Figure Skating

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Figure Skating seen in the Wii rendition.

Figure Skating is a winter event found in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Rouge the Bat is also faced in both the Festival Mode and Adventure Tour.

Wii Version[edit]

In the Wii version there are six songs to skate to, such as Swan Lake, Ave Maria, Fantaise Impromptu, the Nutcracker, and other classics. In Figure Skating, only the Wii Remote is used. The character that is picked will skate laps around the rink, and the player must shake the Wii Remote according to the arrows. For example, if there is a down arrow, the Wii remote should be shook in a slapping motion.

Nintendo DS Version[edit]

As seen in DS.

The Nintendo DS version of Figure Skating is a bit different from the Wii one. The player holds the stylus and drags the character where they wants it to go and then uses the stylus to perform spins and other tricks. There are three songs on the DS version including Carmen, Die Fledermaus, and a song from the Nutcracker.