Awazon river basin

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Awazon river basin
Wario relaxing in the Awazon river basin.
Wario and his Bulldog airplane on the surface of the Awazon river basin
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land
Ruler Demon Head
Inhabitants Blade-Face, Bomb-Bat, Chain-Saw Fish, Chippy, Coo-Coo, Dark Tortoise, Honey-Bee, Mask-Guy, Mastah Mosquito, Thorn-Ball, Vase, Vase-Based

The Awazon river basin[1] is the main location in Virtual Boy Wario Land; however, only a little of it is actually seen, since the game mainly takes place underneath it. Its name refers to the Amazon River, but the M is flipped to a W, similar to Wario's and Mario's names. Wario finds himself underneath the Awazon river basin when the floor collapses underneath him after he follows three Mask-Guys taking treasure behind the Aldegara Waterfall.

Three Mask-Guys entering the treasure vault behind the Aldegara Waterfall

Story from the instruction booklet

I, Wario, have an interesting story to tell. One day during my
vacation in the Awazon river basin, I landed my trusty seaplane,
Bulldog, and decide to relax in the shadow of the beautiful Aldegara
Waterfall. While basking in the sun, I spied some strange creatures
with masks entering the waterfall. This piqued my interest!

I hurried over and followed them into the waterfall. Behind the falls
there was a large cave, and in the back of the cave … there was a
vault filled with a glorious mountain of treasure!!

Some of the masked creatures jumped me, but I quickly overcame
them. "This treasure is all mine now!", I thought to myself and
rushed in to collect the loot. Suddenly, the floor collapsed and I fell!

I found myself deep within the Earth! I was quite angry and vowed
revenge on these creatures, "I will get their treasure!!!"

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アワゾン川流域[2]
Awazon gawa ryūiki


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