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Classic Review

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

Hey-o! This is Egg Yoshi with the classic review. This week I am doing Super Mario land! I stole borrowed this game from my cousin, too. In this game, Mario must save Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland, from Tatanga. Now, the review shall start.


This story is one of the main Mario plot lines. Some Damsel gets capture and Mario must save them. This one is a bit different, though, as it is usually Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in Super Mario Land, Daisy gets captured by Tatanga in Sarasaland.

Game play + Graphics

The games graphics aren’t the best. You can barely see if there’s a goomba walking on the ground. It is annoying how if you get a Game-Over, you must start again, no matter how far you are.

Characters, Places, and Enemies

There are not many characters. There is only Mario, Daisy, and Tatanga. There aren’t that many places in this game, either. There are only 4 worlds, which makes the game short. There isn’t really a variety of enemies. Only like 6.


This game has some of the BEST music in Mario history. I could just listen to Muda kingdom for hours.


  • Story=8/10
  • Game-play=7/10
  • Graphics=5/10
  • Characters=7/10
  • Places=7/10
  • Enemies=6/10
  • Music=10/10
  • Overall=7.15

This is a pretty good score for the game, though it could have been better. See you next week!