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Artwork of a Cractyl.
First Appearance Wario World (2003)
Bone Cractyl
Snow Bomber
Masked Crow
Mummy Hawk
Wario facing a Cractyl in battle.

A Cractyl is a flying, googly-eyed, purple pterodactyl in Wario World. Since they possess the ability to fly, Wario must jump and punch them, or perform a Corkscrew Conk to hit them. Any of his powerful moves can then be used. Cractyls also have a nasty tendency to pick Wario up and slam him into the ground. However, this attack can be easily avoided if the player jiggles the Control Stick enough to free Wario. They also enjoy dropping cannonballs that materialize out of nowhere on Wario. The cannonballs explode after a short time, damaging Wario if he's in the blast radius.

Other flying enemies include Bone Cractyls, Pigeons, Snow Bombers, Hawks, Masked Crows, and Mummy Hawks. Some varieties drop spiked balls instead of or in addition to cannonballs. They also have different throws depending on species.