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I reverted the edits because most of the edits you made are bad.--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png

Princess Daisy's Crown[edit]

Fixed. Thanks by the message :) AshleySmooth.png Ashley(and Red) Ashley WarioWare Touched.png

Wario Voice[edit]

See here for an official statement by Wario's VA at the time, Thomas Spindler:

Quote: ""This is 100% correct. Wario speaks German: he says (or rather, *I* say) 'So ein Mist!' The recording was done in a studio of the former Nintendo head office in Kyoto (not the new Nintendo premises in Kamitobaguchi), under the direction of Mr. Takashi Tezuka. Back then, I worked on the script for another Nintendo project with my French friend and colleague Julien Bardakoff (who voiced Toad/Kinopio). My company T.S. Word Co.Ltd. also translated and adjusted the German script for Star Fox which can be verified in the credits of Star Fox 64. The concept behind Wario was that of a German character and those responsible for the voice-overs at Nintendo back then intended him to speak German. I hope that this resolves the issue once and for all."

Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 14:19, 3 December 2016 (EST)

Even though you don't agree with me or the video (even though Thomas himself commented on it, though in German. He's the fourth comment down), this is about as official of a source I can find. The German phrase "So ein Mist!" can be easily misinterpreted "So, I missed!" or "D'oh, I missed!". This can be easily faked, sure, YouTube's full of crap. But I believe this to be true. And I think you're the only one I've talked to about this that has believed me or the video. If you listen very closely, you can hear the "so" rather than "d'oh." Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 15:31, 3 December 2016 (EST)

Edit warring users[edit]

I get where you're coming from, but the edit war you are talking about happened a month ago, and both users were already told to stop. No point bringing it up again, no matter how annoying it was. If there is an edit war on Smash Wiki between them (which is doubtful, considering MemoryMan's been banned there at least 20 times), then you should contact an admin on there rather than talking about it here. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:59, March 22, 2019 (EDT)


Hello, CastleResearch. Good job on your recent uploads. But when uploading files, keep in mind that you must correctly use the {{aboutfile}} template. What you were doing looks like this, and it is an inconvenience for other users to fix up the template. It is simple to learn how to format it correctly. The pre-loaded coding is shown below.

|1=Subject of the image
|2=Where you found the image
|4=Describe edits, if any
|5=Other versions (use file link)

Just replace the necessary parts with that corresponding information, and remove the entire line of the variable(s) you don't use. If you do not wish to use the template at all, then it is acceptable to simply remove it before you upload the file. Please consider the above information before uploading more files. If you continue using {{aboutfile}} incorrectly, then a warning will be issued. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing.

Hello, CastleResearch. Good job on your recent uploads. But when uploading files, keep in mind that you must correctly categorize the file. It is simple to learn how to correctly do so. Just search for the correct category by starting with the following groups:

Images Audio/Video Files

When uploading, copy the full title of the category with square brackets, and insert it into the summary text box (below the {{aboutfile}} template), replacing the {{uncategorized}} template entirely. For example, files related to the game Super Mario World would use:

[[Category:Super Mario World Images]]
[[Category:Super Mario World Media Files]]

Please consider the above information before uploading more files. Keep in mind some files can belong to multiple categories. Don't put images into media categories and vise-versa. If you continue uploading files without categorizing them correctly, then a warning will be issued. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing.

TheDarkStar MLBISBJJDarkStar.png 15:28, May 8, 2019 (EDT)


--CastleResearch (talk) 15:36, May 8, 2019 (EDT)

Please recall the image category reminder above. After removing {{uncategorized}}, it should be replaced with a category found through the above links. So for a New Super Mario Bros. U file, you'd go to "Images by game" and find "New Super Mario Bros. U Images", then type in [[Category:New Super Mario Bros. U Images]] in the summary. Mario Gold pose SMM.png Mario JC 04:43, December 2, 2019 (EST)

"Regional" differences.[edit]

Stop undoing my edits without giving a clear reasoning or even without giving a reason at all. Like I said at least twice now, the Nintendo Switch is region-free, so technically the term "regional" differences is inaccurate, only because some Canadian player might want to play a video game in, say, Russian, for example, just by changing some Settings on the Switch in question. – Owencrazyboy9 (talk) 15:42, July 21, 2019 (EDT)

I suggest you don't exercise authority over me. The Nintendo Switch might be region-free but that doesn't mean Nintendo hasn't made regional differences to the games in each region of the world and this doesn't just apply to language difference either. Sometimes even a minor code can be found in a different regional copy of the games. --CastleResearch (talk) 15:58, July 21, 2019 (EDT)

That may be true, but it still doesn't happen that often on most Switch games nowadays. To illustrate your "minor code in different versions" point using two 3DS games, the Exclusive Performance Video of the Noble Haltmann in Kirby: Planet Robobot has the song lyrics displayed "karaoke-style" in Japanese, but that's not the case in other versions. Or, for the 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a different confirmation sound is used in the Road to Rio mode between Japanese and international versions. Can't think of anything of "minor code differences" between different cartridge copies of the same game in different regions. In that case, name one instance of slightly altered coding in a physical version of a Switch game's release outside of America or Canada. – Owencrazyboy9 (talk) 16:30, July 21, 2019 (EDT)


Hey, please remember to italicise titles for games, films etc. (e.g. Super Mario Odyssey must be formatted as Super Mario Odyssey). Mario Gold pose SMM.png Mario JC 04:33, December 2, 2019 (EST)

Because you've didn't format them the last number of times you named game titles.
And you forgot to categorise File:CargoTruckPTT-MK8.gif, as you were reminded above. Mario Gold pose SMM.png Mario JC 19:05, December 2, 2019 (EST)