Shivering Mountains

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Wario World Level
Shivering Mountains
World Thrillsville
Neighbor Level Beanstalk Way
Boss Winter Windster
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Not to be confused with Shiver Mountain.

Shivering Mountains is an icy mountain range and the fifth level that Wario must go through Wario World. It is also the first course of Thrillsville, accessed by entering an igloo in the area. The course contains ice-themed enemies, deep snowdrifts that can trap Wario, exposing him to enemy's attacks, along with other obstacles. Several large Christmas trees highlight the atmosphere, plus a plenty of igloos. Here, the boss is Winter Windster.



  • Red Chest: Nice Glass
  • Yellow Chest: Ancient Chalice
  • Light Green Chest: Nice Cup
  • Dark Green Chest: Ornate Decanter
  • Light Blue Chest: Glass Decanter
  • Dark Blue Chest: Nice Saucer
  • Purple Chest: Glass Bowl
  • Pink Chest: Jade Box

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルブルやま
Buruburu Yama
Trembling Mountain
German Bibber Berge Shiver Hills