Horror Manor

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Wario World Level
Horror Manor
World Spooktastic World
Neighbor Level Wonky Circus
Boss Brawl Doll
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Horror Manor is the third level Wario visits during the events of Wario World. It is the first level of Spooktastic World. The mansion has three areas: the outside areas (a graveyard and a courtyard), and the inside areas (the mansion interior and its basement). The mansion interior is actually quite normal-looking, but the basement of the manor contains many electric tricks, traps and giant cogs. Wario must fight Brawl Doll in the end of this stage.



  • Red Chest: Candlestick
  • Yellow Chest: Silver Candlestick
  • Light Green Chest: Forest Painting
  • Dark Green Chest: Castle Painting
  • Light Blue Chest: Crystal Ball
  • Dark Blue Chest: Knight's Helmet
  • Purple Chest: Gladiator's Helmet
  • Pink Chest: Ornate Bag

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホラホラハウス
Horahora Hausu
Horror Horror House
German Horror Haus Horror House