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Issue XXIV March 14th, 2009 About        

Upcoming Games
Corka Cola

Fun Stuff

Non-Mario Review
Calendar of Events
Corka Cola
Music Supplier
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Upcoming Games

By Corka Cola (talk)

New Play Control: DK Jungle Beat

DK returns in an old classic from the GameCube, DK Jungle Beat! If you loved using those bongos, sorry, you cannot use them for this. Use your Wiimote and Nunchuk and make it act like bongos. The first game where DK showed anger and rebellion is coming to NA on May 4. This version will have a Boss Battle similar to Brawl, where you battle the Boss Kongs, Cactus King, and Ghastly King. There is also a ceremony stage, but not much is known. New enemies and gimmicks in the levels are scattered around the game. I never played the original, but looking at the reviews, around 82%, it looks pretty good and I am interested in this new version. I am sure some of you aren't very confident in this New Play Control! series due to Mario Power Tennis' lack of updates, except for graphics. Trust me, Pikmin 2, Metroid Prime and Prime 2: Echoes, and Chibi-Robo are still to come! I am so psyched for this lineup, especially Pikmin 2 since that was awesome! Keep it here and I'll definitely update this page with more on everyone's favorite ape!

Fun Stuff

by The Fun Stuff Team

Guess That Game!

By Minishyguy.PNG Guy Tim Minishyguy2.PNG

1. This game was a success.

2. Mario needed to spin Bowser by its tail.

3. It had a remake for Nintendo DS.

4. In most parts of the game the player needed to walk around Princess Peach’s Castle.

5. This game was going to feature Blarggs.

6. It was the first 3D game in the Mario series.

7. It introduced the Whomps.

The answer is <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Super Mario 64 </hide></showhide>



ANSWER <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>marans-1.jpg</hide></showhide>



ANSWER <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Here!</hide></showhide>


tonymod.jpg thwompmod.jpg monymolemod.jpg lucariomod.jpg hooktailmod.jpg

ANSWERS <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Here!</hide></showhide>

Non-Mario Review

By Leirin (talk)

While series like The Legend of Zelda are generally smiled upon by all, there are always entries in a series that not absolutely everyone will love. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But does it mean the actual game in itself is bad? Well, let’s take a deeper look into it.


Now here’s something different. The story of Wind Waker, at first, seems almost more like a Mario story: heroine gets kidnapped (although in this case, it’s Link’s sister, not the princess Zelda), gotta go save her. Some thought Wind Waker even had the laziest story to date! But again, they’re wrong, because it expands into something much bigger.

Link discovers he’s actually connected to the Triforce. To Zelda, and to Ganon. He finds out his true destiny is to save the sunken land of Hyrule, which is now buried beneath the waves of the Great Sea as a result of the Flood. While saving his sister started out as the main objective, you have to save the entire country of Hyrule as well. The game actually connects itself with previous Zelda’s, and particularly, Ocarina of Time--there are many homages and references to it.

And plus, there are many heartfelt moments in this game, such as the reunition scene with Aryll, among other things.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Yes, this game, although stirred up lots of controversy, is quite a gem. It is often considered the true sequel to Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64. Really the only part of Wind Waker that was controversial, was the cel-shaded graphics. Fans were just outright appalled that Nintendo would try making a more realistic Mario but a more cartoony Zelda. It just didn’t seem like Zelda’s style. So it must have sucked. Did it really? Contrary to the belief of some gamers, it really didn’t! The graphics: pure beauty! The cel-shaded effects and cartoony look of the game give it quite a charm of its own, unique to all who look at it.

The cut-scenes all have characters making all sorts of different expressions, some of which can be outright hillarious (Link’s "startled" face still makes me laugh every time I see it). Everything in this game just looks crisp and smooth and the colors all fit in perfectly and look vibrant. Furthermore, it was quite a refreshing take on a Zelda game. People figured that, if it were on the GameCube, it would push the system to its limits and look as realistic as it could be. Though they were wrong, I think it’s better that they were.

