The 'Shroom:Issue XXIV/Fangamers Report

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Fangamers Report

By Lakitu bros (talk)

Hi,Welcome to the only job in the world where you only work once a month ,and don't get paid . uh... Fan Gamers Report.I game I'll be talking about isn't well known also it's still a demo.It looks almost like the game Hotel Mario Paper Mario.It is so much like Paper Mario the name of it in the title screen is Paper Mario.In the beginning of the game you only get 5 HP.One new feature the game designer added is Star Doors (from Super Paper Mario) .The player of the game may notice that you can dodge attacks and hurt the enemy at the same time like in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.The player may also notice you don't have FP.The chapters are A LOT shorter.If this guy finish this game the chapters maybe A LOT longer. Bye. (video of the demo)