Pecan Sands

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Wario World Level
Pecan Sands
World Sparkle Land
Neighbor Level Mirror Mansion
Boss Ironsider
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Pecan Sands is the desert-themed, final level of Wario World. In order to visit it, Wario should enter a pyramid in Sparkle Land. The level theme is a temple setting, where sinking sand flows due to some monstrous-looking gargoyles and sandy waterfalls scattered over the place. Most of the Trapdoors in this level are Steel Trapdoors, requiring the use of the Piledriver to be opened.

There are two areas in this level: the outside desert, that is full of branching paths and sand streams; and the inside temple, where Ironsider is fought.



  • Red Chest: Ancient Ring
  • Yellow Chest: Ancient Necklace
  • Light Green Chest: Ancient Relief
  • Dark Green Chest: Small Pyramid
  • Light Blue Chest: Ancient Bracelet
  • Dark Blue Chest: Anubis Statue

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーカンさばく
Pīkan Sabaku
Pecan Sands
German Pyramania from Pyramid


  • Its name likely comes from the famous Keebler snack "Pecan Sandies", which are shortbread cookies with pecan nuts in them.