Panels of Doom

Panels of Doom
Panels of Doom
Appears in Mario Party 4
Type 1-vs-1 mini-game
Time limit 5 seconds to choose a number tile per turn
3 seconds to hit the Dice Block
Music track Play with Bowser
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Panels of Doom is a one-on-one minigame in Mario Party 4. Normally played against Bowser in Party Mode or Story Mode at Bowser's Gnarly Party, this minigame can also be played with a friend once it has been played against Bowser.


The game is set on a 3×3 grid with tiles numbered one through nine. One player picks a tile and stands on it. The second player does the same. Afterwards, players take turns hitting a Dice Block, with the number appearing on it causing the tile with the same number to collapse. The game ends when either player rolls a number that makes the other player or themselves fall. A special possibility is one player rolling the other's face on the Dice Block, causing the other player to fall immediately, resulting in an automatic win.


  •   – Pick tile
  •   – Confirm tile / Roll

In-game textEdit

  • Koopa Kid"Match Dice with Bowser! First, you must pick a number. Then we roll the Dice! The place matching the number on the Dice will crumble and fall away! If you roll the Dice, and get your opponent's face, then you win instantly!"


Number panelsEdit

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパとサイコロバトル
Kuppa to saikorobatoru
Dice battle with Bowser

French Panique Bowser
Bowser Panic
German Bowser-Gewürfel
Bowser Dice
Italian Duello ai dadi
Dice duel
Spanish Las casillas quebradizas
The Fragile Squares