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Good Game, Bad Game

By Clyde1998 (talk) and Mario7727 (talk)
Yoshi and Wario in MKDS

Mario Kart is a very good series, but some games are not good. So we look at the Hand-held, Mario Kart games.

Good Game: Mario Kart DS

MKDS, what a game. It' was:

  • The first Nintendo game to feature Wi-Fi competitively.
  • The first Mario Kart game to use two screens.
  • The first Mario Kart game to use non-kart
  • The first Mario Kart game to feature, a non-Mario character.
  • The first, and so far only, Mario Kart game to be able to see what your opponents' items are.

Bad Game: Mario Kart: Super Circuit

MKSC wasn't a good game, and only had eight characters - not much now. They had crazy things like horns (select button). There was 40 courses in the game - 20 from Super Mario Kart - not what you need. Nintendo can make better games, but it was back then. It's not as bad as Virtual Boy games - red and black *I'm BLIND!*.

Now I hand over to my co-writer...

Yoshi Park in the Day and in the Night in Mario Super Sluggers
Bowser saves Mario in MSS

Hello 'Shroomers, this is Mario7727 with your Good Game vs. Bad Game. Mario Super Sluggers is going against Mario Superstar Baseball. The good game is Super Mario Sluggers and the bad game is, you guessed it, Mario Superstar Baseball! Now, Mario Super Sluggers is good because it had better stadiums, characters, and a lot more better features altogether! Mario Superstar Baseball is bad because it didn't really have a lot of Characters and the stadiums! You can't walk around the stadiums! It didn't really score as high as Mario Super Sluggers. Also, you get to unlock videos and characters and stadiums in Mario Super Sluggers. The best thing about Super Sluggers is you can change between day and night! You can't do that in Mario Superstar Baseball. Am I right? Well, that's all for this edition of Good Game vs. Bad Game. See you next time, 'Shroomers!