Greenhorn Ruins

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Wario World Level
Greenhorn Ruins
World Excitement Central
Neighbor Level Greenhorn Forest
Boss SandWorm
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Greenhorn Ruins is the second level of Wario World, found within a temple in Excitement Central. This stage is, as the name implies, an old-looking building. Some other details include leafage and waterfalls. Here, Wario makes big use of the Wild Swing-Ding move to spin Swirly Spinners and Glue Globes or chains to climb walls. Greenhorn Ruins is also the first stage to have an Impediment.



  • Red Chest: Porcelain Urn
  • Yellow Chest: Fine China
  • Light Green Chest: Ceramic Vase
  • Dark Green Chest: Teapot
  • Light Blue Chest: Vase
  • Dark Blue Chest: Precious Pot
  • Purple Chest: Lucky Figurine
  • Pink Chest: NES

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はじまりのいせき
Hajime no Iseki
Ruins of Beginning
German Dino-Arkaden Dinosaur Arcades