And the look of the game is really something quite different. It makes it feel like less of a graphical style and more like a piece of art. A Zelda fan would probably have to approach it with an open-mind, but once they get used to it, no doubt they should like it, or at least accept it.


Zelda games are well-known for their remarkably deep puzzle solving and fighting aspects, Wind Waker is no different. While the puzzles and dungeons are definitely not as hard as Ocarina of Time’s, they are still quite challenging. And, you have to keep in mind that Miyamoto (the beloved creator of the Mario franchise) wanted this game to be slightly more kid-oriented, but it’s still for everyone. Wind Waker adds all sorts of side-quests and fun things to do, some of which are amazingly distracting. It’s like you have your whole little world out there to explore; the sea is enormous and the tiny islands on it are aplenty.

Swordfights have been greatly improved with the addition of the all-new and awesome parry attacks, which create a new level of tension and drama to the battles. There are many sword techniques to learn, and the Link in Wind Waker is even faster than that of Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask, so battles are quick, but not completely "easy", either!

In a way, Wind Waker also has some more platform game-like elements, such as being able to fly on Link’s Deku Leaf. It gives one a sense of freedom, a freedom like no other Zelda.


Another recurring theme in a Zelda game, is the importance of music. In the 3-D Zelda’s, it has become almost like a tradition to give the hero some sort of instrument. While there are nods to classics in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker’s music isn’t quite as vibrant or memorable, but it is extremely far from being bad. The tunes all had some thought put into them; Forest Haven’s music makes you think of a friendly forest, Outset Island’s music makes you think of a happy town, etc., so they all portray what they mean to portray quite accurately. Some music really creates the feeling of a mysterious area, or dangerous enemies lurking nearby.


No doubt Wind Waker made a lot of fans worry that it wouldn’t be like Zelda, and that it would stray too far from the series’ roots. It tried lots of things out; most of them were successful, but I can clearly see why a fan would not like the game because of this. But it also expanded the core audience for Zelda, in a way, for the younger players. It added either more or less to the Zelda franchise. But no matter what they say, it’s my personal favorite in the series.

Pros and Cons

The good: More gameplay variety, plenty of new characters, totally new setting and scenery, homages to Ocarina of Time, good music
The bad: Puzzles are easier, dungeons are fewer, using the Wind Waker to change the direction of the wind is a bit repetitive.

  • Story Score: 10/10
  • Graphics Score: 10/10
  • Gameplay Score: 10/10
  • Sounds Score: 9.8/10
  • Contribution Score: 9.6/10
  • OVERALL: 10/10

The Wind Waker is a truly unique game that changed a lot for Zelda. It replaced a lot of the dungeons with seafaring and treasure-hunting. While it received occasional mixed opinions or even sometimes outright-negative ones from fans, it if far from being bad, and will remain in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

The 'Shroom:Issue XXIV/Good Game, Bad Game

Calendar of Events

By Corka Cola

Calendar of Events

Featured Articles for 3/14 until 4/11

  • 3/14: Grubba
  • 3/21: Smithy
  • 3/28: Mt. Teapot
  • 4/4: Mario Kart(series)
  • 4/11: Count Bleck

Poll selection will depend on number of votes they receive, so that cannot be tallied until later.

Release Calendar

  • 3/22: Pokemon Platinum


Nothing for now, will be updated as it goes on.

Music Supplier

By Neurario (talk)

Another week, another change of hands on a feature. I'll apologize beforehand if this section seems a little low-quality, as I don't have anything to base this section on, but hey, let's see how it goes, right? :3

For this month, I thought to go for a more soothing approach this month, picking songs that you can use to relax. I will try and go for a different 'theme' each issue, but enough about my approach, let's hear some music!

(SNES) Yoshi's Island - Story Music Box (Listen (YT))
The first time I heard this song I thought it was adorable. I've usually known music boxes to have annoying music in real life and it was nice for this have soft music that doesn't annoy you after the first two or three times you listen to it.

It was reused in Yoshi Island DS (obviously), although it had a higher pitch. A 'remixed' version was also used in the title screen of Yoshi Touch & Go (also for the DS).

