Shy Guy Smash!

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A screenshot of Shy Guy Smash! in Pipe Works from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis.
Shy Guy Smash! in Pipe Works

Shy Guy Smash! is a minigame in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. If the player collects all of the Mini Mario Cards on a certain floor, the player unlocks this minigame for said floor.

During the minigame, Shy Guys pop in and out of the six Warp Pipes on screen. The player must tap the Shy Guys with the Stylus stylus to earn points. Tapping a Shy Guy breaks it and adds 1 point to the score. Starting in Tropical Island, Bob-ombs appear alongside Shy Guys in the Warp Pipes; however, tapping a Bob-omb will cause it to explode, subtracting 5 points from the score. Shy Guys and Bob-ombs will stay on screen for approximately two seconds before retreating and appearing in new locations. However, new Shy Guys and/or Bob-ombs will appear immediately if the player taps all Shy Guys on screen.

The goal score for each floor always starts at 25 points. Each time the player exceeds the goal score for a floor, it is automatically set to the player's new record after the minigame is completed. Pressing Start Button during the minigame will exit gameplay and return to the level select menu without setting a new goal score, even if it was exceeded.

After reaching the goal score for the minigame in Mushroom Mayhem, Tropical Island, and Pipe Works, Special Kit 1 is unlocked for the Construction Zone.

After reaching the goal score in Magnet Mania, Lava Dome, and Toadstool Castle, Special Kit 2 is unlocked.

After reaching the goal score in Spooky Attic and Jungle Hijinks, Special Kit 3 is unlocked.