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Three Unithorns.

Unithorns are purple-colored, rhinoceros-like enemies in Wario World. They do not appear to have bodies; only their floating heads are seen. They can only be found when Wario falls off a level (down a pit) and lands in the Unithorn's Lair. They will try to bite Wario and steal his coins. To escape, Wario has to break various boxes to find a single one with an Escape Spring inside. All other boxes have Smiley Bombs.

Unithorns have a fear of Smiley Bombs as they are stunned for a fraction of a second when one is uncovered. They will be stunned again once the bomb explodes.

Unithorns are light purple in color, are rhino-like in appearance, and have huge thorns at the tips of their noses for horns.


  • Their name is a pun of unicorn, a legendary mythical horse with a horn, and "thorn".