(N64) Super Mario 64 - Pirahna Plant's Lullaby (Listen (YT))
You're in the middle of running through a level, dashing past Thwomps, when suddenly you go near a sleeping Pirahna Plant and hear this music...and stop. You listen. In the middle of all this action, the fact that peace still exists humbles me. Then you walk forward a little too fast, or bump into it. Peace is lost.

Cute... in an I-can-easily-bite-you-to-death-if-you-mess-with-me way.

(N64) Mario Party - Mario's Rainbow Castle (Listen (YT))
A soft little tune that matches its locale, a playfield made up of clouds, and the occasional platform. (Not that the franchise has ever been realistic in the first place but there isn't any castle in the level in the first place, except for one pillar.)

(Wii) Super Mario Galaxy - Lava Road (Listen (YT))
I know, it's weird that in an area filled with lava, there is a piece of music that can both warn of danger and be somewhat soothing at the same time. Imagining a scene likely for this piece takes me to an expanse of white with a few meditating people. It just seems to be that kind of music. I'm impressed, actually.

(SNES) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - The End! (Listen (YT))
Why not? For a fitting end for this section, the end music from Super Mario RPG which is based on the original Super Mario Bros. main theme and overworld, and very soft compared to the bleepy tones of the NES. This is one variation of the theme that I like, especially in the older eras of video gaming.

So that's my pick for this week. Next week's theme will be a secret, but I will say this; Brawl will probably be excluded because there's too much of this particular mood of music. Well, stay tuned, and from the lovable huggable Lucario, have a good day!


By Yoshario

Allo, govenors. Today I interviewed Mario5x, a very nice user. He recently joined last december, but it seems like he has been here since the beginning of the wiki!

Yoshario: Alrightio, then. So, Mario5x, where did you find out about the MarioWiki?

Mario5x: Well Yoshario, I found out about the wiki just looking for some info on Mario Kart Wii and I found it but I only joined 8 months after because of many things here and there.

Yoshario: Awesome. ;D Next Question: How did it feel to make your first edit, and what WAS your first edit?

Mario5x: I see well Yoshario, my first edit was on my user page and I was a total n00b back then so I had no idea what to do XD.

Yoshario: Heheh. I remember when I was a n00b. No, wait, I still am! Oh noez! XD Okay, next question: who welcomed you?

Mario5x: Hmm well Yoshario, I think and Im sure it was Grapes.

Yoshario: Okay, question four: whats your favorite video game, since this is the mariowiki.

Mario5x: I guess Yoshario, it would be Mario Kart Wii.

Yoshario: Its one of my favorite games too :D Okay question five, what is your favorite smiley, like :P, :posh: :lol: ^_^

Mario5x: It is ;D that because the other ones dont look to good. XD

Yoshario: Next question....what is your biggest goal for the wiki?

Mario5x: Yoshario I thought you would never ask, well I am here to ru.. make sure that the wiki is always in good help as you can see I always welcome good users and I help anyone who needs it and my goal here in the wiki is too be even nicer then Stooben is in it or just do everything he does but better and he's a good friend to have to.

Yoshario: Agreed. Stooben was a great friend to have. Too bad he is inactive :( Anyway, next question: do you think this is the last question?

Mario5x: Well not sure I guess.

Yoshario: Correct! Well, that just about wraps up this interview, it was a pleasure to interview you, Mario5x. Also, keep up the good edits!  ;)

Fake News

Screw This

Match Game

The first annual MarioWiki Match Game takes place on May 2nd, 2009! The Match Game is a game show where the contestants are given a sentence or sentences with a blank. Their job is to fill in the blank. Every time the contestant matches the judges, they get a point. Whoever gets the most points wins! Click here to sign up! Check back next month for more details, but sign up now!

Star Cup Update

You may be wondering why the final results for the Star Cup have not shown up yet. Well, the Battle Dome was hit by a tornado, which destroyed part of the grandstand. The action will continue and be published in the April edition. Our deepest apologies go out to you.

