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Review Corner

By Luigifreak (talk)

I’m back! Yeah, so in case you forgot, I am Luigifreak, and if you can’t read big font well, this is the review corner. Last week I did super Mario bros. 2, and this week I will be doing Wario World for the gamecube. I think Bloc Partier will be doing a Wario Land review in his Classic Review section, so check out our sorta partner review. Next week I may do a Paper Mario review, but I can change my ideas. So, here we go with this (not so) wonderful and informative(I wish) review! (I wrote this in under an hour.) And this section is not wanting to work for me...... evereythings all lopsided and stuff.

Okay, the story: Wario gets a black jewel, and he is very happy. Then the jewel turns all his treasures into monsters and his castle into a twisted place. So Wario goes to the 8 levels, and beats up enemies. He can punch, knock them out, pick them up, and maybe do a piledrive or spin them around to hit other monsters. It is really fun, mindless entertainment.

Wario Worls isn’t all blowing up thingies. He He. You will also have to solve puzzles. For example, there may be a block that flies a certain way depending on the direction you punch it. You will have to set up a chain reaction, hitting other blocks, until you hit a switch. There are many types of objects, but only 8 levels, each might take you an hour or two, though.

Wario World has an interesting selection of characters. There are five basic types of enemies: The basic grunts that fall after two punches, Tougher Dinosaur enemies with a club that can block your attacks and charge at you, enemies that look like turtles, shoot cannonballs at you, and can turn invincible, And birdie thingies that drop bombs and pick you up. Each level has a few unique enemies, like scorpions that hide in the sand in a desert level. The bosses are amazing! One is a giant dolly thingy that shoots lasers, and tries to hit you with its chubby hands. Another is a giant head with a stick figure body that shoots lasers and swoops down at you, and you have to throw bombs in geysers to activate them and knock him down. Minibosses pwn, for example one is a skeletal hand that tries to slap you. You must avoid the slap and ground pound an eye on the back.

Now for my complaints. This game won’t take you much more that 10 hours, probably much less, compared to other games 18 hours. The replay value is getting treasures to get you a sample of a warioware game, or statues to get you half a heart. The enemies come down to those five basic ones, but it’s so fun destroying them you forget all about them. Overall, there aren’t many complaints, but a short game and not many replay values bring this game down a lot. I recommend this game, don’t get me wrong. Well, I’ll elaborate more later.

So it comes down to these Pros and Cons to decide if you want it. Obviously if the pros outweigh the cons for you, get it, or vice versa. Pros

  • Really good bosses and minibosses.
  • Great gameplay and puzzles.
  • Challenging enough to keep you entertained, but not too easy.


  • Really short.
  • Could have had more replay value
  • A lot of similar enimies.

My rating

So this is kinda what I think of the game overall. The whole review in one convenient spot! I put a spot for overall without story because the story sometimes really affects the rating, and many people don’t care.

  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Diversity of enemies: 7/10
  • Diversity of levels: 7/10
  • Story: 5/10
  • Replay value: 6/10
  • Overall: 6.5, D
  • Overall without story: 7, C
Wow, ummm… this game I would give like a 8 to, but the numbers just…. I don’t know. I really liked this game and I recommend it, but it just was a bunch of opposites. Great gameplay, but really short, and not many levels. There’s a bunch of good enimies, but a bunch of the same ones. The levels are really fun, but there isn’t much replay value. Overall, a good game, just a few minor tweaks and this would be getting an 8. This could have been a great game, just wasn’t long enough, mainly.