticPetey…… Defeated. Lugifreak runs but he slips and falls on the goop of Mario64fanatic’s Paintbrush attack, and Baby Mario Bloops uses Ink Blast on him sending him to his last KO, Luigifreak……. Defeated. Mario64fanatic decided to try to attack him even though it’s futile, all of a sudden Baby Mario Bloops final smash worn off and Mario64fanatic throws a bob-omb at him, sending him falling into the background, and Mario64fanatic does a taunt, but Bowser Jr. launched a fast exploding cannon ball, which hits Mario64fanatic and sends him to the side boundary lines, KO’ing him just a split second before Baby Mario Bloops is KO’d……….... GAME!


The Yoshi series emblem, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

The winner is............ BABY MARIO BLOOPS!!

Baby Mario Bloops spins around in place then stops and then sways back and forth.


1st place: Baby Mario Bloops

2nd place: Mario64fanatic

3rd place: Luigifreak

4th place: GalacticPetey

Fake Shop

by Ohsnap! (talk)

This is Sparta Fake Shop!
Yay! Here are our horrible GREAT crap items! Our first is...the Gold 'Shroom! It makes you drive faster, punch harder, and gives LOTS of lives! As seen in MKDS Golden Mushroom.It is only for 75 coins! Our second best item is...Mushroom! Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii It makes you bigger! Yay! Unless it's poisoned. It'll kill you if it's poisoned. Our third best item is....this piece of crap.

Cooking Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

This month's chef is: ZESS T.

Today, we'll take a new, carnivorous spin, on Koopa Tea!

Usually made by steeping a Turtley Leaf, all you need is:

  • A tea kettle
  • A knife
  • A live Koopa
  • A large bowl, big enough to fit the Koopa
  • Water
  • A stove
  1. Put your Koopa in the bowl.
  2. Chop up the Koopa with the knife!
  3. Pour the water into the kettle and heat it.
  4. Add the blood while it's still fresh!
  5. Steep for 21 minutes and 57 seconds!
  6. Drink or serve it to Dracula!

Fake Books

by Koopster 64 (talk)

Hello everyone, it's been 3 months since my weather debut. So I made this section with no premission at all!

Shelly Koopa and the Princess' Stone by Kammy Koopa -Shelly Koopa is a Koopa wishing to become a Magikoopa, so she enrolls in Mushroom Kingdom School of Magic and Sorcery. When the princess' royal magic stone is stolen and hidden in the castle, it's up to Shelly Koopa to find it and save the world!

Boohawhaw by King Boo -It's not a book at all! It has a picture of a bomb on each page and they all explode when touched! Isn't that nice?

Remember, don't tell the cops on me and I'll give you a super special treat next month!

This month, I'll look at the brand new:
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
The North American cover of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Despite being a new game, it contains a lot of beta elements to it:
1. There are a bunch of unused sounds from this game, ranging from clips of Yoshi's voice from Yoshi's Story to music from the predecessor. The latter of the two won't play properly.
2. A Life Shroom-like item, labeled Dummy, can be accessed by hacking. When used by Mario or Luigi, it explodes and heals 60 HP to Bowser.

A screen shot from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Here's a random element: This was beta dialogue. In the finished game, it was changed to "Crud!"

3. All enemies, excluding Dark Mechawfuls and the final boss, have an attack pattern for Mario and Luigi, even if they can't normally be sucked up by Bowser.
Pretty cool, right? Well, here's how I see them:
1. The fact that they have Yoshi's voice may hint to the fact that Yoshi would appear somewhere in-game. From what I know, he didn't, a first for the Mario & Luigi series. The PiT soundtrack could possibly mean that a few areas, or even bosses, could be returning from that game. But the music won't work properly, meaning that it was scrapped early on.

A pre-release logo for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Let's not forget that beta logo.

2. According to the Beta Elements page, this was scrapped due to the fact that only two bosses can damage Bowser while inside of him; the Sea Pipe Statue and Durmite. This item would be pointless after those two bosses are defeated.
3. This probably means that all enemies were intended to fight Mario and Luigi at some point. A sound idea, if you ask me. The fact that only two enemies cannot support this option probably means this idea wasn't scrapped until the game was nearly complete.

