The 'Shroom:Issue XXXI/Beta Elements

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This month, I'll look at the brand new:
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Despite being a new game, it contains a lot of beta elements to it:
1. There are a bunch of unused sounds from this game, ranging from clips of Yoshi's voice from Yoshi's Story to music from the predecessor. The latter of the two won't play properly.
2. A Life Shroom-like item, labeled Dummy, can be accessed by hacking. When used by Mario or Luigi, it explodes and heals 60 HP to Bowser.

Here's a random element: This was beta dialogue. In the finished game, it was changed to "Crud!"

3. All enemies, excluding Dark Mechawfuls and the final boss, have an attack pattern for Mario and Luigi, even if they can't normally be sucked up by Bowser.
Pretty cool, right? Well, here's how I see them:
1. The fact that they have Yoshi's voice may hint to the fact that Yoshi would appear somewhere in-game. From what I know, he didn't, a first for the Mario & Luigi series. The PiT soundtrack could possibly mean that a few areas, or even bosses, could be returning from that game. But the music won't work properly, meaning that it was scrapped early on.

Let's not forget that beta logo.

2. According to the Beta Elements page, this was scrapped due to the fact that only two bosses can damage Bowser while inside of him; the Sea Pipe Statue and Durmite. This item would be pointless after those two bosses are defeated.
3. This probably means that all enemies were intended to fight Mario and Luigi at some point. A sound idea, if you ask me. The fact that only two enemies cannot support this option probably means this idea wasn't scrapped until the game was nearly complete.

Another issue finished! I like how this one turned out, too. Also, allow me to correct myself from 2 issues ago. You know, the one on Super Smash Bros. Melee? Glowsquid informed me that the Motion Bomb was probably changed due to the fact that Rare lost the rights to the James Bond license. It makes more sense than my original idea of censorship. Anyway, that's all for now, so seeya next month!


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