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Hi, it's me, that teen who had a silly old club, left for about a year and a half because she's a depressed, over-emotional loser. But now I'm a "minor edit user". I doubt anyone who knew me once cares about/remembers me anymore. But... feel free to talk to me if you want... My tumblr is whitecheddakoopichu. or something

Koopakoolklub's Userbox Tower
Rosalina performing a trick.
Artwork of the Koopalings, from Mario Kart 8.
King Boo
Link WW Sticker.png
Link WW Sticker.png
Ninelevendos new image.
Iggy Koopa
NSMBW Bowser Power-Up Panel Emblem.png
Raccoon Mario artwork from New Super Mario Bros. 2
Nintendo 3DS
A Penguin Suit
File:WiiU NewMarioU 4 item01 E3.png
Animated Bowser Jr. from Mario Kart Wii
Bowser's side.gif
File:Graffiti Swing.PNGGraffiti Swing FTW!
Bowser Jr.'s Magic Paint.Magic Paint is Magic Paint!
Artwork of Fire Mario in New Super Mario Bros. 2
Bowser performing a trick. Mario Kart 8.
File:Bowser Jr. Artwork - Super Mario Sunshine.png