Another issue finished! I like how this one turned out, too. Also, allow me to correct myself from 2 issues ago. You know, the one on Super Smash Bros. Melee? Glowsquid informed me that the Motion Bomb was probably changed due to the fact that Rare lost the rights to the James Bond license. It makes more sense than my original idea of censorship. Anyway, that's all for now, so seeya next month!


Art & Music

Director's Notes

Hello Everybody! This is YellowYoshi127 (talk). Now a few of you may be wondering 'Where is SMB?', SMB is busy, so I took over! Don't worry It's only for this month, you'll have him back next month. Apologies to some of our writers for the confusion, but you have all adjusted very well.

  • We have a ton of new writers starting this month; Clyde1998, Booman and Joseph363.
  • Pie Shroom is on holiday, so I have taken her job this month.
  • We only have one position left, Music Factoid, so check that out for a job.
  • P.Trainer Has not handed in his section, but has discussed it with SPMB and gave a reason so he will not get a warning.
  • Thanks to Tucayo for another great 'Shroom.


Hi everybody sorry i'm late! Today (well really this issues) boxart of the month isss:

Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.

DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA It has to be Super Mario Galaxy everybody knew it would be at some point and how better to do my first issue with a picture of Mario zooming through the stars THANKS ALL! by Joseph363 (talk)

Character Artwork

by YellowYoshi127 (talk)

Princess Peach artwork from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

One for the Mario Gals fans! This is a great picture, mainly because of attention to detail like the DK one last week, the dress is extremely detailed. Bit pink, but who cares...


by Clyde1998 (talk)

Flying Mario

What a Pic! A Screenshot of Flying Mario (Black/Red), jumping of the platform in space. Nintendo took the Picture of the Screenshot. The screenshot shows the graphics of the game, very good graphics too.

Random Pic

by Booman (talk)

Screenshot of a fortress from Super Mario Bros.

This is a picture of Mario sliding down a pole in SMB. (Not the co-director, the game, stupid)


by Yoshi

Yoshi playing Etch 'n' Catch

Because Pie Shroom is away, i had to fill in but of course, No Scanner..... but Yoshi kindly volunteered and produced a ..... nice picture....


by YellowYoshi127 (talk)


Since Pie Shroom is away, I've taken over again. This is Baby Petey Piranha, the baby form of Petey. I made it in Photoshop. Differences to Petey Piranha;

  • Hasn't got yellow in his petals yet.
  • Only two teeth
  • Wearing a Nappy.


By P. Trainer (talk) Not recieved...

Sprite of the Month

by Fire Kirby (talk)

Sprite of Mario walking from Super Mario Bros.

Review Corner

By Luigifreak (talk)

Ahem. A moment of silence. *Dims Lights* We have reached a special moment in review history. For the first time in my career, I will be writing a review about a game that has been released in the past year. Yes, that’s right kids… *turns on Disco Ball* I WILL BE REVIEWING MARIO AND LUIGI: BOWSER’S INSIDE STORY!!!!!! So, yeah, a review that is worth your time. Shall you get it? READ ON!!!!


The Toads get really fat. So, Princess Peach holds a meeting to find out what is happening. The only thing they find out is that the fat Toads bought a Blorb Mushroom from a hooded salesman. So, of course, Bowser shows up. And of course, Mario destroys him. But what’s this? Bowser wakes up in a strange forest. He then meets a hooded salesman. The hooded salesman gives him a Lucky Mushroom. Bowser eats it and blacks out. The hooded salesman takes off his cloak. The hooded salesman is…. FAWFUL!!?!?! Bowser then goes to the meeting room, inhales all the people there, and blacks out. From there, it’s pretty straightforward.
And if you’re wondering, the humor IS present. From Fawful's witty dialogue, to Luigi’s comic relief, you won’t be disappointed.


