Beanstalk Way

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Wario World Level
Beanstalk Way
World Thrillsville
Neighbor Level Shivering Mountains
Boss Spideraticus
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Beanstalk Way is the second level of Thrillsville and sixth level of Wario World, accessed by a giant beanstalk near a mountain. It is a forest full of beanstalks, grass and stones, as well as tall plants and small shallow rivers. The enemies here are forest animals. This level contain three areas: the mainland, a musty underground area, and a high, grassy area. Spideraticus is fought in the end of this level.



  • Red Chest: Nice Goblet
  • Yellow Chest: Violin
  • Light Green Chest: Earing
  • Dark Green Chest: Jeweled Sword
  • Light Blue Chest: Gold Tiara
  • Dark Blue Chest: Nice Scepter

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメのきこうげん
Mame no kikō gen
Valley of Beans
German Rankenkletterei Tendril Climbing