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Art & Music

Director's Notes

Hello Everybody! This is YellowYoshi127 (talk). Now a few of you may be wondering 'Where is SMB?', SMB is busy, so I took over! Don't worry It's only for this month, you'll have him back next month. Apologies to some of our writers for the confusion, but you have all adjusted very well.

  • We have a ton of new writers starting this month; Clyde1998, Booman and Joseph363.
  • Pie Shroom is on holiday, so I have taken her job this month.
  • We only have one position left, Music Factoid, so check that out for a job.
  • P.Trainer Has not handed in his section, but has discussed it with SPMB and gave a reason so he will not get a warning.
  • Thanks to Tucayo for another great 'Shroom.


Hi everybody sorry i'm late! Today (well really this issues) boxart of the month isss:

Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy.

DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA It has to be Super Mario Galaxy everybody knew it would be at some point and how better to do my first issue with a picture of Mario zooming through the stars THANKS ALL! by Joseph363 (talk)

Character Artwork

by YellowYoshi127 (talk)

Princess Peach artwork from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

One for the Mario Gals fans! This is a great picture, mainly because of attention to detail like the DK one last week, the dress is extremely detailed. Bit pink, but who cares...


by Clyde1998 (talk)

Flying Mario

What a Pic! A Screenshot of Flying Mario (Black/Red), jumping of the platform in space. Nintendo took the Picture of the Screenshot. The screenshot shows the graphics of the game, very good graphics too.

Random Pic

by Booman (talk)

Screenshot of a fortress from Super Mario Bros.

This is a picture of Mario sliding down a pole in SMB. (Not the co-director, the game, stupid)


by Yoshi

Yoshi playing Etch 'n' Catch

Because Pie Shroom is away, i had to fill in but of course, No Scanner..... but Yoshi kindly volunteered and produced a ..... nice picture....


by YellowYoshi127 (talk)


Since Pie Shroom is away, I've taken over again. This is Baby Petey Piranha, the baby form of Petey. I made it in Photoshop. Differences to Petey Piranha;

  • Hasn't got yellow in his petals yet.
  • Only two teeth
  • Wearing a Nappy.


By P. Trainer (talk) Not recieved...

Sprite of the Month

by Fire Kirby (talk)

Sprite of Mario walking from Super Mario Bros.