Mirror Mansion

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Wario World Level
Mirror Mansion
World Sparkle Land
Neighbor Level Pecan Sands
Boss Mean Emcee
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This article is about a place in Wario World. For information about the location between Flipside and Flopside in Super Paper Mario, see Mirror Hall.

Mirror Mansion is the seventh and second-to-last level in Wario World, that can be explored by entering a top hat-like tower in Sparkle Land. The puzzles of the level are much more advanced than the ones in previous stages.

The first area visited by Wario contains moving breakable blocks. In many situations, Wario will be obscured from view by a large mirror, forcing the player to view him on a mirror on the opposite wall and/or shift the camera angle inconveniently in order to be aware of incoming enemies and items, making it more complex.

Other challenges include riding a wooden lion with a Glue Globe to avoid spiked floors, climbing fences (sometimes seen on a mirror) avoiding spiked balls and fighting the Witches (which can only be seen on the mirrors). Two Terrible Portraits are fought during the level.



  • Red Chest: Big Mirror
  • Yellow Chest: Antique Clock
  • Light Green Chest: Gold Mirror
  • Dark Green Chest: Stained Glass
  • Light Blue Chest: Bronze Mirror
  • Dark Blue Chest: Gold Clock
  • Purple Chest: Gold Pocket Watch
  • Pink Chest: Crazy Glasses

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まじかるミラー
Maji karu mirā
Magical Mirror
German Spiegel Hallen Mirror Halls