Greenhorn Forest

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Wario World Level
Greenhorn Forest
World Excitement Central
Neighbor Level Greenhorn Ruins
Boss Greenfist
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Greenhorn Forest is the first level in the GameCube game, Wario World, located inside a tree stump in Excitement Central. The stage is set in a forest, where basic enemies are fought and the mechanics of the game are explained. The collectibles are relatively easy to find as well. Besides the woods theme, the second area of the level takes place in a rocky mountain with dried trees.



  • Red Chest: Ruby
  • Yellow Chest: Opal
  • Light Green Chest: Amethyst
  • Dark Green Chest: Amber
  • Light Blue Chest: Sapphire
  • Dark Blue Chest: Topaz
  • Purple Chest: Emerald
  • Pink Chest: Diamond

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はじまりのもり
Hajimari no Mori
Forest of Beginning
German Wunderlicher Wald Strange Forest