Remember Superstar Saga? Well, the gameplay is like that. Some of it. Half the time you play as Mario and Luigi. It’s basically half 2-D platforming, half RPG. You move left or right with Mario and Luigi on the overworld. You can jump, use hammers, and use other moves on the overworld. You must solve semi-tricky puzzles: you might have to hit a switch, fill a cube with water, freeze the area you’re in, hit a switch to get the new ice cube out of the mold, slide it over, then un-freeze the area to turn the ice into water and douse a fire. You also interact with things in Bowser’s body to affect things Bowser does.
Speaking of Bowser, you can switch to him at any time by pressing the X or Y button. With him, you can breathe fire or punch. His controls are really the same as Superstar Saga, so that’s more familiar. You won’t be doing as much puzzle-related stuff with him, but it’s still fun. Oh, and if you’re concerned about constantly switching between the two, don’t. You play for an hour or so before you switch.
The battles are similar to the other two games, you press A or B while controlling the bros to successfully jump or hammer the enemy. One major difference is that at a point in the game, they can equip badges. Basically, when you get a Good! Great! Or Excellent!! Attack your Hp, Sp, power, or coins go up by a bit, depending on your badge.
For Bowser, you attack with flames or punches. Bowser is REALLY powerful, but can only attack once. He also gets stronger enemies. And if you didn’t know, the Bros. can counterattack enemies’ attacks by pressing A or B at the right time. Bowser can either duck into his shell or punch incoming attacks. However, Bowser may have to punch an attack then duck another, so it’s a lot more interesting with him.
Of course, you get special attacks. If Mario gets ten attack pieces, he gets a special attack. One of my favorites is the super bouncer. Luigi hops on a ball. Mario must jump and hit the ball to send Luigi flying. You must center Luigi on the ball with the control pad and press B to slam the enemies. As Luigi flies back, Mario must jump again to send Luigi back, and it repeats several times. For Bowser, his are controlled with the touch screen. One of his attacks, called Goomba Storm, has you tapping the Goombas rushing towards the enemies to set them afire, they then rain down on the enemies for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
You also have giant Bowser battles, where you fight giant enemies. You slide your stylus to punch, breath in the Mic to breathe fire, tap the screen to defend.. It’s a lot of fun. These battles can be pretty epic, but one is infuriating.
I know this was a long section, but the gameplay is AMAZING. So I really need to cover it.


It’s the same old sprites, not bad, not bad at all. Some sprites are too pixelated, though…

Music and Sound

It’s basically the same quality from the other games. You have your Italian gibberish, all that goodness. The music is well composed. If you haven’t already, HEAR THE FINAL BOSS MUSIC.


You have quite a few sidequests here. You can find beans, collect blitties, acquire gear, a lot of stuff. You will get a good 5-10 hours of pay time after you beat the game. I guess I will stick in here that the game itself takes a good 20-30 hours to beat. The difficulty is just right. Yeah…


  • Story: 9/10
  • Gameplay: 10/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Music and Sound: 10/10
  • Replay: 10/10

Overall: 10 This is a great game, best out of all the Mario and Luigi games. Sorry if this review seems a little rushed, because it was. Hey, I have a life!!! Well, see you next time on… REVIEW CORNER!!!!

Director's Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am your world-famous Director, Tucayo! Hope you liked the issue if you already finished reading it, if you didn’t, you’d better do it. Well, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this notes, but my lap got a virus so I had to write them again…
Now, let’s go to the news, notes, whatever.
We have a totally new section, called Fading into Obscurity, in charge of MrYoshbert.
Shyster66 is now writing Entertainment Section.
Waluigi48 is now the writer of FTMV.
FunkyK38 & Monteyaga are now the writers of Brawl Tactics.
I have a surprise for you! For the next issues, we will have 1-2 guest writers who will write special sections, I hope you like this idea.
The ‘Shroom now has its own child board in our forums! So be sure to visit it!
And for last, from all The ‘Shroom staff, I would wish to congratulate UP’s The Disconnected for their first issues, and I wish them the best of luck.

Have a nice month!!! And eat Shrooms!