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Artwork of a Magon.
First Appearance Wario World (2003)
Skeletal Magon
Puppet Magon
Mummy Magon

Magons are a species of monsters appearing in Wario World. They are first seen in Greenhorn Forest. The Magons seen in Greenhorn Forest and Greenhorn Ruins would not hurt Wario, but in later levels, they would have a bite attack. With a few punches, they can be defeated. Small Magons can be defeated in one hit, while big Magons take from 1-3 hits, depending on which type they are. Forest and Skeletal magons require one hit and all future versions three.

Every Magon or Magon-like enemy encountered also has a larger version. The Magons, Skeletal Magons, and Snowmen try to hit Wario with a mere swipe. The Clowns, Wolves, Puppet Magons, and Mummy Magons swipe too, but they also have a much more powerful tail spin that knocks Wario out for a few seconds. They may also make a slide attack, and while it does not do damage, it will dislodge whatever Wario is carrying. They must be stunned with a punch or three punches (starting in Shivering Mountains) first, then Wario had to execute a Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding or Power Throw to defeat them, though a normal throw is fine for weaker versions.

Other varieties of Magons would appear is later levels, including Skeletal Magons, Clowns, Snowmen, Wolves, Puppet Magons and Mummy Magons. Each Magon species gradually attacks at faster rates, with the earlier variations attacking at slower rates than the later variations.