Fake Games

  1. Super Smash Bros. Shopping Mall is a brand-new game, and the fourth Smash Bros. game.It takes place in a shopping mall, different shops being great new stages! The game introduces a story-mode named the "The Shopping Emissary" where you travel the world trying to find the cause to strangely high prices.
  2. Game 4 Stupid People is a game that takes place around a pineapple with a Mario mustache.It appears to be a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. Nothing interesting happens. Should be released around Christmas for the DS and will be advertised by The Jackson 5.

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Do you like getting hit by big metal dogs? Are sandstorms your favorite type of weather? If so (or even if not), come to Wario Palace! You can see lots of gold and maybe even steal it*! The only route is through the Dusty Dune Galaxy, where you can fall into quicksand! So order your 4-night, 3-day stay from Mushroom Travel Agency now and get a 25% discount!

*10,000 coin fine for stealing if you get caught.

Fake Music

by Ralphfan (talk)

This month, we look at a hit single by Fiancé, Resistible. It's four minutes and 36 seconds long, and includes the catchy line "I see you there, but I just don't care, 'cause you're an average Joe." Buy now and receive a 20% discount at Mushroom Music Store.


by Ralphfan (talk)

Baron Brrr Model

Baron Brr died on Wednesday, March 11th at the hands of Baby Luigi, who was peacefully playing in the snow until he was attacked by the Baron, who was then burned to death by a flamethrower.

Cooking Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Today, Chef Shimi will show you how to make a Zess Deluxe.

Chef Shimi: First--
Zess T.: Hey, that's my thing!
Chef Shimi: Well, were you employed by this newspaper?
Zess T.: I don't give a s***!  I worked my a** off to get a f****** patent for this and now you're trying to market it?  I don't think so!
Chef Shimi: Buy now!
*Chef Shimi leaves*


by Ralphfan (talk)

Today's interview is with none other than Waluigi!

Ralphfan: Waluigi, you've always been living in Wario's shadow.  Is there anything you are trying to do to get noticed?
Waluigi: What do you think?  I've been throwing Bob-ombs at him for decades and I've gotten nothing out of it!
Ralphfan: Those were intended for him?!?!?!?!
Waluigi: Of course!
*Wario walks in.*
Wario: Hey, Wal--WHAT?!?!?!?!
Ralphfan: Wario, you appear to be inter--
*Wario takes out some Bob-ombs.*
Ralphfan: Buy now!
*Ralphfan leaves.*

Sports Coverage

by Ralphfan (talk)

As you can see below, the Star Cup is currently in progress. Click here to chat with other fans about the Cup and cheer on your favorite team.


by Ralphfan (talk)

All the talk has been about global warming. But what about global cooling? Because of all the hippie junk, Mr. Blizzards are more abundant than ever before; and if we don't act now, we're screwed!


Dimentio Interview

by Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.Mazzlebrozzle, the 3rd Mario Bro. Dimentio still lives!Mr M..jpg

Mazzlebrozzle: Hi Dimentio. How's things in your second life, after being put together by me?

Dimentio: Let's not mention this.

Mazzlebrozzle: Okay then. People say you're a psycopath. What do you say to that?

Dimentio: I am not! I'm perfectly capable of remorse! Why, I regret losing to Mario and the gang as Super Dimentio.

Mazzlebrozzle: I... don't think that counts. Um, what are your feelings towards Count Bleck?

Dimentio: It's obvious. I hate him, you retard.

Mazzlebrozzle: Hey, don't call me that!

Dimentio: WHY NOT, RETARD?!

Mazzlebrozzle: Because I will kick your ass into the 3rd Dimension with my black magic!

(Mazzlebrozzle & Dimentio fight)

(After a while, Dry Parakoopa enters)

Dry Parakoopa: What the hell is going on here?

Dimentio: What do you think? We're fighting!

Dry Parakoopa: Well, I knew that. I was just...

Dimentio: Then why did you ask? Huh? Huh? Huh?

(Fight continues, Dry Parakoopa leaves.)

(It finally ends)

Mazzlebrozzle: Well, I guess you're retarded now.

Dimentio: Aim blot!

Mazzlebrozzle: You are.

Dimentio: AIM BLOT!

