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Front and back cover
Front and back cover
Front and back cover

Robokoopa is a British DVD release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! containing 3 episodes of the series. The DVD was released by Maximum Entertainment (under license from BVS Entertainment/Jetix Europe) on April 4, 2005 as part of the Jetix Best Sellers line (even though it is not branded as such).

The DVD contains the following episodes:

  • "Robo Koopa (Captain Lou Is Missing)"
    "Mario and Co arrive in Robo Land, only to be attacked by Koopa, who's donned a robo suit. They meet up with Bunsen, a robot Mushroom, who temporarily gets rid of Koopa. Bunsen then takes the group to Dr. Nerdnick, the man was tricked into building the robo suit, and is being held captive by Koopa's guards. Everything goes well, until Koopa returns and captures Princess and Toad."
  • "Count Koopula (Magician)"
    "Mario and Co have entered Turtlevania, and seek refuge in Koopa's castle. There, they learn of Koopa's evil plot to capture Princess and turn her into a vampire. On top of this the place is swarming with monsters!"
  • "Jungle Fever (Dance)"
    "Mario and Co are traveling through the Amazon Jungle, in search of Sheldon the witch doctor, whom they hope can help them banish Koopa. The Marios and Toad are assaulted by Albatoss with itching powder, and Koopa kidnaps Sheldon. It's up to Princess to rescue Sheldon from Koopa. Can the Princess save the day?"