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Welcome to The 'Shroom Spotlight!

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Spotlight is a monthly 'Shroom section where an article or a group of articles on the wiki are put forward and issues with them are outlined. Readers are then invited to collaborate and help fix those issues. The project was originally founded by Xzelion (Talk), and later managed by Marioguy1 (Talk). Around mid-2011, the project was showing lack of participation and interest, and it was soon abandoned. In March 2013, the project was brought back with YoshiKong (Talk) as the new manager, who introduced several changes to how the project is run. In January 2014, YoshiKong stepped down from his position and nominated Yoshi876 (Talk) and GBAToad (Talk) to co-manage the project as his successors.


  • Every month, an article which requires improvement will be chosen and put forward for the section. Specific issues with the article will be outlined.
  • Throughout the month, readers can collaborate and help improve the article.
  • In the next 'Shroom issue, progress on the article will be reviewed and a new article will then be selected.
  • ...aaand repeat.

Project archives[edit]

The 'Shroom:Issue LXXXVIII/The 'Shroom Spotlight|The 'Shroom: Issue LXXXVIII – Bowser Castle 4, Mario Kart (series), Mario Kart Arcade GP, Ramp, Tilt-a-Kart, Mario Kart 7, File:Mk8larry.png, Rainbow Cup]]

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