Mazzlebrozzle: Well, in your words... ciou! Ok, now here's my section

Hey everyone! This month's game is a classic:
Super Mario Bros. 3
North American box art for Super Mario Bros. 3

Some interesting elements:

1. Two unused enemies, a gold Cheep Cheep and a Green Parabeetle, were going to be common foes. Both were "upgraded" versions of their used counterparts, and could move much faster as well.
Dat der Cheep Cheep!
2. Koopa Troopas and Hammer Bros. were supposed to host minigames, instead of Toad. There were also supposed to be more New Super Mario Bros-like minigames.
That Koopa looks freaky ._.

3. 15 extra levels were removed from the game. Some were similar to those already used, others were just plain weird. Oddly, a level can be seen on the back of the game box showing an unused level. It did not show in the coding, as well.
4. An unused power-up, a Toad-like suit, showed in the coding of the game. It's purpose is unknown, as the suit was not programmed to do, well, anything.

Pretty cool elements, huh? Here's what I think of 'em:
1. These two enemies, with higher speeds, and probably higher group numbers, would have made a real challenge. The Gold Cheep Cheep supposedly traveled in groups...Yikes. That's a wall of plumber-hungry fish coming for you! I betcha that would make you loose the Tanooki Suit you're wearing.
2. Ok, let's face it, that Koopa looks creepy! Anyway, these two guys were scrapped due to memory limitations, and well, good ridance! But who knows what the minigames would be? A random item generator perhaps, at least, that's what it looks like.
3. 15 new levels, eh? Well, that's 15 more levels of running around, trying to beat the clock, and dying in the process. How fun. Except for an extra challenge, there's not gonna be much of a difference. Well, longetivity is something Mario lacks these days, so I don't think it would've been a bad idea.
4. A Toad suit? That's just epic! Either it let's you run around the worlds as Toad, similar to SMB2, or maybe it gives a random power-up upon use. Better yet, a power-up of your choice! That is something I can live with.

Now before I end this issue, I'm gonna give the feedback option another go. Last month's feedback had only one response by our 'Shroom co-director, no one else. So, now I'll give it one more try, and if it's unsuccessful again, well, I'm not gonna waste my finger energy. So, if you have any comments, questions, or disagreements, post below! I may, or may not, respond! Well, that's all from me. Seeya next issue!


Brilliant article there! I would have loved a beta copy of SMB3. Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.Mazzlebrozzle, the 3rd Mario Bro. Dimentio still lives!Mr M..jpg

Using a ROM patch provided by, the world 1 map screen will be replaced by a custom map leading to the extra levels and the glitch that made one unplayable will be fixed. Caution! Your Buddy Bill was here!? BlockI knowz.

Fangamers Report

By Lakitu bros (talk)

Hi,Welcome to the only job in the world where you only work once a month ,and don't get paid . uh... Fan Gamers Report.I game I'll be talking about isn't well known also it's still a demo.It looks almost like the game Hotel Mario Paper Mario.It is so much like Paper Mario the name of it in the title screen is Paper Mario.In the beginning of the game you only get 5 HP.One new feature the game designer added is Star Doors (from Super Paper Mario) .The player of the game may notice that you can dodge attacks and hurt the enemy at the same time like in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.The player may also notice you don't have FP.The chapters are A LOT shorter.If this guy finish this game the chapters maybe A LOT longer. Bye. (video of the demo)

Review Corner

By Luigifreak (talk)

I’m back! Yeah, so in case you forgot, I am Luigifreak, and if you can’t read big font well, this is the review corner. Last week I did super Mario bros. 2, and this week I will be doing Wario World for the gamecube. I think Bloc Partier will be doing a Wario Land review in his Classic Review section, so check out our sorta partner review. Next week I may do a Paper Mario review, but I can change my ideas. So, here we go with this (not so) wonderful and informative(I wish) review! (I wrote this in under an hour.) And this section is not wanting to work for me...... evereythings all lopsided and stuff.

Okay, the story: Wario gets a black jewel, and he is very happy. Then the jewel turns all his treasures into monsters and his castle into a twisted place. So Wario goes to the 8 levels, and beats up enemies. He can punch, knock them out, pick them up, and maybe do a piledrive or spin them around to hit other monsters. It is really fun, mindless entertainment.

