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Upcoming Games

By Corka Cola (talk)

New Play Control: DK Jungle Beat

DK returns in an old classic from the GameCube, DK Jungle Beat! If you loved using those bongos, sorry, you cannot use them for this. Use your Wiimote and Nunchuk and make it act like bongos. The first game where DK showed anger and rebellion is coming to NA on May 4. This version will have a Boss Battle similar to Brawl, where you battle the Boss Kongs, Cactus King, and Ghastly King. There is also a ceremony stage, but not much is known. New enemies and gimmicks in the levels are scattered around the game. I never played the original, but looking at the reviews, around 82%, it looks pretty good and I am interested in this new version. I am sure some of you aren't very confident in this New Play Control! series due to Mario Power Tennis' lack of updates, except for graphics. Trust me, Pikmin 2, Metroid Prime and Prime 2: Echoes, and Chibi-Robo are still to come! I am so psyched for this lineup, especially Pikmin 2 since that was awesome! Keep it here and I'll definitely update this page with more on everyone's favorite ape!