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Top Ten

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

This is Egg Yoshi with the Top Ten. This week I am doing the Top Ten Rooms in Luigi’s Mansion. I know this is sort of a weird topic but…

10. Roof This place is the largest room in the Mansion. It is fun to run around.

9. Pipe Room This is sort of like an exploring room. First, you must fight the ghosts. Then, you have to freeze the river. Then, you fix the pipe so the waterfall stops and reveals a Treasure Chest

8. Twins Room This room has its share of interactive things, too. The bunk bed is fun to climb and you can use your vacuum to make the mobile to move.

7. Nana’s Room In here, there is a Diary of nana on her shelf. It I fun to read

6. Study Neville had a couple of books on the shelf. They are interesting.

5. Artist Studio There is nothing to do when you beat it, but it is fun to look at all of the busts and other types of artwork of the other ghosts.

4. Billiards Room Just to see all of the games in this room is cool.

3. Rec Room You can punch the punching bags and run on the treadmill. How’s that for a work out.

2. Cold Storage It’s just like an Ice-Skating rink. You get to slide on the ice to your hearts content.

1. Conservatory You can knock on the instruments and hear an orchestra play the Super Mario Bros. theme right before your eyes. It’s fun to add them at them at different times.

That’s all I will say for now. I will see you next month with another exiting issue of the Top Ten.