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Music Supplier

By Neurario (talk)

Another week, another change of hands on a feature. I'll apologize beforehand if this section seems a little low-quality, as I don't have anything to base this section on, but hey, let's see how it goes, right? :3

For this month, I thought to go for a more soothing approach this month, picking songs that you can use to relax. I will try and go for a different 'theme' each issue, but enough about my approach, let's hear some music!

(SNES) Yoshi's Island - Story Music Box (Listen (YT))
The first time I heard this song I thought it was adorable. I've usually known music boxes to have annoying music in real life and it was nice for this have soft music that doesn't annoy you after the first two or three times you listen to it.

It was reused in Yoshi Island DS (obviously), although it had a higher pitch. A 'remixed' version was also used in the title screen of Yoshi Touch & Go (also for the DS).

(N64) Super Mario 64 - Pirahna Plant's Lullaby (Listen (YT))
You're in the middle of running through a level, dashing past Thwomps, when suddenly you go near a sleeping Pirahna Plant and hear this music...and stop. You listen. In the middle of all this action, the fact that peace still exists humbles me. Then you walk forward a little too fast, or bump into it. Peace is lost.

Cute... in an I-can-easily-bite-you-to-death-if-you-mess-with-me way.

(N64) Mario Party - Mario's Rainbow Castle (Listen (YT))
A soft little tune that matches its locale, a playfield made up of clouds, and the occasional platform. (Not that the franchise has ever been realistic in the first place but there isn't any castle in the level in the first place, except for one pillar.)

(Wii) Super Mario Galaxy - Lava Road (Listen (YT))
I know, it's weird that in an area filled with lava, there is a piece of music that can both warn of danger and be somewhat soothing at the same time. Imagining a scene likely for this piece takes me to an expanse of white with a few meditating people. It just seems to be that kind of music. I'm impressed, actually.

(SNES) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - The End! (Listen (YT))
Why not? For a fitting end for this section, the end music from Super Mario RPG which is based on the original Super Mario Bros. main theme and overworld, and very soft compared to the bleepy tones of the NES. This is one variation of the theme that I like, especially in the older eras of video gaming.

So that's my pick for this week. Next week's theme will be a secret, but I will say this; Brawl will probably be excluded because there's too much of this particular mood of music. Well, stay tuned, and from the lovable huggable Lucario, have a good day!