Stone-Cold Statue

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The Stone-Cold Statue

The Stone-Cold Statue is a sub-boss in the game Wario World on the Pecan Sands level. The Stone-Cold Statue is made up of three four-sided tiers; on each tier there is a mouth, a nose, a pair of eyes, and a green orb; also note the bird-like antenna growing out of its head. A pair of stone feet support it, but it never attempts to move. As Wario slowly dismantles the sub-boss, a purple rib-cage can be seen within it.

The Stone-Cold Statue has three attacks. The eyes fire homing lasers at Wario, the mouth breathes fire, and the nose sucks him in to be hit by one of the other tiers' attacks.

To defeat the Stone-Cold Statue, Wario must take out all three of the tiers by destroying the green orbs. Wario fights two Stone-Cold Statues: once in the middle of the level, and once at the very end.