Crystal Entity

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Wario battling a red Crystal Entity.
Crystal Entities are intimidating enemies that Wario faced during the events of Wario World.

Crystal Entities resemble huge crystals with a torso and head on top. They come in three colors: red, yellow, and blue. A Crystal Entity may show up by dropping in from the sky or rising up out of the ground. In either case, the Crystal Entity will form a barrier around its general area, forcing Wario to fight it before he can move on.

Because of their huge size, Crystal Entities are completely immobile. Instead, they summon smaller Crystal Creatures to attack Wario. The Crystal Creatures come in two varieties: ground and flying. The ground ones wield weapons to hit Wario with and the flying ones can dive-bomb him. The greedy anti-hero can use these strange minions to damage and defeat the Crystal Entity; after knocking them out with some punches, he can throw them at the Entity to hurt it. (there is no other way to hurt it; the Entities are immune to his punches)

After being hit, Crystal Entities will retaliate in one of three ways, depending on their color. Red Crystal Entities will emit a laser beam that sweeps upward. Yellow ones will fire multiple purple energy blasts in a straight line. Finally, blue Crystal Entities will fire three homing lasers at Wario. Fortunately, these attacks can also damage the Crystal Creatures.

Once a Crystal Entity has taken three hits and is dazed, Wario can then pick it up and use any one of his attack moves to destroy it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーミー