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Mario's Tennis[edit]

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Yes, it is a tennis game starring Mario, and yes, it has a similar name, but Mario's Tennis is not part of the Mario Tennis series - the fact that they were developed by different teams is one reason. But this article treats it as part of the series. If anything, it's a spiritual predecessor.

Proposer: RickTommy (talk)
Deadline: June 19, 2014, 23:59 GMT

Mario's Tennis is not part of the Mario Tennis series[edit]

  1. RickTommy (talk)

Mario's Tennis is part of the Mario Tennis series[edit]

  1. Koopakoolklub (talk) The main and arcade games of Mario Kart are made by different developers, Namco Bandai Holdings for arcade and Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development for main, but they are still considered in the same series. Same with the Mario Party arcade games; they are all in the same series. Therefore, I believe Mario's Tennis is, in fact, part of the Mario Tennis series.
  2. Pwwnd123 (talk) I do believe this game did kickstart the Mario Tennis series so that is a definite yes.
  3. Randombob-omb4761 (talk) It is Mario Tennis, duh.
  4. Stonehill (talk) I see where you're headed, but this is like saying that Golf and NES Open Tournament Golf isn't part of the Mario Golf series. Per Koopakoolklub and Pwwnd123.
  5. Ninelevendo (talk) Despite not actually being the "real" start to Mario Tennis games, the 64 was a sequel, as it was even going to be called "Mario's Dream Tennis.
  6. Mario (talk) Per Ninelevendo. Koopakoolklub does not bring up the best examples, however. The Mario Kart arcade games, first, aren't a standalone game like this one (Mario Tennis has spiritual successors, not the arcade games). The arcade has spawned its own set of sequels, and since the arcade games are so different from the Nintendo Mario Kart games, I think it would be practical for the arcade to have its own series page (Nintendo doesn't even seem to acknowledge that the arcade ones are part of their Mario Kart series). Anyway, that's another proposal, even if the first one failed. The Mario Party Arcade example is also another poor example since the arcade games are direct ports to the arcade, so they shouldn't get their own series.
  7. SuperYoshiBros (talk) It's a tennis game with Mario characters. Mario's Tennis = Mario Tennis.
  8. Marshal Dan Troop (talk) Per all.
  9. Walkazo (talk) - Per all. Simpler is better: best to not pick at things like this.
  10. Yoshi876 (talk) Per all.
  11. Misty (talk) – The development team part is like saying Mario Party 9 and later aren't part of the Party series due to not being developed by Hudson Soft. In addition, Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move is still counted as part of the Mario vs. DK series.
  12. Green 6017 King Of The Slowpoke (talk) Well the title of the game(Its Mario's tennis for those to lazy to look up at the title of the page)says it All.
  13. Sonic98 (talk) What has that has been developed by different teams? Games in the 2D Mario in 3D and those are developed by different teams, but this does not form part of different series.
  14. SeanWheeler (talk) Are you disconnecting it from the series just because it's Virtual Boy?
  15. Ghost Jam (talk) Per all.


The thing is, for the Mario Party series, the developers at Hudson were mostly the same team that became Nd Cube. For the Mario Kart series, it's even been debated that the Arcade series should be separated. MarioComix (talk) 20:37, 5 June 2014 (EDT)

Even if the proposal that my sister brought up failed (with very unconvincing opposes, IMO), it's still worth discussing about today. Mario Green.pngBazooka Mario BadaBoom! 14:45, 6 June 2014 (EDT)
To be honest, I actually think I agree with you one that. It should still be on the Mario Kart Series page as a Sub-Series, though. Yay do you think that they have Mario Kart 8 after Mario Kart 7 even though there was an arcade game in the middle? - Ninelevendo's Sig Image 17:03, 6 June 2014 (EDT)

Would this be a better example? Golf is made by Nintendo EAD, NES Open Tournament Golf is made by Nintendo R&D 2, and the rest of the games are made by Camelot, and they're considered all in the same series on this wiki. Bowser Jr., in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.Triple K, Skye 16:48, 7 June 2014 (EDT)

Actually, that isn't a great example because then people could argue that those games aren't Mario Golf Titles. Like me. Technically, I see them as golf games that happen to involve Mario. Which reminds me, Mario appeared in Tennis for the game boy. That should be added as a cameo appearance. - Ninelevendo's Sig Image 18:01, 7 June 2014 (EDT)
Ok, I can't think of anything else. Can you? Bowser Jr., in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.Triple K, Skye 21:00, 7 June 2014 (EDT)
I got another: Yoshi's Island DS is made by Artoon, Yoshi's New Island is made by Arzest, and Yarn Yoshi will be made by Good-Feel, and the rest are mad by Nintendo EAD. This has to be a better example! Bowser Jr., in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.Triple K, Skye 21:10, 7 June 2014 (EDT)

But they're all in the Yoshi's Island series, so they're together. That's a better example. Good find! - Ninelevendo's Sig Image 23:06, 7 June 2014 (EDT)