Wario Worls isn’t all blowing up thingies. He He. You will also have to solve puzzles. For example, there may be a block that flies a certain way depending on the direction you punch it. You will have to set up a chain reaction, hitting other blocks, until you hit a switch. There are many types of objects, but only 8 levels, each might take you an hour or two, though.

Wario World has an interesting selection of characters. There are five basic types of enemies: The basic grunts that fall after two punches, Tougher Dinosaur enemies with a club that can block your attacks and charge at you, enemies that look like turtles, shoot cannonballs at you, and can turn invincible, And birdie thingies that drop bombs and pick you up. Each level has a few unique enemies, like scorpions that hide in the sand in a desert level. The bosses are amazing! One is a giant dolly thingy that shoots lasers, and tries to hit you with its chubby hands. Another is a giant head with a stick figure body that shoots lasers and swoops down at you, and you have to throw bombs in geysers to activate them and knock him down. Minibosses pwn, for example one is a skeletal hand that tries to slap you. You must avoid the slap and ground pound an eye on the back.

Now for my complaints. This game won’t take you much more that 10 hours, probably much less, compared to other games 18 hours. The replay value is getting treasures to get you a sample of a warioware game, or statues to get you half a heart. The enemies come down to those five basic ones, but it’s so fun destroying them you forget all about them. Overall, there aren’t many complaints, but a short game and not many replay values bring this game down a lot. I recommend this game, don’t get me wrong. Well, I’ll elaborate more later.

So it comes down to these Pros and Cons to decide if you want it. Obviously if the pros outweigh the cons for you, get it, or vice versa. Pros

  • Really good bosses and minibosses.
  • Great gameplay and puzzles.
  • Challenging enough to keep you entertained, but not too easy.


  • Really short.
  • Could have had more replay value
  • A lot of similar enimies.

My rating

So this is kinda what I think of the game overall. The whole review in one convenient spot! I put a spot for overall without story because the story sometimes really affects the rating, and many people don’t care.

  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Diversity of enemies: 7/10
  • Diversity of levels: 7/10
  • Story: 5/10
  • Replay value: 6/10
  • Overall: 6.5, D
  • Overall without story: 7, C
Wow, ummm… this game I would give like a 8 to, but the numbers just…. I don’t know. I really liked this game and I recommend it, but it just was a bunch of opposites. Great gameplay, but really short, and not many levels. There’s a bunch of good enimies, but a bunch of the same ones. The levels are really fun, but there isn’t much replay value. Overall, a good game, just a few minor tweaks and this would be getting an 8. This could have been a great game, just wasn’t long enough, mainly.

Since Stooben Rooben wasn't here when The Shroom was realeased, we just have the Sub-Director notes this time.

Director's Notes

Sub-Director Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HI EVERYBODY! And welcome to the sub-director notes, Im your beloved sub-director Tucayo. Now, Let the nonsense begin!!! (Wit, ive heard that before, where, where??? uh… ummm YES!!! in the BJAODN, so lets think about something more original, hmmm, uh…. um…… I don’t know! Just let the notes begin!

As you may know (or not) our tiranic dear director Stooby is inactive, so I had to do all the work by myself this time.

Id like to thank immensely Xpike, who created all the section pages, as the Mariowiki didn’t let me do it. EVIL MARIOWIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Id like to congratulate all of those people who did their section on time

New writers!!!!!

As its usual, we have new writers, they are:

  • Neurario, in the Music Supplier thing
  • JDF33099 (did I write it right???) in the Entertainment Section (There isn’t entertainment in this issue
  • Leirin is inaugurating the Non-Mario Review
  • And Corka Cola in the Events Calendar

New Sections!!!

The Additional Message thing is officially open now, email or PM any of the Staff Members your questions and they’ll be published next issue

The Fan Fiction Monthly will be on Stand-By until Stooby comes back

Thanks for reading!!!! Here’s your prize Enjoy it!!!


Did you know you cant lick your elbow?

I bet many of you tried it


See you next month