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Since Stooben Rooben wasn't here when The Shroom was realeased, we just have the Sub-Director notes this time.

Director's Notes

Sub-Director Notes

by Tucayo (talk)

HI EVERYBODY! And welcome to the sub-director notes, Im your beloved sub-director Tucayo. Now, Let the nonsense begin!!! (Wit, ive heard that before, where, where??? uh… ummm YES!!! in the BJAODN, so lets think about something more original, hmmm, uh…. um…… I don’t know! Just let the notes begin!

As you may know (or not) our tiranic dear director Stooby is inactive, so I had to do all the work by myself this time.

Id like to thank immensely Xpike, who created all the section pages, as the Mariowiki didn’t let me do it. EVIL MARIOWIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Id like to congratulate all of those people who did their section on time

New writers!!!!!

As its usual, we have new writers, they are:

  • Neurario, in the Music Supplier thing
  • JDF33099 (did I write it right???) in the Entertainment Section (There isn’t entertainment in this issue
  • Leirin is inaugurating the Non-Mario Review
  • And Corka Cola in the Events Calendar

New Sections!!!

The Additional Message thing is officially open now, email or PM any of the Staff Members your questions and they’ll be published next issue

The Fan Fiction Monthly will be on Stand-By until Stooby comes back

Thanks for reading!!!! Here’s your prize Enjoy it!!!


Did you know you cant lick your elbow?

I bet many of you tried it


See you next month